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Unlock next-level
benefits for your online store by migrating to Magento PWA.

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Run a seamless migration with GOMAGE to incorporate PWA best practices into your web store: 10x performance improvements, increased conversions, and more.

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Notice the red flags before it’s too late.

Some signs can show you it’s time to consider migration. Don’t ignore them.

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Slow webstore loading.

In many cases, fixing current platform's performance issues can be more challenging than upgrading to Magento PWA storefront that is much faster by default.

Mobile traffic not paying off.

If you have big mobile traffic but few sales, it means your mobile users’ frustration is high. Switching your current platform to Magento with PWA on top will be a game-changer in mobile user experience.

High drop-off rates.

Lost shoppers rarely return, while returning ones averagely spend more. If you haven’t paid attention to your webstore’s CLV rates, it’s high time to do so.
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migration has never
been easier.

If you consider migrating from your existing CMS platform — you’re in the right place. We are GOMAGE, a boutique eCommerce agency that helps merchants grow online, generate more sales, and increase revenue.

We dedicate our efforts to hassle-free migration that results in long-term ROI for merchants. We've rescued many stalled Magento projects from the so-called "experts". Like see what we did for these brands here:

Want a quicker response? Chat with us here! No face-to-face needed if not desired.
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What’s in it for

Mobile sales Fast ROI Boost in conversions Saved costs Returning visitors
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Mobile sales

PWAs provide top-notch mobile shopping experience that results in up to 8x higher sales in the most successful cases.
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Fast ROI

Accelerated time to market of PWAs — starting from 3 months until going live — enables instant business results.
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Boost in conversions

PWAs proved to have averagely 35% higher conversion rates compared to native apps, with improved metrics by up to 90%.
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Saved costs

PWA project results in three solutions – website, Android and iOS apps – with a shared codebase which takes less time (and money) in developing and maintaining it.
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Returning visitors

Thanks to push notifications and other mobile features, PWA adopters experience a spike in return visits by
at least 30% and higher.

They are already reaping PWA benefits...

...and you can, too:

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90+ score.

on Google Page Insights ensuring high-speed webstore performance.
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Fast-Track To Market

3-4 months.

is what it takes for the project of simple to medium complexity to be launched.
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Get Compatibility with

All devices.

— PWAs work perfectly on iOS, Android, and web browsers.
Start hassle-free migration Start hassle-free migration

Magento PWA migration
options to consider.

M1 → M2 + PWA
M2 + PWA
Other CMS + PWA
M1 → M2 + PWA

Prevent months of never-ending performance optimization.

  • Spare yourself the trouble trying to make an outdated Magento 1 version work
  • Get a high-speed performance from start by adding up PWA to your migration project
  • Save dozens of hours (and costs) on optimization works after migrating to M2.
  • Revamp your online store the latest eComm tools to boost mobile sales
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Boost speed & accelerate mobile sales.

  • Say farewell to high mobile drop-off rates & user frustration.
  • Increase revenue by 8x & gain a sustainable competitive edge in mobile UX/UI.
  • Reduce webpage loading time & boost overall performance by up to 4x.
  • Accelerate PWA development & reduce costs with GOPWA.
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Upgrade your westore’s mobile shopping experiences.

PWA is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of both mobile users and merchants:

  • mobile-friendly navigation
  • customer-centric features (offline mode, add-to-home screen, which equals higher conversions etc.)
  • cross-device compatibility
  • push notifications & other engagement tools
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GoMage’s expertise on PWA is outstanding. When we had an issue and didn't know what to do, the team jumped in and got the results needed.

They deliver results pretty fast when something needs to be changed or fixed, within a day or two, depending on the task. Working with GoMage, we can clearly see that they care about clients.

Be on the winning side of
eCommerce with a well-optimized PWA webstore.

Guide your webstore towards PWA excellence with 4 simple steps:

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Receive a project estimate

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Let us take you on a journey to Magento PWA excellence.

Let’s discuss Magento PWA opportunities and bottlenecks for your business.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a possibility to connect Magento to an Android app?

It’s possible to do it with Magento PWA. Progressive web applications offer a lot of advantages for store owners. The combine the best qualities of mobile apps and websites all the while providing a smoother customer experience.

What’s the best way to build a Magento PWA?

Creating a Magento PWA from scratch is a worthy option but will require significant time and effort investments. With the technology growing in popularity, the market is offering ready-to-go PWA storefronts like the one from GoMage. Such solutions allow merchants to reduce development costs and time to market considerably.

Are Magento extensions compatible with PWA?

If a PWA storefront is built on Magento PWA Studio, there are modules compatible with such storefronts. GoMage PWA Storefront is built on Magento PWA Studio, so our clients won’t have problems with finding compatible extensions or creating ones.

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