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Adobe Commerce (Magento) Upgrade Services

Explore the power
of the latest Adobe Commerce (Magento) versions and get ready for new challenges.

Stay protected from security threats, benefit from new features, and grow faster with regular Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) upgrades.

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Hire GoMage for the Adobe Commerce (Magento) upgrade service if you want to…

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Have minimum to zero downtime

during the Adobe Commerce (Magento) upgrade process. We select the time based on your business operations and guarantee that your sales won’t be affected.
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Get high-quality Adobe Commerce upgrade services

for your business. We work hard to ensure there won’t be any problems after the update, and no data will be lost. Our team tests the website for one-two days after deployment to catch any issues.
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Want to get an all-round Adobe Commerce upgrade service

and a comprehensive approach to updating the platform to the latest version. We cover all the tasks to make sure that the website will run at maximum performance and that there won’t be any security issues after the upgrade.
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Get timely Adobe Commerce upgrade delivery

without unexpected and drastic shifts in timelines. We analyze the project thoroughly to provide the most accurate estimate. During the upgrade process, we keep clients up to date with the progress of the work.
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24/7 post-upgrade Adobe Commerce support

to focus on business tasks while our team takes care of the health of your eCommerce website. You can always hire us for Adobe Commerce (Magento) support service and stop worrying about the technical aspect of your business.

Hi – we are GOMAGE

We’re a team of Adobe Commerce (Magento) developers who set up eCommerce websites for swift growth.

We provide Adobe Commerce (Magento) upgrade services to help companies stay up to date with the latest Adobe Commerce releases, features, security patches, and quality improvements.

Get in touch with us, tell us about your Magento website, and we’ll provide you with a free project estimate.

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GoMage is a trusted Adobe Specialized Partner. And we can guide you to eCommerce excellence.
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GoMage took our Magento 2 website and turned it into something bigger. The company provided a range of services for us – from website redesign to Magento upgrade to the latest version, customization of the existing payment gateway, and integration with new payment options. GoMage delivered a fully functional website in a timely manner.

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Adobe Commerce (Magento) upgrade services

as everything is better on the latest versions.
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Get more conversions with higher performance.

Every Adobe Commerce upgrade brings a performance boost. Improved website speed and better load times result in higher conversions and lower abandonment rates.
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Avoid threats with better security.

Every update strengthens Adobe Commerce (Magento) security and minimizes the risks of cyber attacks. Your business is protected from compliance issues and loss of revenue.
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Get more sales with new features.

New Adobe Commerce (Magento) versions bring along new features and functionality. They help businesses manage their eCommerce stores more effectively and save money on custom development.
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Get higher efficiency with infrastructure updates

Every Adobe Commerce (Magento) update has a number of infrastructure and code quality improvements for more efficient website development and support.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Commerce (Magento)?

Every Adobe Commerce (Magento) upgrade includes many improvements – features and functionality updates, performance improvements, security enhancements, and back-end refinements. You need to keep your eCommerce website up to date with latest versions of Adobe Commerce (Magento) to ensure its security and ability to meet customer demands. Also, the more versions are between your website and the latest Adobe Commerce version, the more fixes the upgrade process requires and the longer it takes.

What are Adobe Commerce (Magento) upgrade services?

Adobe Commerce (Magento) upgrade service is the process of upgrading a website to the latest version or any version of the platform a business wants its website to run on. The service consists of different stages and steps, such as the in-depth analysis of a project and all installed extensions, identification of any dependencies that can impact the upgrade process, testing, bug fixing, and quality assurance to achieve the highest website performance after the upgrade is rolled out.

What is included in the Adobe Commerce (Magento) upgrade service provided by GoMage?

We provide a full range of Adobe Commerce (Magento) upgrade services. Our cooperation with new clients starts with the discovery call, during which we examine your requirements and learn everything about your Adobe Commerce website. During the next step, we make an in-depth analysis of your website and installed extensions to identify any dependencies that can impact the Magento upgrade service. Testing and bug fixing are part of the upgrade process to ensure your website will run at the highest performance. We roll out the update to the live website during the quietest hours to minimize business impact on the business and ensure minimum to zero downtime.

How much does Adobe Commerce (Magento) upgrading to the latest version cost?

Every project is unique, and we can only provide an estimation after an in-depth Adobe Commerce (Magento) website analysis. Several factors influence the cost of Adobe Commerce upgrade services, such as the gap between your current website version and the one you want to upgrade to, the number of installed extensions, possible conflicts between the website theme and the new Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) version, dependencies from libraries and PHP versions, and overall quality of code.