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Avoid getting trapped with
the wrong headless PWA agency.

Opt for a proven tech partner — and shortcut your journey to eCommerce excellence with next-level headless PWA performance and cutting-edge UX.

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So is headless PWA
the best fit for you?
You might really need it if:

Magento performances issues Icon

You store has performance issues

that can't be fixed due to a large number of extensions and overall webstore complexity.
Very high mobile traffic Icon

Your high mobile traffic converts badly

whilst most of online sales come from people shopping on desktop.
High potential of repeat customers Icon

You've got the potential of repeat customers

but your customers hardly show any signs of brand loyalty and often switch to competitors.
Plans to develop iOS Android app Icon

You plan to develop iOS/Android app

but the cost for developing a native app is way too high to consider such option.
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Tech partner accounts for the lion’s share of your ROI — ensure you land with the right one.

When it comes to selecting a headless PWA development company — be it GOMAGE or another tech services provider — the key to a successful selection lies in asking the right questions:
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Is there no shadow of doubt about the company’s expertise in headless PWA technology and understanding of my niche specifically?
Question Icon
Can I see this headless PWA development company as an extension to my team and equally passionate about my business & its growth?
Question Icon
Do I feel confident to entrust my budgets to this specific service provider knowing there will be no shady project pricing schemes?
Question Icon
Am I fully comfortable with their work approaches, communication channels, project management methods, and other vital aspects?

Spot the red flags from the start.

Headless PWA is a great technology, but none of its powers will matter in unskilled hands.

Flag plus Triangle

Big promises not backed up by evidence.

Unrealistic results estimates, we-can-do-anything-for you talks, and ambitious project workscope with tight timeframes — it all might show a simple lack of understanding of what the technology can or cannot do.

Little track record of PWA projects.

If little data is known about the company’s successful headless PWA cases, chances are high many PWA-specific techniques & features will be first tested on your webstore and thus have numerous bugs to fix.

Surprisingly low PWA development rates.

While headless PWA development costs are significantly lower compared to native app, the companies charging way below average market prices might deliver low-quality code — which will eventually cost you more.
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At GOMAGE, our goal is to make sure we tick all the boxes for clients — and be the company you’d look forward to messaging it the first thing in the morning.

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Let`s talk

Some more things to consider.

All-in-one handbook. For you as a merchant — a quick guide to make sure you’re all covered. For us as an agency — a roadmap to services excellence.
End to end services Icon

End-to-end services

One tech partner to cover entire development lifecycle & leverage a consistent headless PWA strategy.
ROI mindset Icon

ROI mindset

The agency with a business-savvy mentality to leverage maximum profit for webstores of any size and eCommerce domain.
Quality assurance Icon

Quality assurance

The bugs always find their way in — what matters is a toolkit of testing techniques to minimize & eliminate them.
Speed boosters Icon

Speed boosters

Rich toolkit of solutions accumulated over the years of headless PWA works for Adobe Commerce & Magento stores.
Level of detail Icon

Level of detail

Be it project estimates, headless PWA roadmap, or any other materials — in-depth analysis equals project success.
Dedicated team Icon

Dedicated team

A designated project manager to hold accountability for the project, set milestones, & track results.

Meet the experts.

We are GOMAGE, the creators of GOPWA and a trailblazing Headless eCommerce Agency standing behind of success of numerous eCommerce brands.

We go way beyond a mere headless PWA development project. Here, you get everything you might need for an all-encompassing growth strategy: from webstore performance boost to UX/UI upgrades to marketing efforts and beyond. With the ROI-focused approach at the core.

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GoMage is a trusted Adobe Specialized Partner. And we can guide you to eCommerce excellence.
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Hall of fame PWA expertise.

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Our PWA achievements.


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customer engagement

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A winning synergy:
headless + PWA.

Take the shortcut to multiplied ROI & customer satisfaction.

Surely, you can launch a PWA-based storefront without making it headless. Or you can opt for a headless eCommerce platform that is not a PWA. But why constrain your business growth if you can exploit the powers of both technologies?

Pick up from the GOMAGE
portfolio of Magento PWA services...


Discover PWA potential & ROI.

  1. Jump into a discovery session to figure out if headless PWA is the right fit for your business.
  2. Get a code review to align potential improvement roadmap with your business priorities.
  3. Get all-in-one documentation with a detailed scope of work and the expected results.
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Get to the next-level headless commerce.

  1. From Magento 1: say farewell to poor threat prevention, no competitive edge, and old rusty features.
  2. From Magento 2: spare months of speed optimization works & accelerate ROI.
  3. From Adobe Commerce or any CMS: website speed, rich features, webstore editing flexibility — you get it all.
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Unparalleled shopping experiences.

  1. Customize your headless PWA store to meet your unique business needs.
  2. Adopt performance best practices for blazing-fast, uninterrupted shopping.
  3. Differentiate from competitors with unique UX/UI design, omnichannel features, and extra integrations.
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Next-level performance & UX.

  1. Give your webstore a performance boost with proven speed-accelerating techniques.
  2. Improve conversion rates with optimized checkout, improved navigation, and other UX/UI fixes.
  3. Adopt new cutting-edge features for next-level headless PWA shopping experiences.
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...and get ready to experience countless benefits. Just like a range of other merchants:

Aliexpress Logo
increase in new users across all browsers by 104%
Jumia Logo
decrease in cart abandonment rate by 9X
Lancome Logo
increase in mobile sessions on iOS by 53%
Flipkart Logo
growth in re-engagement rate by 40%
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longer average session duration by 10%
Alibaba Group Logo
increase in conversions across all browsers by 76%
George Logo
speeded up page loading time by 3.8X
Eleme Logo
dropped time-to-consistently-interactive to 4.93 sec.
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Be on the winning side of eCommerce with headless PWA technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best place to look for headless PWA experts?

If this question came to your mind, you’d probably need to trust your project to proven specialists. To make sure you opt for the right ones, we advise you not to limit yourself with a single channel — try to check out providers’ rating on various listings, review platforms, awards & recognition lists, and other trusted resources. Look for proven headless PWA cases & results, customer testimonials, the level of engagement in the eCommerce community, and other aspects that may prove well their expertise.

Which is better - hiring a developer or opting for an agency?

Headless PWA development agencies might seem more expensive at first glance, but they are the most cost-efficient in the long run. An agency will take on your project, select the best developers for specific tasks, manage the whole development process and deliver results on time and within budget. Freelance developers might be an optional choice for short-term projects — yet in such case you’ll have to dedicate a lot of time to their management.

What is headless PWA development cost?

The cost of hiring a headless PWA developer depends on the task as well as the location. The cost of headless PWA development services is significantly higher in the US and Canada than it is in Europe. Hourly rates for independent developers in these countries start at $70 and can reach $150 while the cost will range across Europe from $50 to $120 per hour.

Are the same technologies used for Magento and headless PWA?

Not quite. Magento tech stack components include: MySQL, PHP, Zend Framework, PSR Composer, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Apache, etc. As for headless PWA development, the following components are used: webpack, npm, Node.js, GraphQL, React, etc.