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next-level Adobe/Magento 2 PWA store with

headless PWA

Turn your webstore into a robust selling machine with a Progressive Web App for your Adobe Commerce or Magento store.
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Robust. Scalable. Mobile-first.

Access the ecosystem of webstore optimization solutions worth 18,000 hours of development efforts.

Here’s how far you can
get with GOPWA.

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+ 66%

customer engagement
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× 2-4 times

improved performance
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+ 30%

avg. session duration
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+ 25%

higher engagement rate
Why merchants

choose GOPWA?

Join thousands of webstore owners using headless PWA tech to drive revenue growth.
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Get scary fast.

See green light at the end of your Magento optimization tunnel and boost your online store score to 90s at the cost of nothing.
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Adopt top-notch features.

GOPWA uses Magento PWA Studio stack. Hence, accelerated adoption of all features developed by Adobe and GoMage teams.
Save development costs Picture

Save development costs.

Squeeze out every single drop of GOPWA's rich functionality that save thousands development hours for your business.
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Roman Tsehynka Head of PWA Engineering

GOPWA is more than just a storefront — it’s a robust toolkit designed to empower an easy, hassle-free storefront content editing and webstore management. From a range of built-in speed optimization practices that accelerate performance up to 4x — and up to a rich collection of UX/UI features and integrations for omnichannel marketing. GOPWA has it all.

Online shoppers will favor
the shopping experience in your store, with GOPWA.

Non-stop shopping.

Blazing-fast website speed leaves no space for user frustration. Visitors waste no time waiting for pages to load — even with slow or no connection.

Compelling content, made easily.

Create eye-catching webstore elements to trigger more purchases. With no fuss at all — all thanks to GOPWA near-limitless content editor that is extremely easy to use.
Shopping experience in your store with GOPWA
Shopping experience in your store with GOPWA

Extra features for high conversions.

Easy filtering, fast checkout, automated product comparisons, personalized notifications, and many more.

Premium UI.

Shoppers admire webstores that stand out — and they convert better with GOPWA. Smooth UX, smart layouts, and neat pre-made UI components do a great job here.

Flexible payment options.

Users love having options — and GOPWA provides a wide variety of ready-to-go integrations with the major payment providers to choose from.

A ready-to-go headless PWA
solution tailored to your business needs.

For Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce Checklist Picture
Compatible with the Adobe Commerce 2.4.5-p1 version.
Full Adobe Commerce features via PWA Studio access.
Support for all PWA-ready extensions on the market.
45+ ready-to-go integrations available in a single click.

For Magento Open Source

Magento Checklist Picture
Seamless compatibility with Magento Open Source 2.4.
Based on PWA Studio 12.7.0 and all its features.
Support for all PWA-ready extensions on the market.
45+ ready-to-go integrations available in a single click.
Try it out with no strings attached. 14-day money back guarantee. No explanations or excuses needed.
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Who’s behind it?

Hi — we’re GoMage, the creators of GOPWA and a trailblazing Headless eCommerce Agency standing behind of success of numerous eCommerce brands.

We go way beyond a mere development project. Here, you get everything you might need for all-encompassing growth strategy: from webstore performance boost to UX/UI upgrades to marketing efforts and beyond. With ROI-focused approach at the core.

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Our Partners.

Leverage the powers of
headless PWA technology.

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GOPWA for agencies:

Discover the ways to streamline the success of your headless PWA projects.

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Accelerate headless PWA adoption — with 1,000+ dev hours saved instead of building webstore from scratch.
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Enrich user experience — with 45+ ready-to-go features to boost webstore sales.
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Optimize loading speed — achieve 90+ performance score for your clients with zero efforts.
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Let us take you on a journey to headless PWA excellence.

Let’s discuss Adobe Commerce and Magento 2 opportunities and bottlenecks of PWA adoption for your business.
Lilia Maliutina CBDO at GoMage
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a headless PWA Storefront?

Headless PWA Storefront is a separate technology that runs on its own front-end system. If you upgrade your eCommerce website to a PWA, it will still run on the Magento backend. But the frontend will be completely independent from Magento. And, if you'd like, you'll be able to switch to any other CMS in the future with no disruption to your frontend experience.

What does a PWA storefront include?

In terms of features, PWA storefronts include unique features such as push notifications, offline functionality, device agnosticism, and app-like appearance. The main advantage lies in cross-platform support. A single progressive web app can be used as a traditional website and can be installed on both Android and iOS devices.

Adobe Commerce vs PWA storefront. Which one is better?

Good thing is you don't have to choose: very often progressive web applications are taken as an alternative to Adobe Commerce and Magento 2 theme. When in reality, PWA can serve as an add-on technology that runs on its own front-end system. Meaning, if you upgrade your eCommerce website to a PWA, it will still run on Adobe Commerce or Magento backend. But the frontend will be completely independent from the back-end system. This opens endless possibilities that cannot be achieved without a headless PWA tech stack.

How does GOPWA boost website metrics?

PWA storefronts have faster performance by default compared to Magento/Adobe Commerce webstores — all thanks to service workers and unique caching principles. Besides, GOPWA team put a strong focus on continous storefront speed optimization by creating unique speed-boosting techniques like server-side caching for GraphQl queries, GraphQL cache warmer up, pre-rendering, Adaptive Fast Mode, to name a few.

Why do merchants opt for headless PWA?

Apart from the next-level speed and significantly improved mobile shopping experiences, headless PWA storefronts have a lot of unique features that no theme or eCommerce platform can offer. For example, greater scalability, flexibility in content management, unparalleled speed, device agnosticism and top-notch mobile experiences to boost sales, push notifications, offline functionality, and many other. And of those benefits lead to higher conversions, greater CLV, and sky-rocketed customer satisfaction.

How do I leverage PWA for my Adobe Commerce or Magento 2 website?

You can follow two roads to create a headless PWA: Build it from scratch using Magento PWA Studio or customize an already existing PWA Storefront. The latter will cost you less money and take less time. You will need just to download the storefront and install it on your store. In the case of GoMage PWA, you can do it in one click.