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Magento Consulting Solve any issue with your Magento website thanks to Magento consulting services.

Not sure what’s wrong with your Magento website? We’ve got the right expertise to jump on a project quickly, make an audit and turn your eCommerce store around for the best conversions and ROI.
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Development Get Magento consulting to turn your website into the central business strength. We’ll help you choose the best way to implement a new feature, develop a Magento extension or build a new eCommerce website from scratch.
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Upgrade & Migration Migrate from Magento 1 or any other eCommerce platform to Magento 2. We’ll also take the burden off your business and keep your Magento up to date with the latest quality and security updates.
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PWA Development If you are a bright mind who isn’t afraid to explore new technologies, jump on a call with us for a PWA Magento consultation. We craft PWAs for innovation-thirsty eCommerce companies around the globe.
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Hire GoMage for the Magento upgrade service if you want to…

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Identify what’s wrong with your Magento website

and fix any issues that can undermine the performance of your eCommerce store and reduce conversion rates
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Customize your Magento website

to provide the best customer experience without going bankrupt with development costs.
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Make a new integration work

seamlessly with your existing Magento system and eliminate any conflicts that might occur.
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Make your website not only look great

but also provide a seamless shopping experience and bring sales.
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Identify what’s causing slow Magento speed

and the best ways to fix the issues for stable Magento performance under any load.

Hi – we are GOMAGE

The team that helps eCommerce businesses build Magento websites that sell and generate revenue.

We provide Magento consulting services to help companies solve any problems with their Magento stores on the fly. Get in touch with us, explain your situation to Magento consultants, and we’ll provide you with a working solution.

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Asia Lal Director of eCommerce, Evolutions Brands

With GOMAGE’s help, our company’s conversion rate and revenue have jumped by 50%. The GOMAGE agency has exemplary developers who quickly accomplish tasks assigned to them.

Magento consulting services
we provide.

Magento Integrations
UX/UI Design
Magento Optimization
Magento Integrations

Integrate your eCommerce store with any third-party solutions – ERP, CRM, payment gateways, marketing automation systems, and anything else you require to automate business flows.

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Get a good-looking website design that doesn’t hinder customer experience. We can take on your project, do a UX/UI audit and provide you with an action plan for its improvement.

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You can build a beautiful eCommerce website, but all the efforts are fruitless if the website speed doesn’t check customers’ expectations. Our team will put the detectives’ hats on, and identify and fix what hinders website speed.

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Get a free copy of the Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist
Key focus areas for eCommerce CRO Best working CRO technique Step-by-step instructions for a strong conversion boost
Optimize for growth Optimize for growth
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How an American kitchenware company adopted the PWA technology and boosted customer engagement by 66%


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Solve any issues with Magento to get the best conversions and ROI

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Grow faster with Magento 2

Since implementing the PWA that the GoMage team developed, we have noted a steady increase in traffic. We're already selling products through the new platform without having started any marketing, which we take as an indicator of the PWAs positive performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magento consulting?

Magento consulting covers technical and strategic aspects of Magento website performance. Magento consultants identify what’s wrong with the website, develop ideas for how to fix the issues, and implement changes to create a smooth customer experience that results in high sales.

What Magento consulting services can you get from GOMAGE?

GOMAGE provides a full range of Magento consulting services – custom Magento development, Magento upgrade and migration, eCommerce PWA development, Magento website design, and Magento speed optimization. If your website is underperforming, get in touch with us, and we’ll help you identify what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Why choose GOMAGE as Magento consultants?

GOMAGE is a team of Magento experts that craft eCommerce websites that sell. We dive deep into your Magento website and perform an all-around audit. We suggest the most effective ways to get the most value from your store and use our technical expertise to mitigate any issues that undermine the performance of your eCommerce website.

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