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Build a Magento store that acts like a native app and combines the benefits of responsive websites. No deep technical expertise is required! It's easy to install, maintain, and customize.

Magento PWA Storefront by GoMage

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Your store will be fully compatible with Magento and its security patches

Magento 2 PWA
$ 1,799.00
1 review

I don't even need a developer to create new store pages: the page builder is super easy to use. I can make any changes, anytime, in a few clicks.

Magento 2 PWA
$ 2,299.00
1 review

A great set of features and integrations. Trustpilot was easy to install and apply for store pages. Good value for money!

Key PWA Storefront Benefits Already Built-In

While PWA empowers Magento 2 store performance, you get all out-of-the-box theme benefits: plug-and-play & adjustable solution with extra features and integration

High performance
More sales with lightning-fast Magento PWA. They are 2X faster than responsive websites, resulting in a lower bounce rate and an increase in customer conversion rate.
Magento 2 PWA is highly ranked by search engines as it is Google technology. Applying SEO practices, you can reach even more customers than with a native application.
Add to Home Screen
Customers can instantly install a Magento PWA right from their browsers. They have your store at fingertips, you — a growth in customer base.
Out-of-the-Box Integrations
GoMage PWA Storefront provides everything that your customers need out of the box — from PayPal to Algolia and TrustPilot.
Adding new content and modifying existing one does not require technical expertise. All you need is a mouse and a keyboard.
Offline Mode
Poor Internet connection won’t ruin the shopping experience. Customers can browse their favorite categories and products even offline.
PWAs provide native-like experience on any device and operating system. No need to develop two separate apps — iOS and Android.
Low Development Cost
One Magento PWA replaces two separate apps — less time and money spent on development.
Unlike native apps, Magento PWAs are lightweight. They don’t overuse the device’s resources, taking up only a fraction of the storage needed for native apps.

Best Features of GoMage Magento 2 PWA

Page Builder

Creating new pages or updating existing ones is as easy as drag and drop with the built-in Page Builder. Add new page components, delete unused ones or reorganize them on the page in a matter of seconds.

Page Builder for PWA Storefront

Theme Style Customization

Our Magento 2 PWA Storefront is fully customizable and configurable. Create your own stylesheet, change colors, and gradients with the style editor for your Magento PWA.

Style Configiration for Magento 2 PWA

Marketing & Promotions

Enjoy a powerful set of features for online promotions. Increase sales by offering coupons, upsells, and cross-sells and promoting products through automated newsletters.

Marketing and Promotions in Magento PWA

Analytics & Reporting

GoMage PWA Storefront supports full integration with Google Analytics for insightful reports: visualize data and track the performance of your eCommerce store.

Magento 2 PWA Analytics

Trustpilot Integration

Utilize social proof to your advantage. Set up a Trustpilot widget in the Admin panel and add it to your website to showcase business trustworthiness.

Trustpilot in Magento PWA Storefront

Magento Magefan Blog

Promote your products and share valuable information through user-friendly features for posts creation and management. Add information and images, and interact with customers in the comments thanks to Disqus integration.

Magefan Blog in PWA Storefront

Algolia Product Search

Integration with Algolia adds a robust search to the Magento PWA Storefront. Customers won’t have any problems browsing through your store and finding the products they are looking for.

Algolias Product Search in Magento PWA

Advanced Filtering Options

While browsing product catalogs, customers can filter products by size and color. A user-friendly price slider will help to easily set up the needed price range.

Advanced Filtering Options in Magento 2 PWA

Product Configurations

On the category page, customers can select product colors, sizes, and other options, which allows them to make purchases faster.

Product Configuration for Magento PWA Storefront

Social Authentication

Support for social authentication with Google and Facebook streamlines the process of signing up and signing in.

Social Media in Magento PWA


GoMage Magento 2 PWA Storefront is integrated with PayPal. Your customers can pay for purchases with their favorite payment system.

PayPal in PWA Storefront

Product Reviews & Feedback

Customers quickly rate products and provide feedback thanks to full integration with Trustpilot.

Product Reviews in Magento 2 PWA

Read the Full List of GoMage PWA Features

Prior-to-checkout estimates, stock availability, product option selection, and much more


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