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The fastest PWA Storefront

For Magento & Adobe Commerce

Get a robust PWA storefront so your eCommerce store finally lights green on PageSpeed Insights. Both on desktop and mobile!

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Why choose GOPWA?

Join thousands of merchants using PWA to get robust page loads

Get scary fast

See green light at the end of your Magento optimization tunnel and boost your online store score to 90s at the cost of nothing

Access PWA Studio features

We’ve built GOPWA using Magento PWA Studio stack. So, you get features provided by both Adobe and GOMAGE teams

Save development costs

Squeeze out every single drop of GOPWA features and extensions that save development hours for your business

All-in-one solution for your eCommerce website

Market-leading PWA Storefront for higher speed & conversions

Edit dynamic content for:

  • Category pages
  • Product pages
  • Checkout
  • Header
  • Footer

Edit design in a few clicks:

  • Select your brand colors
  • Connect your parent theme
  • Create limitless variations
  • Automate your design work
  • Save time on manual site work

Get premium UI features:

  • Add to compare products
  • Product labels
  • Multi-wishlist
  • Zoom-in on product images
  • Product color swatches
  • Quick buy
  • Social sharing
  • Built-in Instagram feed

Advanced search features:

  • Search autocomplete
  • Search recommendations
  • Popular search terms
  • Search history

Sell & track your sellling:

  • email marketing
  • influencer marketing
  • blog
  • marketing automation
  • Google services
  • Awin tracking

Customer-centric services:

  • Live chat
  • Customert support CRM
  • Show product reviews
  • Add user-generated content

More mobile features, more sales

Imagine the boost in conversions you’re going to get with these native features

App-like appearance

looks and feels like a mobile app

Lightning speed

loads in less than 2 seconds

Push notifications

send messages to mobile customers

Add-to-home screen

customers can install your store in one click

Offline mode

works at poor-network connections

Device agnosticism

compatible across browsers and devices

Want to test the PWA Demo functionality?
Check PWA Demo Check PWA Demo

Say goodbye to slow traditional Magento architecture

Follow the best practices for building websites and save 80% of your budget and time for tackling slow performance

Magento Website

  • Loading for over 6 seconds
  • Creating design for every device
  • Editing content creates bugs and errors
  • Working for laptop, phones & tablets
  • Needing developers across every step

Headless Website

  • Less than 2 seconds page loads
  • One design for every screen
  • Unlimited frontend customizations
  • Compatible with every device
  • No-code website customizations

GOPWA used by #1 kitchenware brand in the USA

The company turned their WordPress recipes blog into a headless PWA store based on Magento backend

GoodCook Logo for PWA

During the RFP process, I’ve been talking to a couple of companies and from those conversations — it came down to two reasons: affordability and you were the only ones doing PWA technology on Magento.

Froy Terriquez

DTC Website Manager at Bradshaw Int.
+ 0 % Customer Engagement
+ 0 % Avg Session Duration
- 0 % Bounce Rate

Ready to learn more about PWA creating more revenue for you?

Schedule a slot that works for you. Come with question to our PWA experts.
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See why others choose PWA:


17% increase in conversions

53% increase in sessions on iOS


40% increase in re-engagement rate

+70% conversions from Add-to


9x increase in checkout conversions

53% lower bounce rate


76% boost in conversion rates

30% more monthly users on Android


74% boost in session times

2x increase in pages visited per session


146% higher CTR rate on ads

80% lower bounce rate

All these projects benefited from PWA tech Learn how you can be next.
Let's jump on the call Let's jump on the call

See why others choose PWA



for Magento (Adobe) Open Source version

Save at least


dev hours on building PWA from scratch

Get All 45

PWA features & extensions out-of-the-box

Let's have a chat about PWA

See how it works

What if you could migrate to PWA in less than 60 mins?

  • Get access to GOPWA Installer module
  • See it from your Magento admin panel
  • Plug in your store credentials
  • Click ‘download’ and voila!

What if you could edit your store without developers?

Default Magento Page Builder lets you customize only static pages

With GOPWA, you can change your product, category, checkout or any dynamic page with no developers around

What if you could get 45 extensions out of the box?

The development of each extension from scratch takes hundreds of development hours.

You can add new PWA extensions for free.

Click, activate and drag-and-drop whatever extension you want in the PWA Marketplace.

What if you could match your branding in a few clicks?

  • Click “PWA Theme Manager”
  • Add a new or default theme
  • Select your brand colors
  • Click “Save” to apply your design
Now that you learned how it works. See it in action!
Check PWA Demo Check PWA Demo

Roman Tsehynka,

Head of PWA Engineering

GOPWA is 100% compatible with Magento. You get access to the entire ecosystem of PWA-ready extensions developed by different Magento vendors. Oh, did I mention little-to-no issues during new Magento upgrades? ;)


You may buy our PWA Storefront now or schedule a demo with one of our Adobe-certified experts


You get free product support services for six months after the purchase.


You will be getting new GOPWA upgrades for 6 months – completely free of charge.


You get all of your money back within 14 days, should GOPWA not meet your expectations

Lilia Maliutina

CBDO at GoMage

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Easy to go PWA, with GOPWA.

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