Discount Program

The Discount Program is designed to help you save money as you continue to enjoy our quality products.

How it works

The net amount of your previous order is added to your current order total, and the discount is applied to this amount.

  • Net amount is the amount after discount applied.
  • If your previous net amount is 450 EUR, and your current net amount is 451 EUR, you will get a 15% discount on the current net amount. We will take into consideration your total purchase net amount of 901 EUR.

The current total discount is applied to the amount excluding VAT sum if you are an EU buyer. VAT is added following order placement and will be considered for discounts on your next purchases. This discount is applied for various services and products purchased from our site.

Discount Levels

LevelAmount SpentDiscount
1 €250 to €450 5%
2 €451 to €900 10%
3 €901 to €2500 15%
4 €2501 to €4500 20%
5 €4501 to €9000 25%
6 €9001 to €20000 30%
7 €20001 to €45000 35%
8 from €45001 40%

There is no time limit on the Discount Program. reserves the right to change any conditions and terms of the Discount Program at any time and without prior notice.