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Eliminate bottlenecks
that curb your sales with the help of PWA optimization.

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Providing Magento PWA optimization services to remove friction points from webstore shopping experiences & give PWA storefronts the extra boost.

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Welcome to the place

where PWAsgain extra powers.

Give your PWA some wings — and see how your revenue fly. Be it a newly launched PWA webstore or created since the technology onset back in 2015 — PWA tech can do wonders in skillful hands. Here’s how.
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Boost in speed.

Get a significant PWA performance boost with an expert-proven toolkit of optimization practices — and reap off multiple business benefits coming with them.
Tackle user frustration with

Seamsless UX.

PWA best practices for delivering uninterrupted shopping journeys — from quick checkout to advanced product browsing and much more.
Get Game-changing

PWA Performance.

Innovations in PWA never cease growing — and each one is the opportunity to keep way ahead of the competition & win customer loyalty.
Want a quicker response? Chat with us here! No face-to-face needed if not desired.

Exploit our 4-year PWA development expertise to reboot your storefront with top-notch PWA best practices.

Two squares Left As the creators of the fastest PWA storefront for Magento & Adobe Commerce — GOPWA, we know the ropes when it comes to PWA optimization.
Two squares Top Yet before starting any optimization works for our clients, we spend a great deal of time researching the ins and outs of their sub-industries to find PWA-empowered solutions that can work best for them.
Two squares Right We've delivered well-optimized PWA solutions for various merchants including one of the largest eCommerce websites in its niche.
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PWA speed optimization techniques for your storefront.

Benefit from a combination of approaches to ensure blazing-fast shopping experiences:

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Adaptive loading

to make webstore pages load faster — even on slow devices and with weak internet.
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Lazy loading

to save on bandwidth and reduce the amount of data that needs to be initially processed and loaded.
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Optimized caching

to optimize the initial & after-initial page load time with server-side rendering, critical rendering path optimization, and other techniques.
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to optimize the initial & after-initial page load time with server-side rendering, critical rendering path optimization, and other techniques.
Let's kickstart Optimization Let's kickstart Optimization
And many more
Let's kickstart Optimization Let's kickstart Optimization
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Oh wow, the merchants should be excited to know all these benefits come from one solution... let alone accelerated speed & rich features! Lilia Maliutina, CBDO
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Froy Terriquez GoodCook Project Owner at Bradshaw Home

GoMage’s expertise on PWA is outstanding. They deliver results pretty fast when something needs to be changed or fixed, within a day or two, depending on the task. Working with GoMage, we can clearly see that they care about clients.

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We focus on performance metrics.

“When it comes to optimization results, we do not promise the moon. However, creativity, dedication, and years of practice combined often exceeds even the team’s expectations themselves — let alone our clients“. Roman Tsehynka Head of Engineering at GoMage Inc.

You can judge for yourself: just one of our custom-made optimization techniques alone — Adaptive Fast Mode — brings significant improvements to merchants’ PWA webstores:

2-4x boost in overall performance
+30% optimized start render time
45% improvements in First Contentful Paint (FCP)
58% increase in Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
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Got some inspiration so far? No time to waste then — jumpstart your PWA optimization journey right away.

Next-level speed
goes well with next-level features.

See what PWAs has to offer.
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Engaging shopping experiences

Eliminate #1 customer pain point and the reason for cart abandonment by expanding payment options for your PWA webstore
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Frictionless payment

Add a personal touch to your shoppers experiences in PWA —from advanced product recommendations to special offers based on extensive customer segmentation capabilities
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Extra personalization

Integrate a help desk solution within your PWA to make your customers much closer to your brand
Easily Accessible Customer Support Picture

Easily accessible customer support

Extend your PWA’s omnichannel capabilities with extra integrations — from numerous social media channels to connected in-store & online experiences and much more
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Seamless omnichannel experience

Surprise your customers with innovative features: VR/AR technology, voice recognition, AI-powered capabilities, and many others

Be on the winning side of
eCommerce with a well-optimized PWA webstore.

Guide your webstore towards PWA excellence with 4 simple steps:

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Let us take you on a journey to Magento PWA excellence.

Let’s discuss Magento PWA opportunities and bottlenecks for your business.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a possibility to connect Magento to an Android app?

It’s possible to do it with Magento PWA. Progressive web applications offer a lot of advantages for store owners. They combine the best qualities of mobile apps and websites all the while providing a smoother customer experience.

What’s the best way to build a Magento PWA?

Creating a Magento PWA from scratch is a worthy option but will require significant time and effort investments. With the technology growing in popularity, the market is offering ready-to-go PWA storefronts like the one from GoMage. Such solutions allow merchants to reduce development costs and time to market considerably.

Are Magento extensions compatible with PWA?

If a PWA storefront is built on Magento PWA Studio, there are modules compatible with such storefronts. GoMage PWA Storefront is built on Magento PWA Studio, so our clients won’t have problems with finding compatible extensions or creating ones.

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