Magento 2 PWA Development

Enjoy a new level of multi-platform performance and make your eCommerce webshop to run smoothly on all devices. Get unprecedented speed and conversions beyond any expectations.
Magento 2 PWA Development

Supercharge your Website Speed & UX with Magento PWA

Progressive Web Apps are the future of eCommerce. They were first introduced in 2015 by the Google PWA Team and are gaining traction now among businesses.

Magento PWA is a type of app combining the best features of mobile applications and websites. They are designed to be capable, reliable, and easily installable. Such applications can bring you to the top-ranking positions in Google SERP for key requests and also deliver the following benefits for eCommerce businesses:

x2 traffic increase
x3 conversion rate boost
48% decrease in bounce rate
250% more leads

TOP Magento PWA Features & Business Value

Magento Progressive Web applications are powerful solutions that will back up your business operations. Here is what you’ll get once you decide to pursue the idea of integrating PWA functionality into your website:

Reduced development cost

no iOS/Android app development anymore! You can develop a single application that will work on all devices, thus reducing the development cost.

Google SERP

solid ranking position in search engine. Business owners can make their applications even more discoverable by automatically implementing the best SEO practices, paid ads, and other marketing activities, all under 1 installation.

Offline operation

great for shopping on-the-go and for countries with poor network connectivity. Placing an order without an internet connection is possible, anytime, anywhere!

Native feel

smooth user experience on any device. Magento PWAs work in browsers and on any device, be it desktop, iOS, or Android device.

No user-side updates

provide the latest features with interrupted user experience as soon as you roll them out.


users can share links and load the same pages saved in tabs. In this regard, Progressive Web Apps work just like traditional websites.

Push notifications

wider opportunities for promotions, user engagement, and re-engagement — all built-in!

App-like functionality

look and feel of native applications on any device regardless of the device type. As compared to hybrid apps, PWAs provide a smoother user experience regardless of the operating system.

No app store upload required

unlimited opportunities with no limitation from app stores. Customers install it straight from your website!

Faster UI

forget about slow load times and enjoy the lightning speed of PWAs!


enhanced data protection with HTTPS protocol.

Our Experience in Magento PWA Development

Our Experience in Magento PWA Development

The GoMage team has been actively exploring Magento PWA Development for over 1.5 years and is getting ready to introduce the results of our exploration. We created GoMage PWA Theme with an aim to bring progressive web apps to all online stores that need an uplift in performance and an increase in mobile traffic.

GoMage PWA Theme is based on Magento PWA Studio. It means that the stores we are developing will be fully compatible with all extensions, Magento updates and features released in the future.

Why Choose GoMage for PWA Development

Struggling to find a reliable company to help you create a PWA? A few reasons why companies entrust us with the development of Magento PWA:

Hands-on experience

Hands-on experience

We don’t guess! We know how Magento PWA Studio works and use the best development principles.

Full Magento compatibility

Full Magento compatibility

We develop PWAs that are fully compatible with upcoming Magento releases and updates.

Know-how approach

Know-how approach

We apply our deep knowledge and extensive experience, reducing the time of development.

Magento 2 certified team

Magento 2 certified team

Certified Magento developers will work on your eCommerce website, following the latest coding standards and practices by Magento.

Ready-to-use PWA Theme

Ready-to-use PWA Theme

Building your PWA based on our theme, we lower the development cost while delivering all the flagship features.

Magento PWA Development Services We Provide

Magento PWA Development from Scratch

Creation of a new eCommerce PWA for your eCommerce business which includes:

  • PWA concept
  • Design
  • Development
  • QA & Testing
  • Launch

Migration to Magento PWA

Migration of an existing eCommerce website to Magento PWA which consists of:

  • QA & Testing
  • Launch
  • Design creation or adaptation
  • Development
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