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For more than 11 years, we have been delivering exceptional service for thousands of Magento stores. Today, we are driving innovation for future eCommerce leaders.

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Our story

First steps with Magento

At the dawn of Magento, our team built solutions to fulfill the crucially lacking store functionality. One of them — the bestselling GoMage LightCheckout, aimed to ease the customer journey. See how it looks like today.

Magento Industry Partner

GoMage was honored with a Bronze badge from Magento for contributing to eCommerce business success through solution development, providing support services, system integration, and much more.

Extending Magento 1 Power

The growing market needs & continuous support of M1 stores delivered 11 ready-to-use GoMage extensions. We made functionality like building customizable products and improving SEO positions with few clicks accessible for M1.

Focus on Magento 2

After the Magento 2.0 release, we supported and migrated our clients to a more reliable and secure M2. No losses for functionality: the fastest feed solution was re-innovated for M2 — GoMage FeedPro 2, later followed by other modules.

GoMage PWA Storefront

PWA is the new black for innovative eCommerce. Inspired by Magento PWA Studio, we came up with GoMage PWA Storefront, allowing store owners to build a responsive & acting like an app Magento store without deep technical expertise.

GoMage Today

We are proud to have satisfied customers of a different scale who have been staying with us for more than 9 years. Revealing the Magento potential for business profits is our primary mission, either it’s about 1,000 product stores or 12,000+ giants.

What Store Owners Say about GoMage:

Our Team

GoMage community is constantly growing with new Adobe certified & eCommerce-inspired teammates. Year after year, we scale our knowledge and resources to collect the best minds and be the first to drive innovation to our clients.

Our Experts Talk

GoMage eCommerce Community

After 11 years, we chose our mission to share knowledge that goes beyond case studies. This is how GoMage eCommunity was born, aimed to educate, raise discussions, and deliver the best store running practices for merchants worldwide.

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