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Hi – we are GOMAGE

The creators of the fastest PWA storefront for Magento and the boutique development agency standing behind one of the largest eCommerce websites in their niche.

We specialize in custom development for Magento – and help businesses get predictable results at transparent pricing. Your eCommerce site will scale faster with GOMAGE.

The 4 Magento customizations that can help your eCommerce conversions

Magento theme development

Whether you already have an awesome website design or would like to start things from scratch – we guide merchants through every step of Magento theme development process.
Would you like to save costs? We can help you choose a scalable Magento theme that’s proven to work for eCommerce. So that you can tweak and customize it, as your online business grows.

Magento extensions development

Magento customizations will sustain and scale your eCommerce business to new heights. You can hire us to assist you on this journey, or schedule a free consultation first.
With 30,000+ Magento websites using our extensions today – you can trust us, we do all sorts of custom Magento extension development work.

Custom Magento integrations

With thousands of third-party services available today, there’s a little margin for error. You want to pick a solution that will keep your eCommerce business growing.
No need to be the “coding genius” when you can rely on our years-worth of experience. Get integrations custom to your niche and industry nuances.

Custom PWA development

Ever thought of headless PWA development? Many merchants feels on the fence when it comes to spending a large amount of money on a new technology.
We offer the fastest PWA solution for Magento that you can customize to your website needs – only at the fraction of costs offered by other companies.

Check our new PWA theme!
Make My Blind Logo for PWA

How the #1 window blinds brand in the UK achieved 40% revenue growth with twice faster performance

+ 0 % Avg Time on Page
+ 0 % Online Revenue
+ 0 % PageSpeed Insights score
See how they achieved this
Don't lose your sales!

Optimize your conversions with CRO checklist.

    See how it works

    • Your eCommerce website has reached a growth point – where you have scaled on one hand but stagnated on the other one.
    • Perhaps, your current Magento vendor hardly meets your expectations.
    • So you are looking into other Magento companies that could better fit your your needs.
    • You have filled out a form on our website and our team welcomes you on a call.
    • We discuss if GOMAGE is the good-fit agency for your eCommerce site. We ask (sometimes) hard questions about your industry and customers, trying to understand your business.
    • Then, you sign a contract and we hold ourselves accountable for the successful release of your eCommerce project.
    • We perform a detailed code review to see if your store has any hidden issues that we might have to address in the first place.
    • Then, we create one single document with the roadmap and respective timeframes for your project completion.
    • We take our time to plan your project, so you get predictable results following our transparent pricing model.
    • We hand in the first prototypes of your Magento customizations.
    • You test everything and see if you have any concerns in terms of design or functionality.
    • You provide us with the feedback and we incorporate it in a timely manner.
    • Your dedicated PM reports on the work progress on the weekly basis, while our developers run all Magento customizations.
    • Everything is supervised by a Senior Magento architect. No poor line of code goes unnoticed.
    • As a result, you get a quality eCommerce website that’s easy to scale and maintain.
    • The QA team run a series of manual and auto-tests, so zero bugs come up when your new custom Magento site goes live.
    • Your customers will hardly face any issues while shopping for your products.
    • We deploy with little downtime and hold ourselves responsible for the timely release of your Magento development project.
    • Is that it? Of course not! Our work is not done, as our DevOps and Support teams keep tracking your site for potential issues and improvements.
    • We can maintain your website for as much as you’d like. However, we can always pass your site to new developers should you be unsatisfied with our services or hourly rates.
    • One way or another – we tend to build long-term partnerships and stay with our clients for years.

    How we make it work

    Make My Blinds

    • +47% PageSpeed score
    • +30% Avg Time on Page
    • +40% Online Revenue
    Learn more Learn more


    • 6x overall monthly revenue
    • 10x faster overall performance
    • print-on-demand functionality
    Learn more Learn more

    Restaurant Supply

    • +50% speed boost
    • -14% cart abandonment
    • 3x faster checkout
    Learn more Learn more

    All your great ideas on how to improve conversions are possible with the right-fit Magento development. We start with the code audit – to scan your site issues and transform them into growth opportunities.

    Edwin Wolvers

    You need Magento custom development, if you want...

    Custom Magento functionality

    that’s missing in default Magento features, but you believe it will improve your conversions in a positive way

    Custom Magento Integrations

    that will streamline your internal eCommerce operations, or improve the shopping experience for the customer

    Multi-store development

    that will allow you to expand to new markets while managing data from one Magento admin panel

    Marketplace development

    that will let your customers/vendors sell to one another while you control inventory and pricing under one Magento instance


    Lilia Maliutina

    CBDO at GoMage

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