Shopping Cart Abandoned: Minimize with GoMage LightCheckout

E-commerce industry competition increased dramatically in the last years. In order to attract customers and to boost sales, many websites choose GoMage LightCheckout.

Nowadays it is recognized as one of the best ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates, which was always an important issue for online stores.


Stop Shopping Cart Abandoned Trouble With GoMage LightCheckout?

GoMage LightCheckout is an extension for Magento ®, which enhances the checkout process for online shoppers and e-commerce website administrators. Developed by a group of professional programmers and based on the latest internet marketing researches it fully corresponds to modern e-commerce industry needs. The main purpose of GoMage LightCheckout is to reduce high shopping cart abandonment rates by eliminating its main reasons.

It is frustrating enough to have a steady stream of abandoned carts in your eCommerce store.  The annoyance only increases when you consider that these type of activities can be avoided altogether as long as you take time to address the needs of your potential customers and clients even before they become an issue.

On that note, lets explore why GoMage LightCheckout is such an important piece of the equation for your own eCommerce store solution.

Importance of GoMage LightCheckout

Magento ® e-commerce platform offers a step-by–step check out where customers have to complete their details on several pages. Every time when buyers are about to move to another checkout page they choose to continue or to quit. The more pages an online store checkout includes, the less chance of purchasing to be successful.

The main reasons for that are:

  • Page download time can be quite long and frustrating, therefore many purchasers choose to quit rather than wait for it.
  • Online shoppers enjoy choosing items and at times can spend hours doing it, but naturally, they don’t like to pay. If checkout procedure is too long for them, they can easily change their mind.
  • Experienced shoppers always compare online stores with the leaders in e-commerce industry, who regularly implement advanced technology in their online stores to increase customer satisfaction. Most leading e-commerce websites simplify checkout procedure as much as possible.

GoMage LightCheckout makes the checkout procedure fast and easy like never before. It combines all necessary fields in one single page and gives many useful options to customers and administrators.

Main features of GoMage LightCheckout

  • Customers can choose time and date of delivery
  • Online shoppers can fill out all information, review their order and final price, subscribe to a newsletter and leave comments for the items they buy on one page
  • When choosing the country, payment and shipment methods, shipment cost and taxes are updated automatically
  • GeoIP technology automatically identifies buyers’ country by IP address
  • Administrators can set default shipment and payment methods for certain countries
  • Administration panel allows enabling, disabling and sorting fields accord to particular business needs
  • GoMage LightCheckout offers multi-language support
  • It is easy to install and to customize

Advantages of GoMage LightCheckout for online shoppers

First, it saves time. They can spend a maximum of their time enjoying shopping and only a few minutes filling out their details. GoMage LightCheckout simplifies checkout procedure so much that even inexperienced shoppers find it very easy and user friendly. Moreover, customers usually associate simplicity of checkout with efficiency and quality of service.

Benefits of GoMage LightCheckout for e-commerce website administrators

Easily customizable, GoMage LightCheckout extension allows you to create a unique layout, ideally corresponding to your taste and business needs. You can disable unnecessary fields to simplify checkout procedure even more and facilitate it by detecting customers’ country with the help of GeoIP technology. GoMage professional customer support service is available 24 hours and provides assistance for a lifetime period. LightCheckout extension quality is guaranteed by money back possibilities valid for two weeks from the date of purchase.

Additional ways to increase successful sales

  • Use hover ads rather than pop-ups for your special offers:  People really don't like pop-ups and avoiding them can increase the likeability of your store.
  • Display quality images of your products:  Remember to take several shots from a variety of positions.  Given that products from online stores cannot be seen, you need to go to the next stop of making it all easy for your visitor to digest.
  • Add credibility to your copy and testimonials:  Hearing what other people say about your products can truly make the difference between a new client and one who shops from your competitor's site instead.
  • Use quality logos:  The amount of value you put into your store will directly impact how others interact with you especially when it comes to doing so via their wallet.
  • Add a sense of urgency to your offer:  One way to do this would be with a countdown timer.
  • Allow guest checkout:  Yes, you need accounts from your buyers.  However, sometimes it is easier for them to proceed as a guest and test everything out before they opt into releasing their own private personal details.
  • Provide multiple payment options:  The easier you make it for your buyer to make the desired purchase the greater the chance that they will proceed accordingly.
  • Lower shipment cost:  Consider the advantages of not charging shipping at all.  The actual price of the product may need to be raised as a result, but your customer will appreciate not having to figure out the details after they have opted for making a purchase.

Make your customers satisfied and they will remain loyal and recommend your online store to their friends.

On the other hand, if you fail to recognize the value of your customer within the eyes of the same your result may become rather discouraging.  Your store truly is made on how you treat your buyer.  Someone once said that even if you have the best product in the world, it means nothing if the associated service provided is not high class and quality.

People love being recognized in positively motivating ways.  Doing this will generate great value both in the terms of loyalty and ROI results.  However, avoiding this can mean the loss of your store and the success it could have had online.

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