GoMage Advanced Navigation for Magento 2 ®

GoMage Advanced Navigation for Magento ® 2 - Intuitive Product Search and Magento Product Filter Extension for Your Site

GoMage Advanced Navigation is a well-known and proven over time Magento 2 Layered Navigation extension. Our extension improves the product filtering process in Magento 2 making the product search easy and enjoyable for customers. Fast and simple configuration allows you to select the desired filtering attributes, setup autoscrolling and pagination options, choose the position and output of the “Shop By” block meeting your requirements. Flexible design settings make it easy to adjust the frontend navigation view in accordance with the theme colors of your store. Ajax technology allows your customers to choose the desired filtering options and see the results on the same page - without waiting for reload. Control your site navigation and explore other new features of the Advanced Navigation extension for Magento ® 2!
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Advanced Product Filtering

Attribute Filters
Select the product filtering attributes and configure their output in the “Shop By” block. Enable Ajax to display search results on the same page without reloading.
Friendly URLs
Make your website pages more SEO-friendly! Allow to add filter results in URLs and replace attribute identifiers with their names.
Show Items’ Quantity
Allow customers to see the number of products for each filter in the “Shop By” block and search products based on their availability in stock.

Design and Layout

Navigation Block Position
Set position of the ‘Shop By” block according to your theme structure: Left column, Content or Right column. Determine where the navigation block will be located.
Display Settings for Filters
Choose how to display filters: in rows or columns. Be sure that all filtering options are visible for customers.
Ajax Pagination
Enable this option to allow customers to switch pages in the list of products without reloading the whole category page.
Infinite Scroll
Turn on Ajax Auto Scrolling and your customers will see the full product list loaded automatically while scrolling the page down.
Back to Top
Show the “Back to Top” button to allow your customers to quickly return to the top of the page or products from any place of the products list.
Set Your Colors
Customize your background, texts, buttons or tooltips colors in Advanced Navigation settings. Set the colors and parameters of slider if you use this type of filter in your navigation.
Customize Ajax Loader
Select the text, size and color options for the Ajax Loader Window that is displayed on the page while the filtering query is being processed.

Navigation for Categories

Specify categories for which navigation will be enabled. Ajax Category Navigation allows to switch categories and subcategories without full page reloading. Setup the Advanced Navigation options to display categories as a part of the “Shop By” block or a separate one. Choose the position of the filter by categories in the Left, Right or Content column on the frontend of your store. Configure the desired navigation type (Fly-Out, In Block, Image, Drop-Down) to make filtering by categories both easy and convenient for your customers.

Drop Down
In Block

Navigation for Mobile Devices

Feel free to use responsive design and mobile themes on your Magento ® 2 store with GoMage Advanced Navigation. Fully mobile compatible filtering options make the process of products’ selection simple and fast on any kind of mobile device. Enable Advanced Navigation on your site and let your customers all over the world enjoy the result!
10 reviews
Very helpful solution for user-friendly navigation
by Enzo Ferry - 8/16/2019
Advanced Navigation extension by GoMage helped us solve a major problem. After comparing various solutions, we choose this extension because of the features, flexible customization, and full support of mobile. We created an intuitive product filtering option that helped us improve our sales. We’ve managed to significantly decrease the number of customers that leave our store without a purchase.
A great extension that helps to grow sales
by Conor Thorpe - 7/9/2019
As our e-commerce business grew and the number of products surpassed 100.000 each with different attributes we found that native Magento navigation don’t allow us create smooth shopping experience. That’s why we started look for an alternative solution and came across GoMage Advanced Navigation.

The result of its integration was tremendus. Our sales grew 2x times because customers can find everything they needed.

If your store is struggling with the same problems, this Advanced Navigation extension for Magento 2 will solve them all.
Great experience so far
by Spencer Sanford - 4/20/2019
There is no better extension when you need advanced product filtering. It simply a must-have for store has many products with multiple attributes. As we added more and more products, we understood that our sales started to fall. It turned out that Magento native navigation didn’t provide our customers with the needed flexibility.

GoMage Advanced Navigation solved the problem. Now our visitors can filter products with attributes and find what they looking.
Module solved a problem for us
by Lillie-Mae Rowland - 1/15/2019
GoMage Advanced Navigation is a single secret to how we managed to multiply the number of sales and generate higher revenue. If you have a huge store with complex products categories and multiple attributes look at the sales. If they are declining, your customers probably had problems with looking up produc. That what happened to us.

Extension solved it. we now use a rich filtering option that helps quickly find the products needed.
Found everything I was looking for
by Usaamah Cordova - 12/31/2018
A great extension that suit all needs. It made complex product search system easier for customers. Now easily find products and results in higher sales for us.
Satisfies with its work
by Brodie Ritter - 11/29/2018
as the number of products in our store grew our customers started to encounter problems with their search. we’ve come to the conclusion to use a dedicated extension that could solve the problem and found GoMage Advanced Navigation.

it is a feature-rich extension that allows configure filter settings by categories, set price range, show attributes in columns and showcase the results to customers without pages reloads.

extension is fully optimized for m-commerce, which is a must for us, as a lot of traffic is coming from mobile.
Great solution with great support
by Jaxson Nicholls - 11/21/2018
I using this extension for while now. It is a great solution for huge online stores with MANYYYY products or with complex products and multiple attributes. GoMage Advanced Navigation madke the life of our customers easier. They can quickly find relevant products and proceed to the checkout without much time navigation our store.

The ability to add different filters and configure your own is the icing
Must-have solution for big stores
by Allison Holder - 5/15/2018
Our online store has product heavy catalog. We needed an elegant solution that would make product filtering intuitive and fast. GoMage Advanced Navigation allows selecting multiple product attributes at once and without page reloading.

The extension allows our customers to sort products by categories, price range, materials, and other configurable attributes. As our customers find necessary products quicker, it helps us cart abandonment and improve sales.
Super module, great navigation, high customization
by Herbert Murphy - 4/21/2018
GoMage Advanced Navigation is a must-have extension for big online stores. It is not the first extension by this company that we using. solution is perfect in features and customization. We created an intuitive product navigation with an advanced filtering system that allows our customers to find what they need. As a result, they make the buying decision much faster now. I especially recommended this extension for huge stores with complex product catalogues
Module that makes navigation easy
by Eli Jordan - 11/21/2017
After identifying that our store had problems with product filtering, we studied the market and found GoMage Advanced Navigation. We encountered some problems with its installation. Thankfully the support team did their best and helped us troubleshoot the isue.

Advanced Navigation made the process of product search much easier. Now users don’t have to spend time trying figuring complex product catalogue. We have a simple filtering with multiple attributes that help to quickly specify products. The results are returned without page reloads, which is just miraculous.
  • 1.1.0 November 14, 2018
    • Category filtering functionality corrected
    • Usability improvements added
    • Few minor bugs fixed
  • 1.0.0 November 1, 2018

Responsive design (Please note: due to the Prototype Library limitation with JavaScript, the slider on mobile devices is replaced with the default Magento filter type)

Сompatible with Apache Solr

Fully compatible with GoMage Product Designer

Ability to configure filter parameters by categories in the Content column

Ability to display two “Shop By” blocks

Smooth “Back to top” transition

Ability to choose the next/previous product or return directly to the products list page after viewing the product page

Ability to set up the attribute location

Ability to set up price ranges

Ability to show currency in Price slider

Use 2 or more sliders for Price type attributes

Use slider, input or slider&input filter types for Price attribute

Ability to change the text and color of the buttons

Ability to display applied filters

Ability to show attributes in columns

Ability to show/hide the help text for categories or attributes by clicking/hovering over

Change popup window size, background color and text color in the Admin Panel

Ability to hide attributes not assigned to any product

Ability to hide attribute filters for specific categories

In Stock / Out of Stock filter

Ability to show the quantity of “in stock” and “out of stock” products

Ability to hide products quantity

Ability to use Ajax for Sort By, View As, Show per page and pagination when “Is Anchor” is set to “No”

Different navigation types available (drop-down, plain, fly-out, image, block) for the top menu options and category navigation

Use Page Autoscrolling (Ajax Catalog) to show more products on the same page

Ability to add category navigation and products on Home and static pages

Navigation filters available on the search page

Ability to use Ajax filter for selected attributes and category page navigation

Multiple selection available for category and attribute filters

SEO-friendly category URLs (show or hide additional information in the URLs, such as ?manufacturer=2&color=1)

Replace the attribute numbers with names in the URLs (“?color=red” instead of “?color=1”)

Use images for categories and attributes

Align images vertically, horizontally or in 2 columns

Change Image size in the Admin Panel

Change filter view for background color, slider color, button name color in the Admin Panel

Change Ajax loader image in the Admin Panel

Multi-store and multi-language store supported

Easy installation: you simply upload the extension files to your server without changing any code or templates

Also Includes

14-day money-back on a case-by-case basis

Free Magento Layered Navigation extension updates for a 1-year

Free 6 months support

Not Supported

Internet Explorer 6 and 7

Magento 1.3 versions and lower