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Unlock next-level
revenue growth with headless PWA migration.

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Seamlessly upgrade your Adobe Commerce or Magento webstore to a headless PWA — and achieve up to 10x speed boost, enhanced sales on both mobile and desktop, and more.

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Notice the red flags before it’s too late.

Some signs can show you it’s time to consider migration. Don’t ignore them.

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Slow webstore loading.

In many cases, fixing current platform's performance issues can be more challenging than upgrading to headless PWA storefront that is much faster by default.

Mobile traffic not paying off.

If you have big mobile traffic but few sales, it means your mobile users’ frustration is high. PWA solution on top of your Adobe Commerce or Magento platform will be a game-changer in mobile user experience.

High drop-off rates.

Lost shoppers rarely return, while returning ones averagely spend more. If you haven’t paid attention to your webstore’s CLV rates, it’s high time to do so.
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PWA adoption
has never been

If you consider migrating to headless PWA from your existing CMS platform — you’re in the right place. We’re GoMage, a trailblazing Headless eCommerce Agency standing behind of success of numerous eCommerce brands.

Here, you get everything you might need to leverage an all-encompassing growth: from webstore performance boost to UX/UI upgrades and beyond.

Multi-dimensional revenue boost strategy — that’s what we handle with excellence. Just like we did for these clients of ours:

Want a quicker response? Chat with us here! No face-to-face needed if not desired.
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What’s in it for


Mobile sales Fast ROI Boost in conversions Saved costs Returning visitors
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Mobile sales

PWAs provide top-notch mobile shopping experience that results in up to 8x higher sales in the most successful cases.
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Fast ROI

Ready-to-go headless PWA solutions enable near-instant business results — thanks to accelerated go to live.
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Boost in conversions

PWAs proved to have averagely 35% higher conversion rates compared to native apps and boosted sales by up to 90%.
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Saved costs

PWA project results in three solutions – website, Android and iOS apps – with a shared codebase which takes less time (and money) in developing and maintaining it.
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Returning visitors

Thanks to push notifications and other mobile features, PWA adopters experience a spike in return visits by at least 30%. Headless, in turn, revamps omnichannel strategy to better re-engage users.

They are already reaping PWA benefits...

...and you can, too:

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90+ score.

on Google Page Insights ensuring high-speed webstore performance.
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Fast-Track To Market

3-4 months.

is what it takes for the project of simple to medium complexity to be launched.
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Get Compatibility with

All devices.

— PWAs work perfectly on iOS, Android, and web browsers.
Start hassle-free migration Start hassle-free migration

Headless PWA migration
options to consider.

M1 → M2 + PWA
M2 + PWA
Other CMS + PWA
M1 → M2 + PWA

Prevent never-ending speed optimization.

  • Spare yourself the trouble trying to make an outdated Magento 1 version work.
  • Get a high-speed performance from the start.
  • Save dozens of hours (and costs) on optimization works.
  • Boost mobile sales thanks to cutting-edge tools.
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Boost speed & accelerate mobile sales.

  • Say farewell to high mobile drop-off rates.
  • Increase revenue by 8x
  • Gain a competitive edge in mobile UX/UI.
  • Reduce webpage loading time & boost overall performance by up to 4x.
  • Deploy GOPWA  to reduce costs and cut time to market.
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Upgrade mobile shopping experiences.

  • Deploy mobile-friendly navigation.
  • Ignite customer-centric experiences that equal higher conversions (offline mode, app shortcuts, etc.).
  • Ensure cross-device compatibility.
  • Exploit high-engaging features such as push notifications.
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GoMage is a trusted Adobe Specialized Partner. And we can guide you to eCommerce excellence.
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GoMage’s expertise on headless and PWA technologies is outstanding.

They deliver results pretty fast when something needs to be changed or fixed, within a day or two, depending on the task.

Working with GoMage, we can clearly see that they care about clients.

Be on the winning side of
eCommerce with headless PWA technology.

Guide your webstore towards excellence with 4 simple steps:

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Frequently Asked Questions

PWA and headless: what's the difference?

To set it clear: not every PWA is headless. A Progressive Web App (PWA) can be built with both a traditional monolithic architecture (where the frontend and backend are tightly coupled) or a headless architecture (where the frontend and backend are decoupled). The headless approach allows more flexibility and scalability in the development process, but it's not a mandatory requirement for creating a PWA

Are the same technologies used for Adobe Commerce/Magento and PWA?

Not quite. Magento tech stack components include: MySQL, PHP, Zend Framework, PSR Composer, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Apache, etc. As for PWA development, the following components are used: webpack, npm, Node.js, GraphQL, React, etc.

Can I accelerate PWA deployment process?

Yes, you can speed up headless PWA development process by opting for a pre-built storefront solution instead of creating a PWA from scratch. For example, GOPWA storefront offers a range of solutions to simplify theme customization, apply ready-to-go content blocks, and install additional integrations in a few clicks. Learn more about the solution here.

Is building a mobile app better than upgrading to a headless PWA?

Building a mobile app average costs 3-4 times higher than PWA without significant differences in mobile features. PWAs, in turn, also supports a range of web browser functionality such as add-to-home screen, search indexing, instant updates, etc. Let alone the benefits you get from the headless technology: scalability, improved frontend development, support for omnichannel commerce, and many other.

Why performing M1 > M2+PWA is better than doing these migrations separately?

Carrying out the migration separately will mean you’d have to build your webstore theme twice — creating it first for Magento and then adapting it to PWA. This will take additional costs and time-to-market. The same applies to all the installed extensions & extra custom features. Therefore, it is more cost efficient to perform both migrations at once.