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Build a Magento 2 PWA store that acts like a native app and combines the benefits of responsive websites. No deep technical expertise is required! It's easy to install, maintain, and customize.

PWA Magento Storefront Customization Services

Customize existing functionality and/or create a new one together with GoMage senior specialists. Explore how Magento Progressive Web App can make your store experience like no other to a customer.

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Based on Official Magento 2 PWA Studio

Your Magento Progressive Web App store will be fully compatible with Magento updates and its official security patches.

€ 1,499.00
1 review

I don't even need a developer to create new store pages: the page builder is super easy to use. I can make any changes, anytime, in a few clicks.

€ 1,999.00
1 review

A great set of features and integrations. Trustpilot was easy to install and apply for store pages. Good value for money!

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