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Make My Blinds (part of Mzuri Group)

Leading supplier of custom-made window blinds in the United Kingdom

Key Results
  • The best sales during Black Friday in 2021

  • Opened one more
    UK store

  • Started working with
    a new factory

  • Site performance significantly improved

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    First stage

    During the first stage, GoMage had one clear goal – solve the mystery of website performance problems. Our code detectives took a complex approach to track down the slightest issues that interfere with website operations:

    • Critical issues that prevented full page caching across all website pages
    • Unnecessary code
    • Unused modules that slowed down the website
    • Outdated JS libraries

    Server response time reduced from 2 seconds to 100-150 milliseconds
    Website speed check by Google Lighthouse boosted from 45 to 92 points
    Overall x2 times website speed increase

    Second stage

    The second stage was dedicated to Magento 2 custom development and website functionality improvements. We delivered a number of innovations to improve customer experience and automate some mundane tasks.

    Provided services

    1. Blog migration to Magefan and module customization
    2. Algolia Search implementation and customization
    3. Direct integration with suppliers
    4. 24/7 Magento support

    Delivered results

    • Blog pageviews increased by 121,450.00%
    • Average time on page increased by 511.51%
    • Highly customized website search that speeds up product search for customers
    • System that automatically sends orders to suppliers as soon as customers place them on the Make My Blinds website
    • x3 faster delivery and deployment
    • 45% traffic increase
    • 47% growth of unique page views

    We are satisfied with the results of the deliverables. GoMage improved the website speed and saved hours of manual processing time! They are experts in the Magento field who provide transparency throughout all project stages.

    James Taylor
    Co-Founder, MakeMyBlinds

    Third stage

    In 2021, Make My Blinds joined Mzuri Group, a global luxury window coverings group with over 40 years of successful history. Mzuri Group is made of 12 companies from all over the world with over 1500 people.

    New Chapter

    Make My Blinds became a single development center for the whole Mzuri Group. Thanks to the exemplary work done in cooperation with our client, it all became possible.
    The GoMage team received a new and ambitious task – to improve the whole system of Make My Blinds and make it reusable for all websites of Mzuri Group.


    GoMage performed a lot of tasks to achieve the goal. We started off with the website upgrade from Magento 2.2.5 to Magento 2.4.2. The task involved a lot of work dedicated to making all functionality, installed extensions, and other solutions compatible with the latest Magento 2 update. As a part of the update, we performed Magento, PHP, server, and database checks to ensure protection and compliance with security standards.

    Algolia customization

    We customized Algolia and expanded its functionality beyond website search. Now Algolia also powers product filtering.
    Every product filter is a single Magento attribute, which allows Algolia to build a unique webpage URL based on selected parameters. It helped to solve the problem with repeating URLs that harmed website SEO.

    Key benefits:

    • More landing pages indexed by Google
    • Boosted SEO thanks to more unique website pages

    New integration with suppliers

    The system was reworked and improved to meet business requirements better. Now the solution allows tracking all orders, viewing the history of all orders and manually changing order settings. Customers automatically receive emails with order status updates.
    Since the update, not a single order was lost in the system!

    Huge website redesign

    Our client’s designers prepared the concept of the new user interface and GoMage became the technical force behind all design changes and functionality customizations. Together, we improved the key pages and elements of the website:

    • Home page
    • Product category page
    • Product page
    • Menus
    • Footer
    • Primary filters
    • Promo tiles for categories (free delivery, MeasureSure)
    • Products grouping in categories (based on fabric and color)
    • Configurable banners

    Key benefits:

    • Improved customer experience
    • Customers find the needed products among 800+ items with no problem
    • Highlight of key product features
    • Bigger product gallery to showcase items in all details
    • Website admins can change banners without developers’ help
    • Responsiveness across all screens and devices

    Our cooperation continues

    GoMage continues working with Make My Blinds and developing websites for the whole Mzuri Group. Taking the website developed for Make My Blinds as a basis, we create custom functionality and price rules specific to each region.