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B2C eCommerce development

Hit record online sales
with B2C eCommerce development services.

Design seamless shopping experiences that win your customers’ hearts and set your webstore for high revenues and conversions.

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Like these results?

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Increase in organic traffic
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Boost in website speed
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Increase in online sales
We’re here to show you how we achieved them for our clients. But before we start unveiling the secrets of eCommerce success....

Beware of falling into these eCommerce traps.

Pick a B2C eCommerce journey that excludes common mistakes stagnating business growth.

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Wrong-fit tech stack.

Monolith, PWA, headless, or composable? Magento, Shopify, or any other out of dozens CMS platforms? The options are numerous. Pick the one unsuited for your store — and you might face severe consequences.

Friction points in shopping experiences.

Designing shopping journeys where nothing seems off can be harder that the one might think. Be it bad webstore navigation, lacking features, or slow loading — they all result in lost online sales.

Mediocrity in design and UX.

The lack of uniqueness is a slow killer of eCommerce success. Look out for your webstore not turning into the one like hundreds other — creativity, innovation, and uniqueness are the game-changers here.

Unlock the formula
to unconditional customer loyalty and skyrocketing eCommerce sales.

High-speed loading.

Blazing-fast website speed leaves no space for user frustration. Visitors waste no time waiting for pages to load — and even with slow or no connection.

Intuitive layout & navigation.

There is no time for confusion in the journey to shopping cart and checkout. The more intuitive the entire process — the more completed purchases guaranteed.
Shopping experience in your store with GOPWA
Shopping experience in your store with GOPWA

Mobile-first shopping.

Mobile commerce contributes to over 67.2% of all online sales — make sure you leverage this channel to the fullest.

Fast & easy checkout.

Checkout abandonment reaches up to 80% on average — make sure your webstore is not among them with a frictionless checkout experience.

Engaging features.

High engagement is the shortest path to customer loyalty, while eye-catching interactive webstore elements are the triggers more purchases. After all, we all admire webstores that stand out, right?
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Have it all covered.
Must-have features of
B2С online stores.

Smart search Personalization RMA Payment options Security
Be one step ahead of your shoppers Picture

Be one step ahead of your shoppers.

Create the impression anything they want to find is at the fingertips with AI search solutions, advanced filtering, product comparisons, geo-based top picks, relevant recommendations etc.
Deliver exactly what your buyers need and beyond Picture

Deliver exactly what your buyers need and beyond.

Did you know over 80% of eCommerce customers are ready to share their data to get a more personalized shopping experience? No better way to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction.
Empower hassle-free returns Picture

Empower hassle-free returns.

Optimize and automate return management processes with built-in webstore functionality such as refund options, cashback system, tax management, pre-set return workflows, etc.
Offer the flexibility in payments Pciture

Offer the flexibility in payments.

Cherish your shoppers’ preferences by supporting multiple payment options. And don’t miss out on game-changing Buy Now Pay Later feature to eliminate potential financial limitations.
Safeguard your business operations Pciture

Safeguard your business operations.

Leverage security best practices to make your eCommerce webstore bulletproof. Hackers never sleep, don’t you agree?

Let’s streamline your B2C eCommerce growth

Leverage years of B2C eCommerce development expertise effortlessly with the GoMage experts.
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All-in-one B2C eCommerce services package

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UI/UX improvements Icon

UI/UX improvements

to eliminate webstore’s drop[off points and ensure seamless webstore experience across all browsers.
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Marketing & SEO

strategy to gain, reengage, and retain customers more effectively — from integrated marketing tools to on-page SEO best practices.
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for smooth end-to-end business processes: CRM, ERP, shipping and logistics systems, and whatever else your B2C business might need.
Website speed optimization Icon

Website speed optimization

fueled by a range of proven speed-boosting tactics — because we all know that performance is paramount.
Security - compliance Icon

Security & compliance

to guarantee meeting industry standards and regulations, safeguard sensitive information, and foster trust with your customers.
Ongoing support Icon

Ongoing support

in case of whatever you might face along the way. You get timely assistance, monitored web speed, and quick issue resolution.

PWA & B2C: a perfect match?

See how PWA capabilities can revamp B2C eCommerce results

Mobile sales Icon

Mobile sales

PWAs provide top-notch mobile shopping experience that result in up to 8x higher sales in the most successful cases.
Fast ROI Icon

Fast ROI

Accelerated time to market of PWAs — starting from 3 months until going live— enables instant business results.
Boost in conversions Icon

Boost in conversions

PWAs proved to have averagely 35% higher conversion rates compared to native apps, with improved metrics by up to 90%.
Saved costs Icon

Saved costs

PWA project results in three solutions – website, Android and iOS apps – with a shared codebase which takes less time (and money) in developing and maintaining it.
Returning visitors Icon

Returning visitors

Thanks to push notifications and other mobile features, PWA adopters experience a spike in return visits by at least 30% and higher.

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Try GOPWA — a shortcut to B2C eCommerce excellence.

18,000 hours of storefront optimizations right at your fingertips.

Be it PWA or any other tech stack,
we can help you tackle the uniqueness of
B2C eCommerce challenges.

Bridge the gap between your brand and customers.

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PWA Omnichannel experiences.

Integration with social media and other marketing channels, holistic content management, consolidated data insights — and whatever else it takes to be wherever your shoppers are.
Brand advocacy features Icon

Trouble-free support.

Apart from live chats and on-site chatbots, features like self-service portal, order tracking, feedback systems, and FAQs can serve as a comprehensive system to close any kind of consumer requests.

Outrun the competition.

AI-powered tools for smarter operations Picture

AI-powered tools for smarter operations.

AI search, AI-generated content, ML-based data insights, etc. have the power to optimize eCommerce processes and stay ahead of the game.
Headless - composable architecture Picture

Headless/composable architecture.

Reap the benefits of headless tech: flexible content management, scalability, development efficiency, reduced operational costs, etc.
Insight-driven B2C strategy Picture

Insight-driven B2C strategy.

Leverage your buyers’ data into insights with integrated analytics, A/B testing tools, and other marketing solutions for growth.

Give shoppers no choice but to admire your brand.

High-converting UI/UX Icon

PWA High-converting UI/UX.

Special promotions, relevant cross and upsells, wishlists, back-to-stock notifications, personalized FOMO-based offers — there are numerous ways to push your webstore visitors towards the “BUY” button.
Brand advocacy features Icon

Brand advocacy features.

Loyalty programs, built-in review feeds, automated feedback workflows, gamification, integrated influencer management, and various other tools perform well the mission of elevating customers’ LTV and turning visitors into loyal buyers.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What B2С eCommerce development services do you offer?

    As an eCommerce agency GoMage offers a full range of B2C services including custom development, design, support, migration, integration, speed optimization, SEO services, and CRO optimization. We also provide consulting services if you need expert guidance and strategic insights to make informed decisions about your eCommerce business.

    Do you have hands-on experience in B2С eCommerce development?

    Over the years of its existence, GoMage has served several B2С clients and successfully implemented robust eCommerce solutions tailored to their unique business requirements. Our deep understanding of B2С business needs enables us to deliver highly effective solutions that drive growth, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.

    What are the key B2С eCommerce features?

    B2C eCommerce features revolve around the need for seamless user experience. Advanced product search and personalized recommendations, omnichannel experiences, customer support solutions, return management workflows, solutions for loyalty programs enablement, and other features aimed at driving conversions are must-haves for B2C online stores.

    Are headless technologies good for B2C?

    B2C eCommerce can vastly benefit from headless technology. Thanks to a decoupled front-end presentation layer from the back-end commerce functionality, B2C webstores can achieve greater flexibility in delivering personalized experiences, seamless integration with third-party services, and faster iteration on the user interface without disrupting the underlying commerce processes.