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to keep your store running smoothly.

Focus on growing your business while we take care about your store's performance.

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Get Magento eCommerce support services from GoMage to…

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Enhance your store's performance and stability

to ensure a seamless and enjoyable customer experience.
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Make your store safe to customers

not to let security concerns hinder your sales and customer trust.
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Recover your store from unexpected issues

and don’t let your customers witness the site go down and never come back.
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Boost the store’s rankings

and get more organic traffic, higher on-page time, and lower bounce rates.
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Prevent potential issues before they arise

and ensure your Magento store is running smoothly.

Choose how we can empower
your store with Magento support services

Tech support
UX improvements
Code audit
Security check
Tech support

Ensure your site is functional every moment

Bug fixing, reducing downtime, and Magento upgrades for uninterrupted sales.

Ensure your site is functional every moment

Enhance your web store’s usability to boost engagement and conversions

Stop watching up to 90% of customers leave without making a purchase because of poor UX.

Enhance your web store’s usability to boost engagement and conversions

Inspect and optimize the code for better performance

Identify areas for improvement and ensure optimal performance and stability to boost your eCommerce store.

Inspect and optimize the code for 
better performance

Offer a safe store to maintain customer trust

Protect your store from malicious code and cyber attacks with the latest security patches to ensure safety.
Offer a safe store to maintain 
customer trust

Hi – we are GOMAGE

The creators of Magento sites that help you grow online, generate more sales, and increase revenue.

We focus on Magento solutions for merchants willing to offer personalized experiences for enhanced customer loyalty.

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The best sales during Black Friday in 2021

Started working with a new factory

Opened one more UK store

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Give yourself peace of mind
and focus on growing your business.

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We are satisfied with the results of the deliverables. GoMage improved the website speed and saved hours of manual processing time! They are experts in the Magento field who provide transparency throughout all project stages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Magento support service include?

GoMage’s Magento support services include a wide range of tasks to ensure your store operates smoothly and efficiently, namely bug & downtime fixing, upgrading, adding capabilities & integrations, and more.

Why is Magento support and maintenance crucial for your business?

Timely and proper support and maintenance of your store will ensure its enhanced security and stability, improved performance, higher organic traffic, thus leading to an increase in sales and revenue and an overall success of your eCommerce business.

What is code review and why is it important?

Code review is a stage of the development process aimed at identifying any potential code errors, inconsistencies, irregular formatting, etc. to improve the code quality. This will eventually lead to enhanced website performance, improved security, and more sales in the long run.

What steps does web support in GoMage include?

We start with a discovery call to identify your needs. Then you choose the desired type(s) of analysis so we can prioritize the process. The GoMage team goes deeper into the chosen issues and ensures you get the expected outcomes as soon as possible.

Why don’t you have support packages?

We understand that each business has its unique needs and goals. That’s why we aim to offer maximum flexibility by providing you with exactly what you need to reach the desired result for your business.

Let’s book a call. *we can take only a handful of Magento projects at a time

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