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Don’t lose your chance to convert mobile customers with mCommerce app development

Sell where your customers are. Leverage great mobile shopping experience resulting in high conversions and sales.

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mCommerce is
flourishing —

But you lose your chance to sell.

Unless you provide customers with the experience they expect to get on mobile.
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Is there a way to improve mobile shopping?

Sure. More than one!

Responsive design Native app Headless PWA
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Responsive design is a gold standard for the eCommerce industry.
If you already have an eCommerce website, it's probably built to be responsive across all devices and screen sizes. But a poor responsive design can result in drop-offs and no purchases.
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Many companies choose native mCommerce app development – building iOS or Android apps. Customers get a better experience, and you get higher sales. But the devil hides in details – and these details are costly.
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Headless PWA webstores are the next level of mobile commerce.
PWAs combine the best of mobile apps and websites, while headless decoupled architecture offers greater omnichannel capabilities and scalability. That's why it’s the primary choice for companies who look for cost-effective mobile commerce app development options with fast time to market.
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Headless PWA: the best fit?

Let's find out with

Side-by-side comparison
of mCommerce app development options.

Native app

Offline mode

Native app

Push notifications

Native app

Add-to-home screen

Native app

Hardware access

Native app

Linkable & shareable

Native app


Native app


Native app


Native app

Fullscreen CX

Native app

No download required

Native app

Explore PWA transformation of
#1 kitchenware brand in the US.

See how the company saved hundreds of hours on mobile commerce development.


Bounce rate


Customer engagement


Average session duration

Getting down
to headless PWA benefits.

Reduced time to market Icon

Time to market

gets significantly reduced. 6 months needed for PWA development vs. 6 months to build one native app.
Development costs Icon

Development costs

go down by up to four times as you don’t need to create two separate codebases – for iOS and Android.
Maintenance costs Icon

Maintenance costs

drop by up to three times thanks to single PWA codebase that you need to support.
Installation rates Icon

Installation rates

go up as users are more likely to add a PWA to their home screen, as it takes only a second of their time.
And many more

That’s why many big eCommerce brands have adopted headless PWA technology. And increased conversion rates, sales, installations, …

Flipkart Logo
  • 40% increase in re-engagement rate
  • +70% conversions from Add-to-Homesceen
Alibaba Group Logo
  • 76% boost in conversion rates
  • 30% more monthly users on Android
Aliexpress Logo
  • 74% boost in session time
  • 2x increase in pages visited per session
Olx Logo
  • 146% higher CTR rate on ads
  • 80% lower bounce rate
Lancome Logo
  • 17% increase in conversion
  • 53% increase in sessions on IOS
Jumia Logo
  • 9x increase in checkout conversions
  • 53% lower bounce rate

Why trust GOMAGE
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We’re an eCommerce agency standing behind of success of numerous eCommerce brands.
Leverage our 4-year headless PWA development expertise and 13+ years of experience of working with eCommerce businesses. Here, you get everything you might need to leverage an all-encompassing growth strategy: from webstore performance boost to UX/UI upgrades to extra integrations and beyond.

With ROI-focused approach at the core.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I turn my Adobe Commerce (Magento) store into a mobile app?

A few customized mobile app development options are available– native mobile commerce app development and headless PWA development. Your choice will influence the time and financial investments needed for development. We recommend choosing progressive web applications if you want to save money and create a solution to work across all platforms and devices.

Why PWA is better than a native app?

Headless PWAs help you reduce the development budget significantly. When you build a PWA, you get a 3-in-1 package – an iOS app, an Android app, and a website. If you choose to go with native app development, you’ll need to create two apps (for iOS and Android) and an eCommerce website.

How long does mCommerce app development take?

If you go with native app development, you’ll spend around 6 months creating a single app version (iOS or Android). PWA development can also take around 6 months (final timelines directly depend on business requirements., but you’ll get a solution that works across all devices. For our client, GoodCook, we turned a WordPress blog into an eCommerce PWA in under 4 months. Reducing the time to market speeds up ROI. And we haven’t even started on the financial benefits of building a headless PWA.

What's the best mobile commerce solution for Adobe Commerce (Magento)?

GOPWA is the fastest PWA storefront for Adobe Commerce and Magento. With this solution, you can turn your webstore into a headless PWA in up to 6 months. GOPWA was built with customization in mind, allowing merchants to change their stores without the help of developers. The storefront packs in a lot of features and integrations. You can always contact us to discuss them in more detail.

What are the main GOPWA benefits?

Choosing GOPWA storefront comes with a range of benefits such as a faster time-to-market, lower development costs, a pre-built feature set tailored for eCommerce, seamless integration with popular platforms, and a highly customizable design. These advantages make GOPWA an efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to enhance their online presence with a progressive web app.