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Adobe Commerce & Magento 2 Migration

Create online experiences
that sell with Adobe Commerce Migration.

Migrate to Magento 2 or Adobe Commerce hassle-free and safely with GoMage to ensure an unrivaled shopping experience from start to finish and boost sales.

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You need Adobe Commerce migration services if you want to…

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Get faster load times for faster purchase decisions

to ensure you won’t lose customers because of low website speed (and that’s - just fancy! - around 64% of people).
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Ensure long-term support for your store

and make your store resilient to security threats with 2FA, regular security patches, measures to prevent XSS attacks, and more.
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Customize your store as you wish

with thousands of free and paid 3rd party modules to create a unique shopping experience and cover all business needs.
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Drive more traffic and increase sales

to achieve higher search engine rankings with M2's advanced SEO features – canonical tags, rich snippets, meta tags, and more.
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Stay on top of your business

and access all essential information faster and easier than before with advanced yet easy-to-navigate admin panel.

Top 3 Adobe Commerce Migration
inquiries from our clients

M1 → M2 (Adobe Commerce)
Other CMS → Adobe Commerce
M1 → PWA
M1 → M2 (Adobe Commerce)

Magento 1 to Adobe Commerce Migration

Migrate your online shop from M1 to M2 or Adobe Commerce to enjoy the numerous advantages of the latest version of the platform like enhanced security, reduced load times, richer functionality, and more.

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Any other CMS → Adobe Commerce

Migrate to Adobe Commerce or M2 from any eCommerce platform to ensure you have access to advanced out-of-the-box features and customization possibilities to offer your customers an excellent shopping experience and increase your sales.

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Magento 1 → Magento PWA

Go the extra mile and get a blazing fast PWA. An even better result with almost the same investments. Enjoy the magic of a combo where M2 offers a rich and reliable back-end and PWA provides an exciting user-facing front-end.

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The creators of Adobe Commerce sites that help you grow online, generate more sales, and increase revenue.

We focus on Adobe Commerce and Magento solutions for merchants willing to offer personalized experiences for enhanced customer loyalty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Adobe Commerce?

Adobe Commerce or Magento 2 can make a huge difference for your eCommerce store. Empower your web store with Adobe Commerce migration services and get enhanced performance, easier checkout process, higher output in less time, improved extensibility, augmented security, advanced SEO features.

What if you ignore Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) Migration?

First of all, you face the risk to be left alone with all kinds of tech issues. Tackling them on your own will be a dead-end job and hiring someone to do that for you is a highroad to a money pit. Also, financial scams, hack attempts, malware, and other threats are what you are very likely to face unless you migrate to M2 or Adobe Commerce. Moreover, you won’t be able to perform transactions with Visa and PayPal. And you can also forget about 3d-party integrations and extensions that make your web store special.

How long does Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) migration take?

The time needed for migration varies greatly and depends on the number of customizations needed for your online store. On average, it takes from 2 to 6 months. At GOMAGE, we approve the scope of work and timelines with clients before the migration.

Why should I choose M2 or Adobe Commerce instead of other eCommerce platforms?

In terms of various parameters such as performance, flexibility, scalability, and customizability, Adobe Commerce and Magento 2 prove to be an industry leader. It’s a great choice for both large and small merchants willing to offer an unrivaled shopping experience. M2 and Adobe Commerce come with a set of rich features allowing you to manage, promote, and grow your eComm business effectively.

How long is the website downtime during migration?

During the whole process of migration, our team supports your existing M1-based website to ensure little to zero downtime.

Does the URL structure for products and categories remain intact?

Yes, your eCommerce store URL structure remains unchanged after migration to help you preserve SEO rankings.