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Professional upgrade service and security patch installation for your online store.

What’s Wrong?

Online store security is a matter of the highest priority for any online merchant. Unfortunately, hackers never stop their attempts to break in and steal the information stored in online store databases. That is why the Magento development team always works on improving Magento system security, searching for vulnerabilities, data leaks and malware backdoors. Of course, they also work on functionality improvement and the addition of new features to make the system more convenient and flexible. In order to keep your Magento system up-to-date and secure, it is highly recommended to install all security patches released by Magento and to use the latest version of Magento system.

Magento Community, Enterprise and security patch SUPEE-6788 have recently been released to address over 12 important security issues. Information about these vulnerabilities has been made public and will be used in automated attacks on Magento installations throughout the world. It is critical to upgrade your Magento system and install all available security patches, otherwise your website may be attacked by hackers and important information will be compromised.

What We Can Do

Check Your Website For
Security Vulnerabilities

We use the useful service at https://www.magereport.com to check your website for security vulnerabilities, determine the version of Magento being used and the amount of security patches that need to be installed. If the status assigned by the system is ‘Medium’ or ‘High’, it means that your website is vulnerable and urgent measures should be taken to protect confidential data.

Search For and Remove Any
Malicious Scripts

We scan your website for malicious software and viruses. If any are detected, we remove them and check your website again to ensure there are no infected files left.

Implement All Available Patches

As soon as the website is scanned and missing security patches detected, we offer our security patch installation services and perform final testing of system functionality.

Magento Upgrade

Upgrading your Magento system to a higher version is a complicated process, which requires attention and experience. Our team of professional developers ensure that the system upgrade is performed smoothly and accurately. We also perform final testing and provide post-launch support in case any issues arise after the upgrade.

Why Upgrade Magento?

Security Patches

Better Speed,
Code Optimisation

Bug Fixes, Stability

New Feautures
and Improvements

See the full list of all improvements in the official release notes and Magento security best practices.

Our Upgrade Plan

1. Staging Site Creation

  • We create a staging site, which will be an independent mirror copy of your live site to ensure that your live site operation is not interrupted during the upgrade process.

2. Magento Upgrade On The Staging Site

  • We upgrade Magento to the latest version or install the necessary security patches on the staging site first, then we perform an in-depth testing of the staging site.

3. Issues Correction

  • If any issues are detected, we fix them on the staging site and perform the final testing.

4. Magento Upgrade On The Production Site

  • As soon as all testing on the staging site is complete, we upgrade Magento to the latest version or install the necessary security patches on your production site. The most convenient time for the upgrade is selected to ensure proper operation of the production site.

5. Modifications Transfer From The Staging Site To The Production Site

  • After an upgrade, all corrections made on the staging site are transferred to the production site and final testing is performed.

What’s Included?

Our turnkey upgrade service includes the following:

  • Magento code and extensions audit
  • Staging site creation
  • Magento upgrade on the staging site
  • Third party extensions upgrade
  • Testing of the upgraded site and fixing of the issues
  • Magento upgrade on the production site
  • Modifications transfer from the staging site to the production site
  • Final testing
  • Post-launch support


Upgrade pricing depends on many factors such as Magento version and amount of third party extensions, core files edits, etc., and is estimated on a case-by-case basis.


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