Custom Magento Development

From building additional functionality on top of Magento to developing a brand new store — put tech workload in Adobe certified team's hands.
  • Custom Magento development services
  • Magento 2 Extensions & Integrations
  • Headless Magento Solutions
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What Do We Offer in Custom Magento Development?

Magento custom theme development for a shoes store

Magento 2 Theme Development

We help companies stamp their individuality through custom Magento 2 theme development. Whether you want to edit your current design, convert an existing mockup into code or build a unique theme from scratch – we provide a full scope of Magento web design services.

Here's how it works: we analyze your project, create a roadmap, complete all Magento customizations at hand and deliver a fresh Magento theme.

Magento 2 extension development with blue and yellow puzzles

Magento 2 Extension Development

GoMage is a well-known Magento extension development company. Over the past decade, 30 000+ Magento stores have used our extensions including the most popular LightCheckout, Feed Pro and Advanced Navigation.

If you can’t find a preferred extension on the market, our engineers will help develop a custom eCommerce solution. We leverage the capabilities of Magento to address your business ideas and bring them to life.

CRM, payment gateways, API configurations and ERP make up our Magento integration services

Magento Integration Services

As part of our Magento services GoMage can automate many eCommerce operations for your business. Want to add a CRM system, launch a custom ERP tool or connect a marketing service?

Our business experts will help you find the right solution and Magento certified developers will find the means for quick implementation.

Space rocket flying a Magento headless website to new heights

Headless Magento 2 Solutions

Escape the boundaries of Magento and maximize your store potential with our headless solutions. Your Magento theme can become much faster and more flexible if we separate its frontend from the backend.

Our engineers make use of the Magento API so your design becomes completely independent of the development. No limitations or pre-built layouts. You can see how it works based on our Magento PWA theme.

See Magento Customizations in Action!

Among thousands of custom Magento development projects, the case study with the UK brand, Make My Blinds, deserves special attention. Within a year, we doubled their revenue and reduced the cart abandonment by 19%. Watch the video to hear the client’s feedback and understand the benefits of Magento customizations.

More Case Studies on M2

magento 2 development

Fashion Eyewear

Developed a Magento extension, rendered bespoke migration services and provided long-term support for this UK brand.

Key Results: 30% increase in overall performance, 70% reduction in hosting expenses and twice faster product page.
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magento 2 certified professional developer


Turned the website into a crowdfunding platform where users can create their own designs as well as sell it to others.

Key Results: 10 times faster website, 600 increase in monthly revenue and a large multi-million product catalog.
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magento 2 agency

Restaurant Supply

Migrated to Magento 2, implemented a custom ERP system and modified the category page for the US-based client.

Key Results: 3 times faster website, 50% increase in overall performance and 14% reduced cart abandonment rate.
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