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Supplier of custom-made window blinds in the United Kingdom
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Make My Blinds is a company with over five years of history in the UK market specializing in custom-made window blinds. The company can boast thousands of successfully fulfilled orders, positive customer reviews and covered windows across the UK soils.

From the very beginning, the company had a Magento website with serious problems in website performance. The first and foremost task was to speed up the website, which our team has successfully accomplished. Along the way, we added new features and improved overall user experience for Make My Blinds.

Key Results

increase in goal completions
revenue increase
transactions increase

Code and Security Audit

Case 1: Speed Optimization


The Make My Blinds company had a huge problem with its website – slow performance. Therefore, our team started with a full code review to identify any bugs that might have caused such issues.

The GoMage team used a complex approach to track down even the slightest issues that interfered with website operations. Here is what we identified:

  • Critical issues that prevented full page caching for all pages
  • Unnecessary code
  • Unused modules that slowed down the website for end-users
  • Outdated JS libraries


After a thorough website audit, our team prepared the scope of work that should have been done as soon as possible. We closed a few security vulnerabilities by updating the website to the latest Magento 2 version available, deleted unused code and cleaned the website from unnecessary extensions that were sending and receiving requests to and from third-party solutions, thus slowing down the whole website.

To speed the website up, we also implemented the following improvements:

  • lazy loading for external JS libraries, which allows to speed up the website by leaving enough time for loading and execution of internal scripts.
  • lazy loading for images with hidden images loading as a customer is scrolling down.
  • full-page cache.
  • indexing scheduling, which helps to execute a lot of code in the background without interfering with customer experience.


Our team successfully performed all website optimization works and now our clients and their customers can enjoy a far faster user experience. Full-page caching helped to reduce server response time from 2 seconds to 100-150 milliseconds. All the work performed allowed the improvement of the website speed check by Google Lighthouse from 45 to 92 points. Website speed was successfully increased by 2 times.


Case 1: Blog Migration to Magefan


Our client has been actively posting on the website blog for quite some time already. They wanted to change the technology underlying the blog to the one that would better meet business needs. Make My Blinds had the following requirements for their website blog:

  • the ability to post short and long content
  • functionality to add calls to action within the content
  • features for adding anchors for large-piece content of 10,000+ words
  • ability to embed YouTube video, audio, and images
  • comments section with moderation functionality
  • ability to tab articles and organize them by functionality


After receiving initial requirements, our team got down to finding the right solution to implement new functionality with minimum time and money resources. After analyzing available options, we advised our customers to use the blog extension, which comes from GoMage Official Partner Magefan, as it met all requirements and could be installed within no time.


After the move to the new blog solution, our client continues to invest in content marketing actively. The upgraded blog received all the needed functionality that the previous solution was lacking, and allows for fine-tuning each blog post up to business requirements.

Numbers show the real value of our work. From February to June 2020, blog pageviews showed a 121,450.00% increase, and the average time on page increased by 511.51%.

Case 2: Implementation of Algolia Search


When the client came to us, their website used the provided out-of-the-box Magento website search, which was poorly configured. As a result, only 1-2% of all website visitors turned to the search feature. Instead of helping customers find the products they needed, it didn’t provide them with relevant search results, thus impacting conversion.

The client had hundreds of SKUs and hundreds of articles that should’ve been included in search results. We were tasked with the integration of a new search system and the transfer of the website database to the new site search.


Based on our client’s business requirements, we offered to use Algolia, a robust website search and our Official Partner. We started the task with rebuilding the entire website product category, Algolia set up, installation and transfer of the site’s database to the new site search. Our developers customized the front-end of the search to make it an integral part of website design.


Our developers successfully integrated the Algolia system in accordance with the business requirements of our client. The result of our work is a highly customized, fast and advanced website search that helps customers find the product needed.

Case 3: Installation and Configuration of GoMage LightCheckout


As a part of the overall website improvement, our client also wanted to integrate one-step checkout to decrease the drop-off rate. As the customer’s checkout page had a highly customized design, our team needed to make the same changes to the front-end of the new checkout to integrate it seamlessly into overall website design.


After the client voiced their requirements, we suggested integrating GoMage LightCheckout as it would speed up the process. Instead of implementing a new feature from scratch, our team integrated the extensions and customized its front-end to match the website design. Therefore, we reduced the development time by X3, and quickly implemented the required functionality, added all the needed payment gateways and thoroughly tested the results of our work so that our client wouldn’t have a problem with the website.


GoMage LightCheckout runs all behind the scenes operations for our client’s checkout page. Customers now can quickly provide all the information necessary for purchase complete, automatically create user accounts, and securely pay for purchases. LightCheckout promises to decrease the checkout drop-off rate by 19%.

Case 4: Direct Integration with Supplier


The Make My Blinds company needs to place a lot of orders with its suppliers, which takes a lot of time. Therefore, our client wanted to reduce manual work and speed up the whole process.


Our team offered to integrate the client’s website supplier’s system to automatically send all orders as soon as changes are made on the Make My Blinds website.


Our team successfully completed the work. The client doesn’t have to place any orders with their suppliers manually. The Make My Blinds website will interact with the supplier’s interface directly, without human interaction.

24/7 Magento Support


Our team continues to cooperate with Make My Blinds. We provide 24/7 Magento support and ongoing development of the project. We track all operations happening on the website to ensure that our client doesn’t have any problems with performance and website work.


We provide ongoing development of new features and performance monitoring based on our client’s requirements and business needs. Each new feature is thoroughly tested by our QA engineers so that nothing interferes with website operations.


We’ve been working with the client for over six months now. We continue improving our client’s website, always looking for new ways to enhance the user experience by delivering new features and upgrading the existing ones. We have already successfully increased unique page views by 47%, traffic by 45% and ensure 3X faster delivery and deployment.

We are satisfied with the results of the deliverables. GoMage improved the website speed and saved hours of manual processing time! They are experts in the Magento field who provide transparency throughout all project stages.
James Taylor
Co-Founder, MakeMyBlinds

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