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Magento mobile app development — PWA Services

Raise the bar on
mobile shopping with a robust alternative to eCommerce apps.

Leverage Progressive Web Apps to reinvent the way visitors interact with eCommerce stores — and have no profits lost due to neglected shoppers’ needs.

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Didn’t you hear?
PWA technology saves costs. A lot.

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One codebase

Unlike mobile apps, there is no need to build two separate solutions for iOs, Android, and web browsers.
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Lower development rates

A cross-platform PWA costs start from $1k & averagely reach $10-25k — compared to the native app’s costs of $30-75k for one platform only.
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Faster time to market

It takes 2-3 months to build a basic PWA-based store, while native app’s time-to-market is double of that.
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Smaller maintenance costs

Monthly maintenance costs make up 20-25% of the overall development costs. Therefore, the higher project costs, the more investment in app’s maintenance will be.

You lose more customers than you think.

All due to poor mobile experience:
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Abandoned purchases Icon
Abandoned purchases

over 80%

of items don't make it from cart to checkout.
Missed potential Icon
Missed potential

of approx. 70%

of mobile visits with few conversions to sales.
Low revenues Icon
Low revenues

only 20%

of overall profits are generated from mobile.

Mobile shopping is
on the rise.

...and so are its benefits:

Recurring sales

Leave behind the pain of lost customers. Invest in those who are 9x more likely to convert — returning shoppers.
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Customer rapport

Build closer ties with customers. Next-level interactions thanks to push notifications, hyper-personalisation, live chat, and much more.
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Revenue boost

Set for success with mobile-first strategy. Improved shopping experience is a key to higher mobile conversions — and thus, greater business profits.
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Extra speed

Leverage blazing fast loading speed. Up to 5 times faster is what you can achieve. And the better speed — the happier shopper, right?
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Brand identity

Make your brand unforgettable. With the app at shoppers’ fingertips, your brand becomes more recognizable & relatable.
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User engagement Back Icon User engagement Icon

User engagement

Breathe new life into shopping experiences. Over 3 hours daily are spent on mobile on average — so be where your shoppers are.
High loyalty Back Icon High loyalty Icon

High loyalty

Turn shopers into loyal customers. Reward points, in-app gamification, & other features make up a unique blend of experiences to return to.

Reviewing mobile eCommerce solutions:

Do you really need an app?

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Mobile apps can be great, but here’s what isn’t….

  • High development costs & resource-intensive development
  • Separate apps for Android & iOS (hence doubled expenses)
  • Need for ongoing maintenance
  • Strict compliance with app marketplaces
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The ways to close a mobile gap.

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Native app

As for mobile app development — apart from the drawbacks listed above, consider this: many shoppers don’t like downloading apps. Therefore, chances are your webshop won’t find your way to the end-user.
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Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps combine best features of both mobile apps and websites, which makes them the best go-for option for merchants building mobile-first eCom strategy.
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Responsive design

Creating a responsive website for mobile is a more cost-saving option with faster time to market. However, buggy navigation & slow loading will be the sacrifices you’ll have to make for it.
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Comparing the options:

Why compromise on capabilities if you can get all in one?

Native app

Offline mode

Native app

Push notifications

Native app

Add-to-home screen

Native app

GPS enablement

Native app


Native app


Native app


Native app

Fullscreen UX

Native app

No download required

Native app

That’s why so many famous eCommerce brands have switched to PWA. ...and the results speak for themselves:

Aliexpress Logo
  • 104% increase in new users across all browsers
  • 82% increase in iOS conversion rate
  • 2x increase in pages visited per session
  • 74% increase in sessions time
Jumia Logo
  • 65% of web traffic was coming from mobile browsers
  • 9X increase in conversions on abandoned carts
  • 50% higher engagement rate
  • 12x more users vs native apps
Flipkart Logo
  • 3x increase in time spent on the site
  • 40% higher re-engagement rate
  • 70% increase in conversion from Add to Homescreen
  • 3x lower data usage
Lancome Logo
  • 17% increase in conversions
  • 53% increase in mobile sessions on iOS
  • 8% increase in conversion rate on recovered carts via push notifications
Housing Logo
  • 38% increase in conversions
  • 40% higher engagement rate
  • 10% longer average session
  • 30% faster page load
George Logo
  • 3.8x increase in page load time
  • 31% spike in conversion rate
  • 20% more page views per visit
Be where the profits are:

Calculate the cost efficiency of your PWA project.

Add your performance metrics:
Total revenue per month*
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See potential growth results:
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$0 Increase in mobile revenue per month

...or see how other
eCom companies save months of PWA development work.

How the American cookware company is enjoying the fruits of PWA development work.


Customer Engagement


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+25 Engagement Rate

What GOMAGE stands for

We are GOMAGE, the boutique development agency and creators of the fastest PWA storefront for Magento — GOPWA. We help merchants grow online, generate more sales, and increase revenue.

GOMAGErs dedicate all efforts to delivering high-performing PWA solutions for next-level mobile shopping experiences and enhanced customer loyalty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a possibility to connect Magento to an Android app?

It’s possible to do it with Magento PWA. Progressive web applications offer a lot of advantages for store owners. The combine the best qualities of mobile apps and websites all the while providing a smoother customer experience.

What’s the best way to build a Magento PWA?

Creating a Magento PWA from scratch is a worthy option but will require significant time and effort investments. With the technology growing in popularity, the market is offering ready-to-go PWA storefronts like the one from GoMage. Such solutions allow merchants to reduce development costs and time to market considerably.

Can you upload a PWA to App Store and Google Play?

Yes, you can upload a PWA to both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store with no need to develop a native app from scratch. For example, check out GOPWA Storefront on Google Play. (

Are Magento extensions compatible with PWA?

If a PWA storefront is built on Magento PWA Studio, there are modules compatible with such storefronts. GoMage PWA Storefront is built on Magento PWA Studio, so our clients won’t have problems with finding compatible extensions or creating ones.

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