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Accelerate innovations easily
with Headless Commerce.

Benefit from decoupled frontend and backend systems of headless commerce solutions to eliminate tech bottlenecks in development, integrations, and scaling.

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...and here’s why you should opt for a
headless storefront:

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Total website control

Create unique personalized customer journeys without worrying about limitations on the front- or back-end side.
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Freedom from the IT

Forget about back-end issues affecting front-end with a decoupled architecture of a headless commerce software.
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Omnichannel strategy

Profit from the headless REST APIs by seamlessly integrating countless sales & marketing channels for higher ROI.
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Whenever our clients or partners raise the topic of headless eCommerce, we discuss this statistical data:

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60% of retailers Have either implemented headless commerce solutions already or plan to do so in the nearest future.
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92% of merchants Agree headless commerce platforms make it easier to deliver better customer experiences.
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80% rate Is the estimate on how much composable-oriented companies can outpace the competition.
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Discover what’s in it for YOU.

Is headless the best option for your specific business case? Let’s find it out.

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Feel the difference with the power of headless commerce.

Traditional CMSs

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  • Dependent on tech stack
  • Pre-built UI/UX flows, limited customization
  • Every device/channel is managed separately
  • Requires developers across every step
  • Hard to scale
  • Database & server hosting required

Headless eCommerce platform

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  • Integrates with any codebase
  • Unlimited customization potential
  • Device-agnostic & omnichannel
  • Inspires no-code customization
  • Highly scalable thanks to APIs
  • API-based, no hosting needed

Headless tech with heads full of ideas

We are GOMAGE, the creators of GOPWA and a trailblazing Headless eCommerce Agency standing behind of success of numerous eCommerce brands.

We go way beyond a mere headless PWA development project. Here, you get everything you might need for an all-encompassing growth strategy: from webstore performance boost to UX/UI upgrades to marketing efforts and beyond.
With the ROI-focused approach at the core.

A winning synergy:
headless + PWA.

Surely, you can launch a PWA-based storefront without making it headless. Or you can opt for a headless eCommerce platform that is not a PWA. But why constrain your business growth if you can exploit the powers of both technologies?
Take the shortcut to multiplied ROI & customer satisfaction.

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The results we deliver.

25% engagement rate increase
66% number of viewed pages increase
30% average session duration increase
and many more...
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GoMage is a trusted Adobe Specialized Partner. And we can guide you to eCommerce excellence.
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What headless
PWAs stand for:


Granting webstores an unprecedented performance.

  • Headless: the decoupled front-end & back-end with API-based integrations make the platform lighter and thus significantly faster.
  • PWA: service workers enable instant loading regardless of network connection thanks to next-level cache & requests management.
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Personalize your webstore without any limitations.

  • Headless: you don’t have to rely on a specific frontend system — create unique storefront UI and personalized user journeys as you like.
  • PWA: make your storefront stand out with a range of unique PWA capabilities like add to home screen, push notifications, and many more.
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Feel the freedom of experimentation.

  • Headless: adapt your webstore content instantly, leverage time-sensitive campaigns, or test innovative solutions to meet the shoppers’ fast-changing needs.
  • PWA: сustomize your storefront extensively with pre-built solutions incorporating headless PWA best practices.
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Scale your webstore exponentially with no fuss.

  • Headless: grow & optimize your webstore faster than ever before thanks to an API-first approach able to create a powerful ecosystem of eCommerce solutions.
  • PWA: ensure an accelerated time-to-market of innovations with ready-to-go PWA-supported modules & integrations.
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Be on the winning side of eCommerce with a right-fit headless solution.

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Let us take you on the journey across the world of headless tech.

Let's find the best solution fit for your business.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect after going headless?

Independence of frontend from backend is one of the main reasons merchants are interested in Magento 2 headless PWA. Thanks to its decoupling, headless Magento offers numerous advantages such as faster speed, customization freedom, omnichannel experience, ease of migration, and many more.

How long does it take to switch to headless?

Headless progressive web apps are known for accelerated time to market compared to native apps or other solutions. Depending on app’s complexity, the project can be finished in 2-3 months for a simple webstore and up to 5-6 moth in case of a more complex solution.

What's the best headless commerce solution?

There is a range of headless ecommerce solutions on the market, and which one is the best depending on your unique business needs. However, Adobe Commerce is considered one of the world's most popular headless commerce platforms.

Can I accelerate go-to-market of eCommerce headless adoption?

You can speed up headless PWA development process by opting for a pre-built storefront solution instead of creating a PWA from scratch. For example, GOPWA storefront offers a range of solutions to simplify theme customization, apply ready-to-go content blocks, and install additional integrations in a few clicks.

Why GOMAGE is the best company to launch a headless commerce platform with?

GoMage is a team of developers who know all the ins and outs of PWA development. We’re the creators of the fastest eCommerce PWA Storefront – GoPWA Storefront. Our solution allows turning an eCommerce website into a PWA in just a few months. GoPWA loads 2,5-4 times faster than a standard Magento 2 or Adobe Commerce, offers advanced Page Builder, and robust integrations out of the box. As a result, you can save time and money on PWA development.