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Empower your stakeholder relationships with B2B eCommerce development services.

Provide your B2B customers with effortless convenience, just like B2C shopping.

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Let GoMage help you overcome your B2B challenges

Grant your B2B customers with the ease of B2C Icon

Grant your B2B customers with the ease of B2C

with a user-friendly site with detailed product information, advanced site search, and self-service options.
Personalize the B2B shopping experience Icon

Personalize the B2B shopping experience

Customer-specific catalogs, personalized pricing, quick reordering, and more — let your customers see what’s most relevant to them.
Build trust and peace of mind Icon

Build trust and peace of mind

for both you and your B2B customers by offering a variety of reliable payment methods to cater to diverse preferences and maximize convenience.
Ensure access to the right information at the right time Icon

Ensure access to the right information at the right time

Integrate CRM and ERP systems to simplify the procurement process for everyone involved.

Build an eCommerce site with
B2B functionality & B2C convenience

Custom selections for specific sizes or materials Back Picture

Custom selections for specific sizes or materials Custom selections for specific sizes or materials

Custom selections for specific sizes or materials Front Picture

Empower your customers to order products that meet their exact specifications, enhancing customer satisfaction and meeting their specific demands.

Bulk ordering Back Picture

Bulk ordering

Bulk ordering Front Picture

Allow B2B buyers to easily select and order a larger quantity of products in a single transaction, saving time and effort.

Shared shopping lists Back Picture

Shared shopping lists

Shared shopping lists Front Picture

Let multiple users collaborate and maintain a centralized list of preferred or frequently purchased items for simplified reordering, reduced errors, and enhanced productivity.

Order by SKU Back Picture

Order by SKU

Order by SKU Front Picture

Let your customers easily and accurately select the desired items without the need for extensive searching or browsing for a smooth and efficient ordering process.

Multiple shipping addresses Back Picture

Multiple shipping addresses Multiple shipping addresses

Multiple shipping addresses Front Picture

Allow B2B customers to manage complex shipping scenarios and streamline their shipping logistics without the need for separate transactions or manual coordination.

Requisition lists Back Picture

Requisition lists

Requisition lists Front Picture

Let your customers cut down on their purchasing time and go straight to the checkout ensuring quick authorized purchases.

Leverage a winning

B2B pricing strategy

Custom pricing Picture

Custom pricing.

Volume discounts, negotiated contract pricing, tiered pricing, and more to encourage repeat business and foster loyalty.
Request for quote Picture

Request for quote.

Enable a more personalized conversation with your customers to better understand their specific needs and provide accurate pricing information tailored to their requirements.
Automated personalized pricing Picture

Automated personalized pricing.

Automatically tailor pricing to meet the specific needs, preferences, and characteristics of each customer or customer segment.

Maintain close relationships while being online.

24-7 live chat Icon

24/7 live chat

Provide real-time support, address customer concerns promptly, and offer solutions without playing phone tag for higher customer satisfaction and trust.
Advanced vendor panel Icon

Advanced vendor panel

Custom dashboards, order comparison, and much more — for a full control of the data and actionable insights that drive success.

Digitize your B2B
eCommerce business

Automate sales
Streamline access
Boost productivity
Automate sales

Automate your sales operation with cutting-edge solutions

Say goodbye to time-consuming routine manual processes that slow your business down.

Access all systems seamlessly Picture

Keep all your systems at hand with smart integrations

Connect the systems you already use seamlessly for streamlined business operations and higher data accuracy.

Streamline sales with advanced automation Picture

Empower win-win efficiency with self-service options

Grant your customers full autonomy over their accounts while getting accurate ready-for-processing orders.

Boost productivity with user-driven solutions Picture

What you’ll get from GoMage’s B2B eCommerce development services

A customized solution Icon

A customized solution

with unique functionality that caters specifically to your specific B2B business requirements and helps you reach the desired result.
Seamless integration Icon

Seamless integration

with ERPs, CRMs, inventory management tools, and payment gateways to ensure smooth data flow and streamline your business processes.
An advanced user experience Icon

An advanced user experience

with intuitive interfaces, personalized catalogs, and robust search functionalities to enhance usability and drive customer satisfaction.
Ongoing support maintenance Icon

Ongoing support & maintenance

to get timely assistance, monitor performance, and proactively address any issues, ensuring your B2B eCommerce platform remains reliable and up-to-date.
Scalability-growth Icon

Scalability & growth

to future-proof your business and support your growth trajectory, ensuring you can scale seamlessly without compromising performance.
Security-compliance Icon

Security & compliance

to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, safeguarding sensitive information and fostering trust with your customers.
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GoMage is a trusted Adobe Specialized Partner. And we can guide you to eCommerce excellence.
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GOMAGE — the team behind your B2B success

The creators of effective eCommerce B2B solutions that revolutionize business operations and drive growth.
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Check how GoMage helped one of the largest B2B players on the US market of restaurant equipment increase sales by 50%.

“During our cooperation with GoMage, the company helped us resolve a lot of business problems, enhanced our website and helped to increase revenue. The team delivers real results and goes out and beyond to provide us with innovative solutions.”
Manager of E-Commerce, Restaurant Supplier Company

And what if you could go the extra mile
and elevate your B2B eCommerce game with PWA?

Experience B2B eCommerce like never before
Elevate your B2B eCommerce game with PWA Icon 1

Gain more returning clients by letting them browse your catalog and make orders even in an offline mode.
Elevate your B2B eCommerce game with PWA Icon 2

Handle high web traffic with ease and never miss a customer thanks to unrivaled performance.
Elevate your B2B eCommerce game with PWA Icon 3

Ensure a consistent user experience across devices and platforms and build brand loyalty.
Elevate your B2B eCommerce game with PWA Icon 4

Reach out to both iOS and Android users with a single app and save big on development costs.
Elevate your B2B eCommerce game with PWA Icon 5

Provide an app-like experience directly through the web browser with no downloads and installations.
Elevate your B2B eCommerce game with PWA Icon 6

Get easily discovered, drive organic traffic, and climb the search rankings effortlessly.

Take the leap into the future of B2B commerce

Building a PWA from scratch or exploring our ready-to-go solution. What suits you best?
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Partner with GoMage for your B2B excellence.

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Still on the fence about expanding your B2C business with a B2B model?

See what you can lose if you keep hesitating

Tap into the younger market Icon

Tap into the younger market

Say goodbye to phone orders and embrace self-service convenience for tech-savvy Millennial merchants.
Get rid of geographical barriers Icon

Get rid of geographical barriers

Expand your buyer base across the globe with a user-friendly site offering a seamless experience.
Save time and costs Icon

Save time & costs

Automate accounting, inventory management, shipping, and reporting tasks, freeing up valuable time for growth and success.
Unleash your brand anytime, anywhere Icon

Unleash your brand anytime, anywhere

Let your customers reach you without being restricted to traditional business hours with seamless omnichannel experiences.
Stay ahead in the race Icon

Stay ahead in the race

Don’t let your customers slip away to the competition — capture customers online and expand your reach.
Boost your revenue Icon

Boost your revenue

Leverage personalized content, retargeting, and recommendations to entice your customers with complementary offerings.
Want a quicker response? Chat with us here! No face-to-face needed if not desired.
You are ALREADY a B2B seller if you:
  • offer wholesale opportunities
  • have established distribution relationships with major retailers
  • cater to businesses
  • act as a trusted supplier to resellers
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You don’t need a separate site to adopt B2B eCommerce.

All you need is a reliable vendor to help you scale your business.

Seeking innovative B2B eCommerce solutions?
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Frequently Asked Questions

What B2B eCommerce development services do you offer?

As an eCommerce agency GoMage offers a full range of B2B services including custom development, design, support, migration, integration, speed optimization, SEO services, and CRO optimization. We also provide consulting services if you need expert guidance and strategic insights to make informed decisions about your eCommerce business.

Do you have hands-on experience in B2B eCommerce development?

Over the years of its existence, GoMage has served several B2B clients and successfully implemented robust eCommerce solutions tailored to their unique business requirements. Our deep understanding of B2B business needs enables us to deliver highly effective solutions that drive growth, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.

What are the key B2B eCommerce features?

The list of the key B2B ecommerce features is extensive and typically includes shared shopping lists, bulk ordering, custom selections for specific sizes or materials, order by SKU, multiple shipping addresses, requisition lists, custom pricing, request for quote, automated personalized pricing, 24/7 live chat, advanced vendor panel, and a lot more.

What B2B features are supported in Magento?

Magento supports a comprehensive set of B2B features including custom pricing, customer segmentation, catalog management, quote management, order management, self-service capabilities, and integration with ERP and CRM systems.

Are Progressive Web Apps good for B2B?

PWAs can be very beneficial for B2B eCommerce businesses thanks to some prominent features like offline mode, easy installation & discoverability, unrivaled performance, and much more that enable the B2C-like shopping experience to B2B clients.