Extensions for Magento 2 ® by GoMage

  • GoMage Feed Pro: Magento 2 Feed Manager
    GoMage Feed Pro extension for Magento 2 ® allows you to expand your marketing channels by uploading your product data directly to all popular shopping engines, online marketplaces and comparison shopping websites like Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay and others 10x quicker and easier.
  • GoMage Advanced Navigation for Magento 2 ®
    GoMage Advanced Navigation extension for Magento 2 ® is based on customizable filters that can be enabled for the product attributes in the Magento 2 ® system. It will help to make your Magento 2 ® online store perfectly convenient for your clients and increase your sales significantly.
  • GoMage LightCheckout for Magento 2 ®
    GoMage LightCheckout extension for Magento ® 2 simplifies the process of checkout in your online store by combining all steps on one page. Flexible extension settings allow adjusting and customizing the checkout page according to your requirements, and the target audience of your store.
What’s New in Magento 2 ®
Magento 2 ® isn’t simply a new version of Magento ®. It is a completely new eCommerce platform with a new structure and new code base, powered by new modern technologies. Preserving all of the strengths of Magento 1 ®, Magento 2 ® provides better performance and scalability with many new features to increase conversion rates, allow more flexibility and improve productivity. Magento 2 ® remains an open-source platform and offers a high level of customization.
Magento 2 ® Extensions by GoMage
We have been working hard on developing our extensions for Magento 2 ® since the official launch of the Magento 2 ® platform and we are proud to present our first products. We have invested a lot of time and resources into making our extensions for Magento 2 ® perfect. We develop our extensions for Magento 2® entirely from scratch using the best approaches and best development practices of Magento 2 ®. GoMage extensions for Magento 1 ® are implemented in thousands of online stores all over the world and have proven their reliability and highest quality. The same careful approach in the development process is being used for this new generation of extensions. In our work, we are guided by the principle of providing our customers with only the best solutions. All most popular GoMage extensions will be released for Magento 2 ® in the near future.