GoMage LightCheckout for Magento ®

GoMage LightCheckout Provides Painless Customer Checkout Solution

GoMage LightCheckout: One Step Checkout extension for Magento ® optimizes and streamlines the default checkout flow in your online store. Instead of several pages that users must go through to complete purchases, there is only one joint checkout page where all steps and fields that need to be filled are presented in a clear, organized structure. It is much more comfortable for users to provide all required information on one page. If users see a checkout page that only asks for the immediate data necessary to make a purchase, they don’t get irritated by the amount of personal information required. An incorrectly organized checkout process leads to abandoned carts and profit losses. To avoid this, a one-step checkout is a must-have for all professional online stores.
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Securely Purchasing Online
LightCheckout is developed using the best industry-standard security practices of strict quality testing and security review.
Automatic Carrier Shipping Rates
The extension allows you to offer shipping methods in your Magento ® store, which are calculated considering the weight of a product, speed of delivery, zip code, and box dimensions.
Delivery Date and Time
This outstanding feature enables your customers to choose and reserve a delivery date and time when they place an order.
Disable Shopping Cart Page
Let your customers go through the checkout without any distractions, so that they can place an order as fast as possible.
Simple Gift Wrapping
Establish your own gift-wrapping service. You can offer your customers the opportunity of having their purchases gift wrapped.
Advanced VAT Calculation for the EU
This feature uses the VIES VAT API that calculates the appropriate EU VAT rates based on your customer’s location and the rules configured on your backend.
…and many others!
30+ Payment Gateways
We have integrated with many major card payments and eCommerce payment gateways from all over the world.
Find Your Payment Gateway!


Customize Your Checkout
Easily change your checkout page view with the built-in theme editor! No HTML or CSS knowledge required!
Edit HTML and CSS
Create your own unique style of checkout page with the simple editing of CSS and HTML code.
GoMage LightCheckout is adapted for mobile eCommerce with responsive themes. Your customers can place orders from any mobile phone or tablet.


Registered and Guest Customers
Let your customers choose to create an account on the checkout page or place orders as a guest to decrease shopping cart abandonment.
New Customers
Manage billing and shipping address fields to make the form-filling process simpler and quicker for your customers.
GeoIP Technology
Be bright! Autofill country, city and zip/postal code for your customers based on their location.
Multiple Languages
LightCheckout speaks various languages. Currently it's localized into 15 languages and you can add your own one. Also, LightCheckout is adapted for right-to-left direction languages (without translation).


Discount Codes and Coupons
LightCheckout gives your customers the ability to use discount codes and coupons on the checkout page.
Social Media Login
LightCheckout is compatible with the Social Connector module, so your customers can easily login with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon and more.
Newsletter Subscription
Let your customers subscribe to newsletters and send them information about updates or new products.


Product Types & Inventory Management

LightCheckout is fully integrated with all Magento ® product types including simple, configurable, grouped, bundle, virtual, and downloadable.
You can easily manage your inventory across multiple stores, process and ship orders, and perform many other backend tasks.

Mobile Checkout

LightCheckout is a suitable, pixel-perfect mobile one step checkout page for tablet and mobile devices. Mobile checkout can improve your conversion rates by 25-30%.
137 reviews
Using this extension for almost 10 years now...
by Igor - 5/23/2019
This extension has been very helpful in keeping things simple and all on one page for the checkout process, which is very important for high order placement rates. GoMage team has always been helpful in customizing it for me.
Support is very helpful when issue arise!
by MicroDream - 3/16/2018
Great extension which bring us a lot of sale. Support is very helpful when issue arise!
Very Helpful
by Daria - 5/24/2017
Very good!
Does not work with MyParcel
by Raimond - 3/20/2017
I bought this extension many times and used this for several webshops. In The Netherlands is MyParcel an heavy used shipping method. But the extension conflicts with GoMage LightCheckout. The default and other OneStep Checkout will work.
by ducatiparts - 5/27/2015
We bought this extension while the shop is in development. It was customized due to our theme. After upgrading the extension we had problems again but all was solved very fast without asking for money or other problems.
Solid Extension / Great Support
by Jonathon Harris - 5/13/2015
We've used a prior version on an old site and recently implemented the latest version on a v1.9.1 site. Works great.
Very Helpful
by brelief - 3/12/2015
Really helps with the checkout process. Had a little issue with one country not populating provinces, and they were able to figure it our when no one else could. Wasn't even related to their extension. Thanks guys.
Great extension and nice support
by Casper Munk - 3/9/2015
We use Lightcheckout for many clients and really like the extension. Super features and a nice module.
We also used their customized services which was great.
Magento CE
The Best Checkout Extension and very nice support!
by Dan Vlad - 2/23/2015
I bought this extension for 7 times and i was very satisfied.
Everything was fine, very easy integration, easy to set and to use.
The support team was always very helpful.
Great team and great product !
Best Checkout One page Extension!
by clubber - 1/12/2015
Best checkout extension. Very reactive support. I recommend it 100%
Simply the best
by dolestardolestar - 12/18/2014
Gomage light checkout is the best 1 page checkout module for magento, no contests
awesome extension :)
by libraway2010 - 12/1/2014
actually, i was searching for many extension for one page check out of my website, i think this one is the best one, its really awesome, i recommend it, also support team are very helpful :).
by AppData - 11/27/2014
After updating Magento to 1.9.1 the plugin stopped working correctly. After contacting the supportdesk by mail they fixed it real quick!
Nice extension and support
by delarosajv - 10/21/2014
This is the 3rd extension i bought from Gomage and it works better than expect.
The checkout extension have more features than the rest. And works flawesly with other shipping and payment extensions even they are not listed in supported ones (Amasty shipping rates for example)
Also have fast support centre.
Very Good option to get better checkout.
Ah, it also works in responsive mode. Nice :)
Excellent streamlined checkout.
by unfeasible - 9/23/2014
A very helpful module to simplify the checkout process. We recommend it to all our clients and install it for them. The new versions have colour changing options built in which makes the whole process so much happier to go through. Will definitely continue to use this checkout in the future!!
very very good extension
by andyfurla - 9/23/2014
I really like this extension, it supports all my other extensions in the cart, it is responsive and it is very complete. Technical support very fast and professional. you will not have problems. I will be using this checkout for many other projects.
Excellent extension
by nixons - 9/17/2014
Just wanted to say thanks for a great extension that clearly improves our conovertion dramatically.
Price is affordable and suppoert is excellent.
Go Gomage! :)
Br, Casper Hinding
Great product and fast support
by Casper Munk - 9/14/2014
We use LightCheckout for a lot of clients and it works very well. It's especially nice that it has responsive design as well.
The support is always fast and good.
Excellent Extension and Support
by tno - 7/28/2014
The extension works straight out of the box as advertised.
We had a site using a lot of AJAX customization that caused problems with other extensions.
When we did need assistance on a couple of aspects of integration GoMage responded within 24 hours.
Great team and great product.
Great work!
by head - 6/30/2014
We use this extension with different payment providers like payone and it works great.
Great Checkout Plugin
by tmauriks - 6/13/2014
I have several plugins of GoMage installed and they are great. The ‘LightCheckout’ enables the customers fill in all the order information in one page, so you don’t lose customers during the order process.
Customer support is great and they have a very fast response time.
Super Checkout Made Easy
by busternica - 6/5/2014
GoMage LightCheckout t is a MUST have extension. Developer support has been really good and I will continue purchasing extensions from GoMage.
Excellent Extension
by blap - 6/4/2014
Great extension, easy to customise, works straight out the box, no complaints!
Great extension with top class support!
by hughconway - 5/13/2014
This is extension is a must have for anyone serious about maximising their conversion rate.
Great features include:
1. Easy styling via the admin area
2. Ability to disable the cart page and jump straight to checkout removing another step in the customer journey
3. Ability for customer to change quantities and remove items directly from the checkout page
The support has been fabulous - super quick to respond to all queries and a great price and speedy delivery to integrate with my custom theme.
I totally recommend this as a must-have addition to any Magento site.
Easy to use LightCheckout
by absource - 4/14/2014
We are using this extension for our new store to make it more comfortable for our customers to checkout. The extension was easy to install and also easy to customize. As we already used the GoMage AdvancedNavigation and the ProCart extension, we were sure to get a quality template.
Worth Every Penny
by itonic - 4/9/2014
I've been using this extension since 2012, and am an extremely happy customer.
I have found there support are second to non and very proactive and the ease of use that accompanies this is extension is fantastic.
Definitely recommend and I will be using this checkout for many other projects to come
Simple to install & use
by siosphere2 - 3/25/2014
This extension is very easy to install and setup. It does exactly what I want and was flexible to fit right into our theme.
The developer support has also been outstanding, they get back to us within 24hrs with answers to our inquiries.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an easy to use, lightweight checkout plugin.
Great extension!
by ran refael - 2/26/2014
I love this extension, it's perfect for my company's needs, the customer service have super fast respond and very friendly people.
The extension is customizable with more options that we even thought we needed.
Great Extension and Support
by threadpit - 2/19/2014
Not sure if I already reviewed this extension, but thought I needed to tell everyone about the great customer service! This extension is exactly what we needed, and was the only one available which does what we need it to do. Great company.
Great Extension
by simplease - 2/19/2014
It helped me alot customizing the look and feel of the magento-checkout. I am going to use it in future projects too!
Improved our sales
by NSeydel - 2/15/2014
It really does the trick, and have gotten us a lot more orders than earlier!
Great extension, support present
by elleci - 2/13/2014
Great extension, I've installed and adapted in a couple of minutes on my store and on my custom template.
Great support, quick response and little bug fixed immediatly.
Announced new features in order to integrate at best with Magento without any additional charge.
Great Support
by markusg - 1/31/2014
Extension has a good set of features for the price. At first we had some problems getting it to work with an external payment-extension, but the customer-support of GoMage quickly solved the problems!
Great support-work!
Increase Conversion & Very Helpful Developers
by justinarms - 1/23/2014
The lightcheckout interface makes the checkout process much simple, easy and quick for customers to use. It helps make the site look great while increasing conversion. Also, the staff at GoMage are extraordinarily helpful. You will be very happy with the module and developer.
Essential extention for your Magento store
by nixons - 1/15/2014
2 years ago i bought my first extension from GoMage - the LightCheckout.
Product was easy to install - and nice to see it was functioning with responsive design as well.
After a few days, we could clearly see our conversation was significantly improved.
Since then we have bought the lincense for all of our 5 shops - even though the price seems high, it's worth every penny.
Best regads from Denmark,
Casper Hinding
Perfect Plugin
by jgherghel - 1/11/2014
I don't write many reviews but I must say, I am pretty impressed by this plugin and customer support. I have had this plugin for a couple months and had no issues with customer checkouts.
The customer support is very helpful aswell. They respond in a timely fashion and every time they respond, you accomplish what you called them for.
Good stuff,
Great extension.... Perfect support...
by hdjk - 1/10/2014
This is an great extension, Much more sales than standard checkout... works great with different payment options, shipping options, different delivery adress and many other things...
VIES-VAT check works great too...
Great support, all problems could be find a solution...
Thanks to the GoMage -Team
Works well
by Puredrive - 1/10/2014
I'm running Mag CE v 1.8.0 with at least 3 other extensions. This plugin works well and is easy to install.
Good product for a good price
by ruudboy - 1/9/2014
We have installed Lightcheckout on the server and we see a much lower bounce rate on the checkout page.
The installation was easy and whithout problems thank to the good manual.
Well designed and effective extension
by willpower232 - 1/8/2014
This extension is a very effective replacement for the standard checkout and has vastly improved the checkout experience for our clients customers.
Any minor modifications that were needed to match our design were easy to implement.
Great Module
by montanagemmill - 12/2/2013
Module works well and is simple and easy to use - Good to have checkout all on one page more user friendly.
Support service are great also when help was required.
by alex7777777 - 11/15/2013
Works great on all stores. We were impressed with their online support and the overall service. You can count on them for anything.
Perfect plugin and great support
by bss52 - 11/13/2013
May I first say, we ended up deciding on the GoMage extension is it fully supported 3D Secure payment processing - A huge requirement here in the UK. They are also one of the few developers to test for compatibility issues.
We did have a small issue with the installation, but they fixed quickly and the cart works perfectly.
The Ajax loader is far quicker than most others we have tried, and the interface is easily customisable with basic CSS knowledge.
Other features, such as the ability to edit your cart on the checkout page are unheard of, and very useful.
I'd recommend anyone giving this a go in favour of cheaper and more expensive options. This is the 3rd one step checkout we have tried, and the only one that was able to do the job as required.
Improved conversions
by zhenjie - 10/14/2013
GoMage's LightCheckout was easy to install, configure and theme to our site.
After a month we analyzed our data and saw a decrease in cart abandonment at Checkout page and substantial increase in conversions (from a dismal .9% pre-one step checkout to 2.1%). We are hoping for even more conversion rate improvements as we update the look and usability of the checkout with our own copy.
Helpful support from developer on a minor conflict issue we had with another extension
Excellent support and working extension
by ActionVideo - 10/7/2013
We have been using this checkout for quite some time and it is working very well.
It is an expensive module, but worth the money - and I have to submit this as a thanks for the great support theese guys provide.
Today I discovered a problem with the license key (my fault, since we changed base url) - they answered the first email within 5 minuts and the problem was solved in about one hour.
Thanks again.
Great extension
by iTjensen - 9/4/2013
Great extension, great support - it is a no brainer really.
by mambojambo - 7/2/2013
This is an excellent extension making checkout very easy and clear. I'm pretty sure it improves my sales.
Functions as described and developer support is fast.
Thanks for this solid extension!
Optimize my business...
by par_westerlind - 6/27/2013
was happy to get a one page checkout that works with my partner payment solutions as NETs and KLARNA.
There are now a plug for Klarna included. This I did not know... Ended up as a positive thing! :)
After som server fine-tuning and some easy skinning I was ready to go.
Grate and quick support.
Don't forget to ask for development key before you go sharp. I forgot that...
Quick Support Response
by phoenixsnake - 6/14/2013
Really good support team, fast and reliable fix the issue.
Increased sales by 10%
by michaelclassic - 6/11/2013
Every Store needs lightCheckout by GOMAGE. This extension has increased sales by 10% in the first 10 days.
We needed some customization to the checkout and they were able to add within 1 hour after purchasing. That is customer service!!!!!!!!!
Please make some more extensions!!!!!
Great module, great support!
by lsanders - 6/11/2013
The GoMage Light Checkout module transforms the default multi-page Magento checkout process into a brisk and pleasant experience for customers. We're not overly technical, but we were able to change the look and feel with relative ease in-house. For more complicated changes we used GoMage's development team who are effective, reasonably priced and a pleasure to deal with.
I'm writing this review today because we encountered some issues 5 months after the installation and development which we had overlooked at the time. I contacted GoMage and they got it sorted within a matter of hours.
Simple, but it works - very well
by dawhoo - 6/5/2013
I use this checkout on every site I make now and everyone loves it. I start the sites with the basic checkout, but all my customers go with the GoMage checkout after they see the difference.
I've added this extension to 10 sites and upgraded on 3 others. It's worth every penny and is one of the few 'must have' extensions.
Very customizable. It's pretty easy to customize most of the checkout page in the admin backend and that's really nice. This is a new feature of version 5.x+ and made me very happy that I upgraded.
Pros: less abandoned carts, much faster checkout, easyish install, even with customized themes.
It's a really great extension that's going to pay for itself in the long run.
Cons: odd reaction to some containers, no inline login.
The top of the checkout page has a clickable link that nobody seems to see, so you'll get a lot of calls about the checkout failing. To get an inline checkout is an additional $100, which is something I think should be included with the checkout.
Overall, I recommend this extension to anyone, but I do wish the inline login was something included by default.
Support is above and beyond!
by baune73 - 4/24/2013
GoMage is really a first rate company. Their products are terrific and the support goes above and beyond any expectation.
Great Extension
by SEO Friendly Design - 4/9/2013
Absolutely great extension. We've been using it for over 6 months(multiple clients) never had a problem.
Support is always there for you.
Love to work with these guys.
Thank You,
- Seofriendlydesign.com
Using lightcheckout for 2 years
by bob67 - 4/7/2013
I'm using this extension for 2 years and yesterday I'm updated it to version 5.0.
Guys you are GREAT! Really fast support. It's very important not waiting for days for an answer because my bussiness is working 24/7.
Lightcheckout 5.0
by smbsone - 3/15/2013
Hi. I just want to make a review for Lightcheckout 5.0 that I happily use from 2 days.
Comparing 5.0 to 4.2 this is huge milestone.And from now I will recommend this extension to everybody, especially for merchants from EU who needs to properly set taxes and validate VAT-TAX numbers for their customers. This is the only one extension that has this feature built correctly.
Moreover, thanks to 5.0 now You can use it on responsive web themes, which is very usefull for tablets and smartphones. Everything looks good
Also I must notify great support of WDCA Sweet Tooth Points - the slider optimizer works correct and also catalog rules actions are visible on product rows at checkout. This is very usefull and You will definitely by happy using it.
I think also AJAX and JS updates are improved in 5.0 so customer will not wait for refreshes.
So, I just want to emphesize again > version 5.0 of Lightcheckout is the best one step checkout solution on Magento Marketplace and I recommend it definitely
This extension sould be standard!
by oXfoZ - 3/15/2013
Great extension and support. a must have ! Nothing to add :-)
Been using this for two years, great!
by jmcallister - 2/26/2013
I've been using LightCheckout for the past couple years and it's been working great. There support is top notch and I've had no problem with the software, it's easily customizable and fits my needs perfectly!
Great Extension w/ Customization
by jeffssutton - 2/20/2013
I purchased the LightCheckout extension and asked GoMage to customize the extension for our e-commerce site. The support team was very helpful in producing exactly what we needed to launch our website! I would suggest this extension to anyone looking for a one page process for check out and I would even say that the customization they do will enhance the customer experience further.
Good Extension
by Amit - 2/16/2013
I have seen this on a site, works very good and looks professional
Very good extension and great support
by Tim2011 - 2/13/2013
Thank you, very good extension and great support - recommended.
I am using this a few months, I find it works well
by ronanmagento - 1/23/2013
I am using this a few months, I find it works well. I looked into all the other ones before using this. It seemed to have more features. I found gomage always got back to me in reasonable time. I would buy this as it is well supported rather than buying from a company that has a ton of extensions and barely supports any of them. I think gomage should make a responsive version to work across many things like ipads and mobiles. Then they would really stand beyond the competition.
Very pleased with this checkout system
by rsm8186 - 1/18/2013
Very pleased with this checkout system. I ordered it with installation, customization, and also needed code tweaks to make it work with another extension I had installed. They had it all done in 2 days and it works and looks great now.
Thanks, you're rock!
by Wendeline - 12/7/2012
I bought and uploaded the plugin today but it wasn't working correctly. I sent an email to the support team and within 40 minutes it worked as expected! Thanks, you're rock!
Great extension! It's easy to customize CSS styles
by Marcus41 - 12/5/2012
Great extension! It's easy to customize CSS styles and settings in extension. Look of the lightcheckout is also easily customizable. Thanks!
Great support
by Remyn - 11/7/2012
Great support. I hired them to do a customisation of the plugin. They did exactly what I asked them to, quite fast and for a really good price!
This extension works fantastically
by sc0ttyd - 9/4/2012
This extension works fantastically, and their support was very quick when we needed it, solving our issue almost straight away. Thanks to the GoMage team for an excellent extension.
I use this extension on 2 of my sites
by Arnold8733 - 9/4/2012
I use this extension on 2 of my sites, and it works very well, customers are very happy with it. fast friendly and professional service.
Thank you for quick support!
by yahooserg1 - 8/31/2012
Thank you for quick support! The extension is installed and working (on Magento CE).

Thank you again!
Great support, quick to respond
by alburt - 6/29/2012
Great support, quick to respond. This extension is easy to configure and works well. I researched all of the one-page checkout extensions and this one seems to be the best.
Great extension
by silvermask - 6/18/2012
Great extension. In detail -
1. This extension is active (i.e. they keep up with every new magento release updates - for example, CAPTCHA, which was added in magento 1.7, is already added in this extension - which was a must for my requirement during checkout).
2. Support team responds immediately without any delays.
3. Extension was extremely easy to install - took me 10-15 minutes - just had to follow few very simple steps outlined in their installation guide.
4. I have not run through every single things, but overall, works like a charm - no issues.

Having said that, I wished I could use this extension on my local development environment (i.e. http://localhost URL) - today, you cannot use this extension on local machine - it requires unique URL registration when you buy it which I guess is understandable for the license protection. However, this would have made my life lot easier - but not a really big issue for me.
This is a must have extension
by clarkbetty - 6/15/2012
This is a must have extension and the support team are amazing! They went out of their way to make sure we were set up correctly. Just the nicest bunch of guys - thank you! Highly recommended.
Awesome extension
by stef_vliet - 6/7/2012
Awesome extension, worked a lot better for us than the original onestepcheckout. Support is fast and thorough. Recommended!!
Verry nice module, with good support
by hdaict - 5/31/2012
Verry nice module, with good support. Questions thru email they reply fast with good support. We advise this module for youre Bussines!
Excellent extension
by robendersby - 5/23/2012
Excellent extension and Gomage have been very helpful with my customisation requests, I made several design modifications myself which were simple to make. You are welcome to visit my site to see a modified version.. http://www.whichfordpottery.com
My experience with Gomage Light Checkout has been great
by bbpro - 5/3/2012
My experience with Gomage Light Checkout has been great. It not only does everything I need a checkout system to do, but the support for custom development was exceptional. I use other 3rd party extensions for shipping which I expected not to work with any 3rd party checkout extension due to the complexity of it. GoMage happily did all necessary customisations and in a very timely fashion. Very satisfied.
Trust this company.
by federicobianco - 4/18/2012
extension useful and very well done. Outstanding support that has worked great for a problem with my site.
Trust this company.
Great product, great support!
by rootsarts - 4/9/2012
Great product, great support!
I highly recommend the team gomage.

No risk, here you go!
These guys are awesome!!!
by RedskinsOne - 4/4/2012
These guys are awesome!!! Can't say enough good things about them. I have customs template store and ran in to some issues but they worked through them and everything is working fine now. I highly recommend them! Customer service is top notch and a great extension for Magento. I really appreciate it GoMage!
Great product, works really well.
by brettg9999 - 3/23/2012
Great product, works really well.
Good to work with Gomage Team.
very helpful. Looking forward to using other Gomage products soon.
This extension works great
by frankis78 - 3/14/2012
This extension works great, and the support is quick and good.
They also fixed an issue we had with another module.
Everything is working great
by xh0b0tx - 3/12/2012
I bought this extension and GoMage Advanced Navigation v.2.3.
Everything is working great. Customer Service is great.
Great Buy!
by alonp1 - 2/6/2012
Great Buy! the extenssion is perfect, fast with a great a look, but the support is really amazing, they have patience and they really try to help the customers. i will be buying some more extenssion soon.
This Extension is amazing.
by edz8386 - 1/26/2012
This Extension is amazing. I've had LightCheckout since the first version, and has worked effectively in many ways. The GoMage Support Team is also amazing, responding to questions quickly and informatively. I will definitely be buying another extension from them, mainly due to the quality of the extension and support.
Great Extension and support!
by Feggel - 12/23/2011
Great Extension and support! The extension is well coded and is far superior to all the other extensions out there. It's even better than the one from onestepcheckout costing a whoping $320! Believe me I've tried them all and this one far exceeds it's competitors. Had some trouble at first, but Gomage support got it up and running within minutes. Don't look further, this is the one you need!
This one looks great and has all the configurable options
by katesgrove - 12/21/2011
A one step checkout is miles better than the Magento default checkout. This one looks great and has all the configurable options you'll need while being less expensive than it's main rivals. The best thing about it is the first class after sales support I had from Yuriy at Gomage. Quick to answer questions and when I couldn't figure out a problem with installation he had it fixed and working within a few hours. These guys really want you to be satisfied and make every effort to help and get their extensions working right. Great service. If only all Magento developers were like this!
A great extension and the customer support
by mattsilversid - 12/19/2011
A great extension and the customer support is quick and friendly. Works smooth in my 1.6 version of Magento.
Good experience overall
by tbradley22 - 12/7/2011
I've purchased the Gomage LightCheckout for four websites now, and have required technical support for every installation. Gomage provided excellent technical support and even worked via FTP and the admin login to resolve the issues on multiple occasions, despite the fact that the issues were caused by my installation and setup of the website rather than problems with the extension itself. Good experience overall.
excellent support
by kirk112 - 11/29/2011
Just wanted to say thank you for excellent support - had a small problem installing GoMage LightCheckout (which was not related to this extension) and GoMage pulled out all the stops and had the problem resolved within the hour!

I was torn between One Step Checkout v4 and this extension and at the last minute changed my mind and purchased this one instead - it has all the features of One Stop, half the cost and excellent support.
Since we have installed we have noticed the average time to checkout has gone from over 3 minutes to under 1 and have a zero drop out rate on the checkout page - let hope this continues - it will have paid for itself with in days!
Additional they have helped customise the extension to help fit with our exact requirements again with super quick response and excellent attitude.

Again thank you for you help - would recommend and use again for future projects.
Excellent module for checkout
by Alejandro Pérez - 10/27/2011
Excellent module, you can customize it a lot and the support is great. And the pricing compared to the competitors is very good.
Great extension!
by hettykat - 9/14/2011
Great extension, easy to install and plenty of options. I needed some customisation work and it was done quickly and efficiently. Reccommended.
The ideal Magento checkout extension
by Mattdev_NZ - 9/10/2011
I have recommended and installed this extension five times. The product is excellent value for money, support is prompt and knowledgable, and it simply beats hands down similar products on the market in functionality and value for money.

Please keep it a secret so my clients maintain their advantage over other shops that haven't discovered GoMage's products yet :)
Great extension, fantastic support and customization
by Runge - 8/30/2011
We really recommend the extension for everyone, especially if you are currently using the default magneto checkout. Their support is great and if you need any customization you will be happy to work with them.
They changed the checkout for our needs (adding Age Check against a third party). They did it quickly and it ended up really good. They were also flexible when the design needed to change.

I really recommend the extension and the company.
Awesome extension
by robneds - 8/21/2011
Awesome extension.
The first product I got, I was so impressed that I immediately got GoMage's other products. Would surely recommend these products.
Amazing service
by sphilp - 7/7/2011
Just purchased this extension and had the GoMage team install it. Amazing service and the feedback has already been great. This is a must have for any e-commerce store. Great work guys, and thank you very much.
by plu_australia - 7/2/2011
I previously stated the extension was 10/10, its probably 15/10!
What pleases me most is finding an issue after months (IE7 browser related) and having it solved very very quickly without any fuss at all. Most pleased keep it up GoMage
Fantastic Extension!
by markroberts - 6/30/2011
Fantastic Extension!

Very easy to install and setup with a multitude of configuration options.

We were looking for a good Checkout extension to replace the default Magento checkout, which as every one would agree is plain terrible.GoMage LightCheckout is well priced and looks great. We think it has the best layout of all the checkout extensions available.

There technical support are very supportive and were prompt to assist with a small issues we had.

I cannot recommend this extension highly enough A+++++++++++++++

Many thanks
Great extension!
by shaolinshaosson - 6/23/2011
Great extension!
Easy to install and manage!

I had problems with my prices and these guys helped me out for days and managed to fix my problem (that I had spent many days before not being able to solve).
Big thanks!
Bought this extension again for another site.
by jasonriner - 6/3/2011
Bought this extension again for another site... Last time around, I was able to install the v1 perfectly on a 1.4.1 setup. This time, we tried the v2.3 and everything worked except we had issues with the CC# not displaying within the Sales Orders section... but GoMage solved it!

We contacted GoMage, who were able to fix this for us within less than 24 hours. Great turnaround time! The newest version is definitely faster. The layout is improved as well. I can't imagine not having this extension. It is 10 times better than the default checkout that Magento comes with. We have seen a considerable boost in conversion rates using this in the past. We were able to recoup the cost of this thing in no time. Speaking of cost, most alternatives are more expensive and don't have the same features. Custom checkout modules can be a fortune too. This is definitely the best checkout extension out there IMO.
The extension is great!
by chzavner - 6/1/2011
The extension is great! THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS BETTER! I received prompt and professional service within a couple minutes. Support Team really goes out of their way to help you.
Great extension
by logp - 5/22/2011
Great extension, the best one-page checkout out there in my opinion. Installation and setup was very easy with well written installation- and userguide (many other developers could learn something here). And the support is fast and good - even in weekends.
Nice extension! The best support!
by mochin - 5/22/2011
Nice extension! The best support!
I decided to buy between onestepcheckout or lightcheckout and bought the last one, because they have a similar functional and lightcheckout is almost 50% more cheaper.
I paid $174 for LightCheckout and additional 5 domains instead €245 ($345) for OneStepCheckout with 1 domain.
Thanx guys.
Thanks a lot
by Satchell - 5/16/2011
Thanks a lot - your answer solved all my problems after several days struggling.
Great Module working in
by Rudegames - 3/18/2011
Great Module working in support needed other date format Received great support and they adjusted the files for me. This Module is worth every penny spent
Excellent extension!
by mooshi - 3/9/2011
Excellent extension! & support is speedy...very happy! easy install & configuration
Support worked great for me
by jugosali2 - 2/24/2011
Support worked great for me. I installed the module (very easy) and it was not working fine with table rates. I asked for support and they solved it.

Module is working ok now in I'm happy with the product and the support team also.
This was too easy
by michaelsacca - 2/19/2011
This was too easy. Fantastic support and easy to follow installation directions. It "just worked"
Fantastic product!
by jasonriner - 2/10/2011
Fantastic product and a must-buy for any serious e-commerce websites. I've heard people paying thousands of dollars for extensions like this one, with less than half the functionality. Not to mention, the support is always there!
Great product
by freddief99 - 1/24/2011
Great product, easy to install, brilliant support!
Bargain purchase compare to more expensive solutions.
by richbell20 - 12/2/2010
Bargain purchase compare to more expensive solutions. An absolute breeze to set up.
Perfect product and seamless integration.
by Mike.W - 11/29/2010
Perfect product and seamless integration. It works 100% of the time. Great support as well A+ All around.
The product is excellent and has helped us convert more sales.
by jetsetter - 11/19/2010
The product is excellent and has helped us convert more sales. It works with all our other extensions, and when there was a conflict the support guys had it fixed within no time. They are responsive and highly skilled in Magento.
Very good product...
by ilovegrolsc - 11/18/2010
Very good product... I was stuck between choosing this or the OneStepCheckout one... as both seem to be in the same league (being the only two choices if you want something great). So i finally chose Light Checkout, it is cheaper but also has in my opinion better features. For example this will let you use GeoIP whereas the standard OneStepCheckout won't...

Also this has better handling of when someone forgets to fill in a missing field, it doesn't give the ugly default arrow and message... Given this is like 100 euro cheaper than the competition and has all the same features i think it's a slam dunk...

Support also extremely fast... what can i say? The polish know how to build good tanks and they know how to code. Looking forward to updates if you guys think of something to add.
These guys are AMAZING!
by kbrock22 - 11/3/2010
These guys are AMAZING! I can not tell you how wonderful, quick and intelligent they are! They have installed the module, made some revisions (that other companies would charge extra for) and made my checkout process easy and painless for customers. Highly recommend - and will be telling fellow Magento users about this. There is no need to pay extra for the other major competitor's check out module, this one is perfect and with the customizations they did for me, you can't beat it. Just do it!
That was some speedy support
by nikslick - 11/1/2010
My oh my. That was some speedy support. After working hours as well!

I will certainly trust GoMage again!!
Fast support and nice extension
by Guest - 10/18/2010
Thnaks guys at GoMage. They are really speedy in support and solving the problem. I had an issue and they fixed it right on the spot...

I will trust them again and buy the future extensions from them...

Great extension and great support.
by Mike78 - 10/14/2010
Great extension and great support.
Keep up the good work!!
Best Magento extension and support
by Navid SS - 10/11/2010
I bought this extension and the support team from GoMage kindly installed the extension.

I am truely satisfied with their service and the extension. This extension is a must for each online store, it truely increases the conversion rate and the sales.

Thanks GoMage and keep going...
Great Extension & Amazingly Fast Support
by demo38 - 10/9/2010
Purchased this, had it installed in about 20 minutes and found one tweak that I needed to make. Emailed support and had an adjustment just as I needed by the following morning. Great product, thanks GoMage.
useful extension and willing support
by Bultas - 10/9/2010
I install this great extension, but after install i have some problem, because im dont have big skills about magento, i contacted support and they help me solve that problem for a few minutes. Now works perfectly.
Excellent support
by maxxipotamus - 10/8/2010
The support from GoMage is excellent. We got them to do the installation for our site. Since our site is heavily hard-coded, we didn't want to risk installing the extension on our own (other extension broke our site before). GoMage support team was extremely efficient. Despite the slight problems we encountered with the checkout page, they fixed everything and got the Light Checkout extension working within hours after we placed the order. Worth every penny!
Great extension!
by pansilu2001 - 9/24/2010
Great work, Very good Customer support !
Easy to install and works great !
great extension!!!
by W&Y - 9/16/2010
Couldn't be easier to install....great! extension...thanks! very much impressive, excellent mod
Great Plugin. Easy to Install. Great Service.
by broomhilda - 9/14/2010
This plugin is a vast improvement over the default Magento checkout. It is much cleaner and simpler, and helped us raise conversion by about 4% in a store that was already well optimized. The plugin, with options in Magento backend providing a lot of control.

Easy to install, worked right out of the box even on a custom theme. The plugin was well documented, with two well written pdfs covering installation and usage.

We had a few small tweaks that we wanted to make and could not (due to our own stupidity). An email to customer service was answered quickly and authoritatively.

We are very pleased with our purchase. Thank You!
Cool and cheap extension
by Nicolai Bang - 9/14/2010
Jeg købte dette produkt, og det er virkelig pengene værd!

Layoutet er virkelig fedt, og det er vildt nemt at placere sin ordre.

Servicen fra supporten er i top. Jeg havde lidt problemer med at installere programmet, fordi jeg er lidt dum til Magento. Jeg skrev en mail til supporten, som var utroligt hjælpsomme og fiksede det hurtigt.

Jeg vil helt sikkert anbefale andre at bruge denne extension.

I kan se den på min side: http://www.proteinbaren.dk
I bought this extension and it is really cool and definitely worth the money!

Further more the service by the support team was fantastic. As I'm not that good at Magento yet, I had some problems installing the program. I wrote the customer service who answered quickly and helped me out in no time. Now it works just fine, and I can't wait to see the customers reaction.

Thank you very much.
Great product and great service
by dorgefen85 - 9/10/2010
Great product and great service.
Few customization was needed and made by the great support staff.
Great Extension
by ivyskin - 9/10/2010
Great Extension. It's flawless and easy to install+configure. The support is 2nd to none.
Supported languages
by Andie - 9/10/2010
By the way, I never saw such wide list of supported languages in similar extensions. Usually it is at least two times shorter. Good job!
The excellent checkout extension
by Andie - 9/10/2010
The extension really works. I have purchased it three weeks ago and up to now my sales increased by 40%. I believe it is a very good result for such short period. I received a review from one of my customers today that says that he is happy with my customer support and quality of service. Particularly he mentioned easy checkout procedure. Thank you.
Sehr gute extension
by Zarkov - 9/7/2010
Sehr gute extension. Einfache Installation und arbeitet genau wie beschrieben. Hatten zuvor zwei gleichartige Produkte getestet, die jedoch nicht mit einem benötigten Zahlungsmodul kompatibel waren.
Änderungswünsche unsererseits wurden freundlich erfasst und blitzschnell (über Nacht) eingearbeitet.
Very good extension. Easy installation and works like described.
We tested two similar products but they didn't work with a needed payment method.
A request for modification was implemented very fast(over night). Very friendly support team.
Very good checkout extension
by Ederson Spader - 9/6/2010
Very good extension, works and increease conversion. Internacional suport for translation text required. Thanks
This is a great extension!
by watts1874 - 8/26/2010
This is a great extension - works perfectly!
Nice checkout extension
by Guest - 8/20/2010
The is a very clean extension--installed easily, works fast and will lead to more conversions. Highly recommend!
good extension
by solarwindsusa - 8/16/2010
worked perfect right out of the box (which is more than I can say about so many Magento extensions)! I don't care what the code is based on as long as it does what it says it does!
Thanks good job!
nice extension
by lkmbrd - 8/11/2010
Extension works well. It's too early to see an increase in conversion but I feel confident there will be one. GoMage installed quickly and we had them do about 4 hours of customization which was done quickly and accurately. Highly recommended!
The Best Extension and Support
by a2zuniforms - 8/8/2010
I was very pleased with this module. There are several module out there but after looking at them we went with this one. I was very happy with the support from them! When initially loaded, the checkout page would "udpate" (or refresh) after the ZIP, CITY, and STATE field. In my opinion the Zip field was the only one that should require a refresh (for available shipping methods). Vadim with gomage quickly provided new code and also gave me the original coding if I wanted to change back.

This one allows you to use multiple domains with one magento install. I paid $5 to use 1-5 domains. It works like a champ and our customers are going to really like it. They have several different graphics to choose from or you can just create your own custom stuff. Their graphics went well with our theme color so I did not have to mess with creating any custom stuff.

The only problem I ran into is that we use the Aheadworks - Checkout Promo module and I am going to have to modify that module for it to properly show show custom blocks at the top of the checkout page. I should be able to fix that when I get time.

Bottom line is the module works great, good flexibilty. I like being able to easily sort the "contact info" fields. I can't think of any cons per say except what I already laid out but they were resolved. The customer service was about the best I have had with purchasing modules.
The Team are excellent and very understanding
by combase - 12/2/00-1
We recently had an issue with domains and needed to change the leading domain going by the book they did not need to help us but they came through and helped us out, let me say there are many Mod developers around at the moment but not many who will let you change things outside of there remit. Thumbs up to Go Mage
Regards Computerbasement.....

Many Payment and Shipping methods work perfectly with the GoMage LightCheckout extension, including all default methods integrated in Magento ®.

Below you will find the extensions we have tested.

Payment Methods Extensions Supported
Klarna Klarna Yes
PagSeguro Bruno Assarisse - PagSeguro Yes
SecurePay SecurePay Yes
Metodo de pago Servired (La Caixa) Metodo de pago Servired (La Caixa) Yes
Authorize.net Direct Post Method (DPM) Authorize.net Direct Post Method (DPM) Yes
Bank Payment (Vorkasse) BankPayment (by Phoenix) Yes
Cash on Delivery Cash on Delivery Yes
Cash-Ticket Cash-Ticket Symmetrics Yes
ePay ePay (by Thomas K - ePay.dk) Yes
eWAY UK Shared Fontis eWAY UK Yes
eWAY AU Direct Fontis eWAY AU Yes
eWAY AU Shared Fontis eWAY AU Yes
eWAY NZ Shared Fontis eWAY NZ Yes
Sage Pay Ebizmarts Sage Pay Suite CE Yes
Sage Pay Ebizmarts Sage Pay Suite Pro Yes
Sage Pay Magento Sage Pay Payment Extension Yes
WorldPay Payment Gateway WorldPay (by Phoenix) Yes
PostFinance Magento PostFinance Payment Extension Yes
Barclaycard Magento Barclaycard ePDQ Payment Extension Yes
Saferpay Magento Saferpay Payment Extension Yes
Ogone Magento Ogone Payment Extension Yes
CashU Magento CashU CPSP Payment Extension Yes
PayEngine Magento ConCardis Payment Extension Yes
Viveum Magento Viveum Payment Extension Yes
Acceptance Magento Acceptance PayTool Payment Extension Yes
AbnAmro Magento ABN Amro Internetkassa Payment Extension Yes
Shipping Methods Extensions Supported
Owebia Shipping 2 Owebia Shipping 2 Yes
Royal Mail Meanbee Royal Mail Yes
Extensions Supported
WebShopApps MatrixRate Yes
Fontis Australia Yes
Sweet Tooth Reward Points & Loyalty Yes
CraftyClicks Yes
  • 5.9.4 November 15, 2018
    • Full compatibility with PayOne v. 3.3.11 extension.
    • "Billing is not defined" bug fixed.
    • Minor auto-registration bug fixed.
    • "Loader issue with payone debit_payment method enabled fixed.
  • 5.9.2 June 20, 2017
    • Full compatibility with Security Patch SUPEE-9767 and Magento CE
  • 5.9.1 November 24, 2016
    • Full compatibility with Security Patch SUPEE-8788 and Magento CE;
    • Full compatibility with PHP 7;
    • Fixed a bug related to Tax/VAT calculation;
    • Improved the shipping block functionality to add compatibility with more shipping methods.
  • 5.9 May 11, 2015
    • Fixed a minor bug with delivery date;
    • Fixed a bug with Tax/VAT functionality;
    • Fixed a bug with USPS shipping service;
    • Fixed an issue with user account login;
    • Fixed an issue with Gift Wrapping price functionality;
    • Fixed an issue with CraftyClicks UK Postcode Lookup / Address Finder extension;
    • Fixed an issue with Ebizmarts SagePay SuitePro extension.
  • 5.8 December 31, 2014
    • A new option added: Enable Email Confirmation Field;
    • Updated loader icon on checkout page;
    • Full compatibility with Sweet Tooth v1.8.4.3 on Magento;
    • Full compatibility with Klarna version 5.2.2;
    • Fixed a few issues with SagePaySuite 3.0.17;
    • Fixed a minor bug with Magento;
    • Fixed a major bug with the VAT/Tax verification;
    • Fixed a minor bug with removing products on the checkout page;
    • Fixed an issue on Magento version;
    • Fixed an issue with order comments displaying in the admin panel;
    • Fixed bugs with the UK shipping methods and Tax rules;
    • Fixed “Email address is required” error for registered users.
  • 5.7 September 5, 2014
    • Fixed Minor Bug with Quantity Increment on Checkout Page
    • Fixed Minor Bug with Refreshing of Top Mini Cart in RWD Theme
    • Fixed Minor Bug with Customers' Registration
    • Fixed Minor Bug with Updating of Shipping Methods
    • Fixed Minor Bug with Using the Same E-mail Address on the Checkout Page
  • 5.6 May 23, 2014
    • Fully compatibility with Magento Community Edition 1.9 & Enterprise Edition 1.14
  • 5.5 April 8, 2014
    • Added 'Display Tax/VAT Field' option in EU VAT/Tax Settings
    • Improved VAT verification process
  • 5.4 March 20, 2014
    • Fixed minor bug in Magento
    • Fixed major bug with the VAT
  • 5.3 March 12, 2014
    • Optimized VAT verification process on the Checkout Page
    • Supported Klarna Payment Extension v. 4.2.6
    • Supported PayOne Extension v. 3.1.8
    • Fixing minor bug with Magento Log when Delivery Date is disabled
    • Fixed bug with Sweet Tooth Points slider when there are zero points
    • Fixed problem with the SagePay Extension v. 5.1
    • Fixed the Product Parameters View on the Checkout Page for the Gift Type
    • Fixed Dutch translation
    • Fixed conflict with the Points & Rewards extension by AheadWorks
    • Redeveloped and Optimized Source Code
    • Additional bug fixes and stability improvements
  • 5.2 July 4, 2013
    • Fully compatible with the new improved of ProCart 2.0
    • Fixed a minor bug with Shipping Methods block displaying (downloadable products and usual one are in the cart)
  • 5.1 May 15, 2013
    • Fully compatibility with Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13
    • Fixed a minor bug with Shipping Address
    • Fixed a minor bug with Auto Mapping of State by GeoIP
  • 5.0 Mar 14, 2013
    • Optimized JavaScript
    • Supported Internet Explorer 10
    • Supported adaptive and responsive design
    • Supported PayOne v.3.0.12
    • Supported Klarna Payment v.4.2.2 and later
    • Supported SagePay Pro v.3.03
    • Supported Sweet Tooth slider on the checkout page
    • Redeveloped design customization
    • Added Design tab
    • Added Devices tab
    • Added Ajax for Login Action
    • Added Guest Registration on Success Page
    • Added Newsletter Auto-subscription
    • Added Show Thumbnails option
    • Fixed bug with Backorders
    • Not Supported Inchoo Facebook Connect Extension
  • 4.2 Dec 03, 2012
    • Fixed minor bug with the Tax Calculation
    • Fixed major bug with the Delivery Dates for a random date in the future
    • Fixed minor bug with the Delivery Dates in PayPal Express Checkout
    • Fixed minor bug with the PayOne Payment Method sets a default payment method
    • Fixed the issues template
    • Fixed the Norwegian Bokmal (Norway) translation
    • Added Ajax for Email
  • 4.1 Oct 24, 2012
    • Supported PAYONE v.3.0.11 (Not compatible with PAYONE v.3.0.10 and lower)
  • 4.0 Oct 16, 2012
    • Supported Magento, and
    • Supported New of VIES (VAT Information Exchange System)
    • Supported PAYONE v.3.0.10
    • Supported Gift Cards in Enterprise Edition
    • Redeveloped and Optimized Source Code
    • Added Show Time Option for Delivery Date
    • Fixed Store Credit in Enterprise Edition
    • Fixed Authorize.net + Store Credit
    • Fixed issue with Klarna Payment v.4.1.1 and 4.1.2
    • Fixed Gift Wrapping for PayPal Standard
    • Fixed Gift Wrapping in Invoices
    • Fixed Delivery Date Intervals
    • Fixed Forgot Your Password? for versions 1.4 and 1.5
  • 3.2 May 14, 2012
    • Supported Magento and 1.12
    • Supported Captcha
    • Supported Store Credit in Enterprise Edition
    • Fixed Special Chars in Password
    • Fixed problem with & char in Email
  • 3.1 Feb 17, 2012
    • Added Google Checkout Button to the Checkout Page
    • Supported Klarna Payment
    • Supported PAYONE
    • Updated for the Sweet Tooth Rewards extension
    • Fixed Email Addresses with the plus sign
    • Fixed Gift Wrapping Taxation
  • 3.0 Nov 29, 2011
    • Adapted for the latest versions of browsers
    • Added Show Order Summary on Success Page option
    • Added Disable LightCheckout on Mobile Devices option (It will continue to work with iPad 1, 2)
    • Added right-to-left direction templates
    • Redeveloped Delivery Date
  • 2.4 Sep 8, 2011
    • Supported Magento
    • Supported Firefox 6
    • Added ability to use 2 or more Tax Rules for VAT
    • Added Poll
    • Added Gift Wrapping
    • Added PayPal Button to the Checkout Page
    • Supported "Connect with Facebook" extension from Inchoo
    • Additionally Supported 10 most popular extensions from MagentoConnect
    • Decreased CSS file sizes
    • Reduced the image sizes
    • Fixed minor bug with the Delivery Dates in created Orders
  • 2.3 Apr 11, 2011
    • Supported Internet Explorer 9
    • Supported Firefox 4
  • 2.2 Mar 23, 2011
    • Added Date Format for Delivery Date
    • Supported Sage Pay
    • Supported Cash on Delivery
    • Fixed minor bug with Add/Subtract Qty
  • 2.1 Feb 24, 2011
    • Supported uGiftCert and CraftyClicks extensions
    • Fixed minor bug with the Table Rates
  • 2.0 Jan 16, 2011
    • Added VAT verification
    • Added new function for the Delivery Date
    • Added address book
    • Added ajax update for the postcode and city fields
    • Added new themes and colors

LightCheckout extension is designed by GoMage to enhance and refine the closing process of shopping in online stores by putting together the final steps of the checkout process. In place of many pages in an online store checkout, there is only one closing page – One-step checkout. As reported in eCommerce statistics, about 50% of online customers are lost in the finishing phases before payment, which is why this stage must offer maximum client usability. GoMage LightCheckout, as a one-step checkout for Magento ®, takes into account all peculiarities of completing purchases online. With more than five years of experience, we bring the best eCommerce practice to GoMage LightCheckout, which you can implement in your online Magento ® store.

One Page Checkout by GoMage. Short Overview

General Settings In this section you can identify all main parameters such as default country, shipping and payment method. One Page Checkout extension by GoMage meets all requirements of PayPal and many other popular payment systems including all the default methods integrated in Magento.

Registration It depends on the audience but registration can be set as mandatory, and you are able to disallow guest users to make orders in your online store.

Design If the pre-installed design does not harmonize with your corporate style and design of your online store, you can change the buttons or blocks of the checkout page and do not have to hire a professional frontend developer to do this job. Without special knowledge or skills, you can change all the necessary elements, adjust the size, background, text, and colors of the checkout blocks, using ordinary colors or HTML Color Codes.

Devices We recommend showing the One Step Checkout extension on PCs, laptops and all mobile devices, but settings are flexible and can be specified.

Delivery Date It is a strong advantage if you can implement a ‘Time of delivery’ service that allows customers to choose a convenient day and time for delivery. One Step Checkout enables this.

GeoIP Settings If this functionality is enabled, the system can determine the client’s IP and automatically identify the address data such as country, state, city, and zip code. The paid version of MaxMind database is required for the State/Province option to work properly.

Ajax Settings One Page Checkout extension automatically updates information in the Shipping and Payment Methods blocks when the country, region or postal code is selected.

EU VAT/Tax Settings Since the module is integrated with the VIES system, you can activate VAT number validation that checks EU VAT numbers and allows VAT exclusion from the total cost.

You can include specific Terms & Conditions and poll questions within the checkout process, as well as a gift-wrapping option to help organize extra services connected with décor and packing of purchased products.
More detailed information about GoMage Light Checkout: One Step Checkout for Magento ® is available in the Wiki System.


Responsive and adaptive design

Full design adjustment via Magento ® admin panel + easy CSS and layout customization

Advanced device support: desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, Android, iOS, BlackBerry

Ability to show product images in Order Review

Enable/disable checkbox for newsletter subscription or auto-subscribe your customers

Ability to allow or forbid guest users to place orders, or enable automatic registration for all users

VAT verification for EU countries using VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) with a possibility to set 2 or more VAT/Tax Rules

Advanced Delivery Date and Time

Enable/disable Shopping Cart page

Supported PayPal 3D Secure functionality

Ability to modify the product quantity or remove products from the order on the checkout page

Ability to apply discount coupons on the checkout page

Registered customers can select addresses from the address book

Automatic detection of the user's Country, City or Zip/Postal Code with the help of GeoIP technology

Automatic update of prices, taxes and totals when Shipping or Payment methods are selected

Automatic update of shipping rates when City, State/Province, Country, Zip/Postal Code are specified

Automatic update of Payment and Shipping methods when the country is specified in ‘Billing address’ and ‘Shipping address’ blocks

Ability to enable/disable the address fields for Company, Country, City, Telephone, Fax, Region, Street or Postal code and sort their order on the checkout page;

Enable/disable the checkbox for Terms & Conditions

Ability to add gift messages and gift wrapping per item for the order

Ability to add poll and enable comments on the checkout page

Ability to change the title and description of the checkout page

Popup tips when the values for required fields are verified

Adapted for right-to-left direction languages (without translation)

Also Includes

14-day money-back guarantee

Free extension upgrade for 1 year

Free 1-year support

Supported Languages

Czech (Czech Republic)

Danish (Denmark)

Dutch (Netherlands)

English (United Kingdom)

English (United States)

Finnish (Finland)

French (France)

German (Germany)

Italian (Italy)

Norwegian Bokmal (Norway)

Polish (Poland)

Portuguese (Portugal)

Russian (Russia)

Spanish (Spain)

Swedish (Sweden)

Not Supported

Internet Explorer 6 and 7

Magento ® 1.3 and lower versions

eWAY AU 3D-Secure (This is NOT GoMage LightCheckout error)

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