GoMage Advanced Navigation for Magento ®

GoMage Advanced Navigation Makes Your Store Navigation Faster and Easier

GoMage Advanced Navigation extension for Magento ® makes the process of product search and selection very easy and comfortable for end-users. The Magento navigation functionality is based on customizable filters that can be enabled for the product attributes in the Magento ® system. The filtering can be done by category, brand, price, color, size, stock status or any other attributes of your selection. The filter structure is simple and comfortable, which helps online store visitors select the necessary products by specific criteria and find what they need quicker. A more complex task for the store owner is to determine what exact criteria are important to the customers. If you know your customers’ preferences and can predict even the most specific custom search criteria, Advanced Navigation Magento by GoMage will help you to make your Magento ® online store perfectly convenient for your clients and increase your sales significantly.
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Filter Settings

Ajax Filter by Attributes
Select attributes for filtering and configure all filtering options using the extension backend settings.
SEO-Friendly URLs
Add filter results to URL without page reloading and replace the attribute number with the attribute name.
Stock Filter
Enable stock filter to let your customers choose only ‘In stock’ or ‘Out of stock’ products.
Item Quantity
Show the quantity of product items for each attribute option in the ‘Shop by’ block.


Position of “Shop By”
Show the filtering block ‘Shop By’ in the right, left or content column, or in two columns at once.
Content Filters in Rows / Columns
Set the attribute filters displayed in the content section as rows or columns.
Load products automatically by scrolling down the page or clicking the ‘Show more’ button.
Back to Top
Enable the ‘Back to Top’ button to allow your customers to return to the top of the page immediately.
Show Pager
Show or hide the number of the page and the number of product items on the page.


Customize Menu Bar
Select the Filter type for the Categories in Menu Bar (plain, drop-down, fly-out) and display brand images if necessary.
Customize Navigation View
Modify background color, buttons text, and color, select Slider type and Help Icon options for the ‘Shop By’ block.
Customize Link Text
Enter your desired text for previous and next product links in the Product Navigation settings.

Category Settings

Enable navigation for the necessary categories only. Choose the type of filtering for categories in your store and customize the design. Exclude categories for which certain attribute filters are not applicable.

Drop Down
In Block

GoMage Advanced Navigation for Mobile Devices

Responsive design ensures compatibility with mobile themes and proper functionality of all extension options on any type of mobile device. The extension can be disabled for mobile devices if necessary, then standard Magento ® navigation will be used instead.
58 reviews
Customized filters
by welllinked - 6/2/2015
The extension allows to customize filter options. It works well and if there are any issues, the support answers promptly.
Good filter extension
by benj87 - 5/12/2015
Good filter extension with range filter and checkboxes
Good extension
by openstore - 3/16/2015
The extension works well, easy to install and use.
Great layered navigation enhancement!
by 46palermo - 2/6/2015
This extension has a lot of features that the standard Magento layered navigation lacks and the GoMage support is top-notch. Recommended.
Good Extension and Support
by makkal - 12/19/2014
Hi Guys,
Advanced Navigation is very good one, works fantastically!.
Support also Good.
I am recommend them.
perfect support !
by mopheus72 - 12/4/2014
Thanks to support team, quickly and good.........When I had a problem....
this extension is the best one
by libraway2010 - 12/1/2014
actually, i was searching for many extension for navigation of my website, i think this one is the best one, its really awesome, i recommend it, also support team are very helpful :).
Filter works great
by henningmettge - 11/25/2014
We needed a solution for customizing our filter navigation. This extension made it possilbe. It works very well and reliable.
The support is great and very responsive. No problems with developer keys.
I would buy this extension again.
Realy nice extension with great features
by jeroentiem - 11/10/2014
Works out of the box and great support for development key's.
Good support
by jfkrieger - 7/4/2014
This module is a good alternativ to native filters of Magento and it works well.
GoMage Support is very fast (chat service works very well).
I recommende their modules.
Great support and features
by davidsikhote - 5/29/2014
The best part about this plugin is that the company is actively trying to help and get all the great features working. Would recommend.
Good product and support
by cowhead - 5/2/2014
Great product with fast and good support from gomage
We use this extension in almost every shop
by sebastian_kblr - 4/22/2014
fast loading pages and easy filter functionality - this extension does it best. installation is easy too...
by batchu - 4/17/2014
Excellent Extension. Nice Features & Great Support. Thank You.
Ajax Filter for huge Databases
by absource - 4/14/2014
Our product range includes 140.000 articles, all with different attributes. The magento flat navigation doesn't work for this amount data, so we decided to try an ajax template. The GoMage extension works perfect in our store. It's easy to install and easy to customize. So we also bought the Gomage ProCart and LightCheckout extension.
Great Extension
by kdelariv - 3/31/2014
This is a great extension. They offer great support and the extension does what is need it. They are very nice and fast to answer as well. I would recommend this extension to everyone!
Great extesnion
by Xcom Dev - 3/28/2014
We have been using this extension for a while now and it is working great. A very worthwhile addition to the website.
Highly recommend to all e-shops
by Leo Leung - 3/14/2014
This extension is excellent, especially when we have encountered some of the bugs, they provided immediate support and assistance to us.
We're really appreciated for the team. Also, the advance navigation is very user-friendly, which creates a very good user experience while shopping.
We recommend this to all e-shops!
Must have extension!
by azelestore - 1/23/2014
The best advanced navigation for magento!!!This extension must have any online shop.Highly recommend!
Great extension
by MarkDMG - 12/24/2013
This extension works as expected. Swift support! Chat is very handy. We use it on multiple sites.
Nice filter extension
by nordicwebteam - 12/2/2013
The module worked fine on our install. We also tried to do some customization and the filter turned out fine. :)
GoMage Advanced Navigation
by vibi1177 - 11/18/2013
Extension very useful and versatile. Recommended for any type of ecommerce.
Great support.
GoMage Advanced Navigation great module
by johntcc - 10/29/2013
GoMage Advanced Navigation is a great module and works as expected. Very good support also!
great support
by kyselak - 10/22/2013
We sell -tshirts and other promotional products, we are working on our new website and we have found this extension, It works very well I think this extension is a must if you sell tshirts like we do, and the support is just great !
Jan Kyselak
Expo Barrag s.r.o.
www.tricka.cz - under construction at this time :)
A must have extension for e-commerce!
by clivio - 8/20/2013
This extension makes my site feel like it can compete with top end e-commerce sites. In addition, I purchased this extension over 6 months ago and recently ran into some problems with my specific configuration and the Gomage team sorted it out very quickly and free of charge even though I was outside the free support time frame.
Great module
by toratoraman - 7/17/2013
GoMage Advanced Navigation Great module,
Thanks Gomage
Really good extension
by jonathanboston - 7/4/2013
I like the flexibly that this product provides and I recommend it.
Perfect to improve navigation and SEO
by mambojambo - 7/2/2013
This extension is perfect to improve navigation but also to improve your SEO.
This extension is solid and easy to install.
Easy to customize and looks very pro in the shop.
Thanks !
THE BEST "SHOP BY" for magento
by michaelclassic - 6/11/2013
***** PLEASE READ *******
This is the best shop by in magento! I have tried three (3) different modules and nothing compares to advanced navigation by GOMAGE. We needed some custom styles done and they were able to implement them right away!
Thanks Yuiry,
Fantasitc support, & great extension!
by nj5050 - 6/6/2013
The advance nagivation by GoMage is a pretty solid extension add on for magento store's. It works seamlessly with site category and subcategory contents. The ability to customize according to users color scheme, and easy managable backend settings is also a plus.
Although there's still room for improvement, particulary for featured category sections, nonetheless it is a great asset to have for ones webstore.
Customer support staff is highly motivated to satisfy and deliver quality customer experience. I truly respect and honor them for that.
Great support
by wouter87 - 6/3/2013
There was a problem with my theme and this extension but the support team helped me fast and they fixed the problem free of charge.
Perfect Service
by maykelswaans - 4/10/2013
Bought this extension a couple of months ago and had to make some adjustments. The online chat option was very helpful and the service gomage provides is outstanding
Excellent Extension Go Gomage
by aliasali - 2/25/2013
Hello All,
Super extension.
with this extension, your shop will be greatly appreciated by your visitors.
A number of advantages over Gomage Developers:
* Super fast support
* Advanced Extension
* Many can possibly
* Manufacturers logo exhibit
* ETC ...
Disadvantages Gomage:
* No disadvantage found,
* When do I report it!!
GoMage has excellent support and are adding new features all the time
by EricL - 1/30/2013
GoMage has excellent support and are adding new features all the time. Highly recommended.
Very good extension
by wholes16 - 12/31/2012
Very good extension....recommend the install and CSS integration services also....fast response. This is a good developer and extension.
The extension is really amazing
by tarikus - 12/19/2012
Hi All,
the extension is really amazing, we integrate it with no problem. and everything works fine. we faced some problems and tuning and also the support team fix it in ONE DAY.
Thank you and for sure we will recommend this extension to our client for the coming project
This Extension, is great works as advertised
by Reivax00 - 12/19/2012
Hi All!!
This Extension, is great works as advertised I have being working with this for 7 Month already without any problem!
Excellent extension
by tonimoya - 11/3/2012
Excellent extension. Customer Service works speed. Everything just perfect with modern theme.
Very helpful support
by Davoss - 9/20/2012
Very helpful support, the extension works perfectly. Our client is satisfied with the results!
Recommended! GoMage rock!
by ndks - 9/6/2012
GoMage provide an excellent service. I have bought this plugin twice for separate installations and it works perfectly.
There was a time a while back where I found a small bug (not experience breaking) with their plugin, and they had fixed it and released a new version within a few days.
Recommended! GoMage rock!
GoMage offers incredible support
by avizuber - 9/6/2012
GoMage offers incredible support to match their incredible development skills. Kudos!
GoMage solved my problem very professional and very quickly
by narrok - 6/18/2012
I have installed this module on Magento and have some issues with Fortis theme.
GoMage solved my problem very professional and very quickly.
I appreciate the work and support they did.
Thanks for a good extension!
by Willy6678 - 6/7/2012
Best extension ever! looked everywhere for something like this.
Worked out of the box for 1.6.2.
Thanks for a good extension!
This is an excellent extension and really easy to install
by mark780 - 6/4/2012
This is an excellent extension and really easy to install. It improves the default magento search without any doubt.
Good support which is always reassuring when buying an extension.
Works fine with Magento 1.6.2
by davissherman - 4/11/2012
Works fine with Magento 1.6.2 and template from TemplateMonster.
Thanks for your good work!
Wonderful extension and excellent support
by bewarethehydra - 3/20/2012
Wonderful extension and excellent support. We initially had difficulty getting the extension to work with our theme, however GoMage support was quickly able to diagnose and tailor the extension to our needs. This is just one of the several extensions we have acquired from them.
Excellent product and service
by DanielVince - 3/9/2012
Excellent product and service, they were very helpful with a tricky implementation!

Highly recommended!
great custom care
by ste3net - 3/8/2012
Thanks guys,
great custom care and very fast support response.
You are very professional.
Wonderful addon
by surplus - 2/1/2012
Wonderful addon. Great customer service! Thanks again!
Thanks for sharing your experience here. I really like it.
by Jerome Goonen - 11/19/2011
Thanks for sharing your opinion here. I really respect it.
Extension works perfectly.
by JimmyZ21 - 11/17/2011
Extension works perfectly. You cannot beat the features for the money. The support is excellent. I've worked with many Magento developers, and GoMage ranks at the top of the list. The issues I had were related to other extensions, yet GoMage tracked down and fixed them all. I highly recommend GoMage extensions!
The interface is clean and easy to use
by magnetox - 7/14/2011
We not only buy the extension, we also ask them to customize it for us.
The extension works, the interface is clean and easy to use.
The customization is what surprises me, they did it so quickly and overall it meets exactly what we want.
I like their discount program, which means next time I need an extension, I will check with them first.
Keep up the good works.
Again very good support.
by bossalinie - 2/17/2011
Again very good support.. Good e-mail support and always available...
excellent support
by ironstop - 1/25/2011
I have got excellent support.
Perfect AAA+ support!
by Hugo de Groot - 1/25/2011
Very fast support and also good support. They helped me out with some small problems in no-time.. I do a lot of business with extension stores but this one is till now the best one! Thanks for the great support!!!
GoMage support team hooked us up and helped install this module
by PacificDisc - 11/30/2010
I have to echo Stacy's comments below and tell everyone that the GoMage support team hooked us up and helped install this module. There were conflicts with jquerys and they were able to log on and fix the problem. Very happy. Thanks
Customer support is very helpful and the extension is excellent.
by Stacy - 11/29/2010
I am a new Magento user, so after buying the extension I had to contact GoMage customer service many times. And not all my questions as I discovered were related to the extension. But every time I received very detailed replies. I have learned a lot from them. Customer support is very helpful and the extension is excellent.
Thank you!
Good extension!
by camerack - 11/17/2010
I work directly with the makers of this Magento extension. It does exactly what it says it will do and does it well. Very reliable.
  • 4.9.3 November 15, 2018
    • Price Filter bug fixed.
    • “Clear All" option bug fixed.
    • Activation page error fixed.
    • GoMage SEO Booster compatibility: URL settings issue fixed.
  • 4.9.2 July 30, 2018
    • New feature! “Price Slider” filter type is now supported on mobile devices.
    • “Options Range” related bugs fixed for numeric attribute filters.
    • Output of decimal values corrected for numeric attribute filters.
    • “Use Secure URLs in Frontend” and product filtering related bugs fixed.
    • Minor layout modifications for the "Back to Top" button implemented.
  • 4.9.1 November 23, 2016
    • Full compatibility with Security Patch SUPEE-8788 and Magento ® CE;
    • Full compatibility with PHP 7;
    • Fixed a minor Internet Explorer compatibility bug;
    • Fixed a minor bug in the buttons translation functionality.
  • 4.9 November 2, 2015
    • Added a critical fix related to Magento ® SUPEE-6788 security patch.
  • 4.8 July 15, 2015
    • Added a major fix related to the Magento ® SUPEE-6285 security patch;
    • Fixed a XSS vulnerability in Advanced Navigation 4.7.
  • 4.7 June 24, 2015
    • Fully compatibility with GoMage SEO Booster 1.2;
    • Performance improvements;
    • Improved SEO parameters for Ajax filtering;
    • Added ability to use Solr Engine for Catalog Navigation;
    • Added ability to display categories block in the central column on static pages;
    • Fixed a bug with filters output on CMS pages;
    • Fixed compatibility issues with Varnish 3.0 on Magento ® CE;
    • Fixed a bug with Price Ranges;
    • Fixed a bug with filters output on CMS pages;
    • Fixed a bug with price slider on Tablet devices;
    • Fixed a minor issue with Mobile_Detect class;
    • Fixed an issue with page indexing;
    • Fixed a bug with INPUT filtering option.
  • 4.6 September 23, 2014
    • Fully compatibility with GoMage SEO Booster 1.1.
  • 4.5 July 18, 2014
    • Optimized MySQL Queries;
    • Fixed a minor bug with Friendly URLs;
    • Fixed a minor bug in Magento ® CE 1.9.x;
    • Fixed a minor bug with 'eval_js'.
  • 4.4 July 11, 2014
    • Fully compatibility with GoMage SEO Booster
  • 4.3 June 17, 2014
    • Full compatibility with Magento ® CE 1.9 & Magento ® EE 1.14;
    • Fully compatibility with ProCart 2.1 now;
    • Improved structure of the styles;
    • Fixed a minor bug on Category Pages;
    • Fixed a minor bug with Price Filter;
    • Fixed a minor bug with Autoscrolling;
    • Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • 4.2 Dec 13, 2013
    • Full compatibility with Magento ® Community Edition 1.8;
    • Supported responsive design;
    • Fully compatibility with Solr;
    • Fully compatibility with GoMage Product Designer;
    • Ability to configure filter parameters settings by categories in the Content column;
    • Ability to show products from the upper ones when switching pages;
    • Smooth Back to top transition;
    • Improved display of the category dropdown list;
    • Improved the Stock Settings tab configuration;
    • Fixed a minor bug with the Show All Options button;
    • Fixed a minor bug with Price filters;
    • Fixed a minor error on a bundle product page;
    • Fixed a minor error with Step Slider field;
    • Fixed a minor bug with slider tax price;
    • Fixed a minor bug with the price range when using options range manually;
    • Fixed a minor bug in Magento ® EE 1.12 - 1.13 in "Shop By" block;
    • Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • 4.1 June 13, 2013
    • Fixed bug with SEO
    • Fixed minor bug with Magento ® Enterprise Edition 1.13
    • Fixed minor bug with "Clear All" button
  • 4.0 May 02, 2013
    • Now extension works faster! JavaScript runs about 20% faster
    • SEO optimization: Preventing Google from indexing the pages!
    • Added ability to display two “Shop By” blocks
    • Added ability to choose the next/previous product or return from the product page without additional pages
    • Added ability to set up the ranges for price
    • Added ability to set up the attribute location
    • Added ability to show currency in slider
    • Ability to change the buttons text and color
    • Added ability to display applied filters
    • Added ability to show attributes by columns
    • Added ability to show/hide the help text by clicking/hovering over
    • Improved ability of using Advanced Navigation and SOLR
    • Added ability to hide an attribute that is not possessed by any product
    • Added ability to hide products quantity
    • Added ability not to be returned to the top of the page after clicking “Back Product Page” button (using Ajax)
    • Added ability to show the quantity of the products that are in stock and out of stock
    • Optimization of the slider options
    • Added ability to use “Show Next 20” options for attribute
    • Fixed minor bug of the “Back” button problem
    • Fixed minor bug concerning slider numbers
    • Fixed minor bug of “Clear” button
    • Fixed minor bug of “Reset filter” button
    • Fixed minor bug with attribute header
    • Fixed minor bug concerning “More products” button
  • 3.2 Jan 08, 2013
    • Fixed minor bug with Visible Options per Attribute option for Image filter type
    • Fixed a security issue
    • Fixed minor bug with “Use Autoscrolling = Ajax”
    • Fixed logic of right column navigation bar
    • Fixed minor bug with displaying of the empty attributes and empty values of the attributes
    • Hided layered navigation block from the search engines. No more duplicate content!
    • Added ability to hide a certain attribute filters for certain categories
    • Added In Stock/ Out of Stock filter
    • Added the Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) translation
    • Added ability to use Ajax for Sort By, View As, Show per page and pagination when “Is Anchor” is set to “No”
  • 3.1 Oct 22, 2012
    • Supported Magento ® CE and EE
    • Added “Border Radius” Option for Menu Bar
    • Added “Selected Category Color” Option for Menu Bar
    • Added “Disable on Mobile Devices” Option
    • Moved “Border Size” Option to Root Category
    • Fixed “Use Autoscrolling = Ajax” with “Add Filter Results to URL” Option
    • Fixed “Use Autoscrolling = Ajax” with Back Button in Browser
  • 3.0 June 20, 2012
    • Supported Magento ® EE
    • Supported Full Page Cache
    • Supported Solr (in Magento ®)
    • Redeveloped Menu Bar Navigation for Plain
    • Redeveloped category navigation on Search Page
    • Added ability to show Products (using categories) on Statis Pages
    • Added ability to show Shop By in Content and Right Column
    • Added ability to show only X options per attribute and hide another (more/less button)
    • Added Page Autoscrolling (Ajax Catalog)
    • Added Back to Top button
    • Updated Help Icon option for Store Views
    • Removed 256 Character Limit for Help Icon
    • Fixed Default Menu Bar Navigation (no rewrite for your custom top menus)
  • 2.4 May 4, 2012
    • Supported Magento ® CE
  • 2.3 Jan 20, 2012
    • Fixed navigation bar sorting issue
    • Fixed sidebar subcategory bug on Catalog Advanced Search Page
  • 2.2 Dec 2, 2011
    • Added Ajax Filtering for "Sort by" and "View as"
    • Added Add Filter Results to URL option
    • Added Use Friendly URLs option
  • 2.1 Sep 22, 2011
    • Supported Magento ®
    • Supported Firefox 6
    • Supported IE9 (Please read Known Issues in User Manual)
    • Added Color Picker (starting with Magento ® versions and later)
    • Added "In Block" option
    • Added "Filter Category Pages" option
    • Added "Hide Empty Category" option
    • Added "Input and Slider" option
    • Added "Show All Subcategories" option
    • Deleted "Folding" option
    • Fixed Minor Bugs
  • 2.0 Feb 10, 2011
    • Added menu bar navigation
    • Added category navigation for the left and right columns
    • Added navigation for the search page

Responsive design (Please note: due to the Prototype Library limitation with JavaScript, the slider on mobile devices is replaced with the default Magento ® filter type)

Сompatible with Apache Solr

Fully compatible with GoMage Product Designer

Ability to configure filter parameters by categories in the Content column

Ability to display two “Shop By” blocks

Smooth “Back to top” transition

Ability to choose the next/previous product or return directly to the products list page after viewing the product page

Ability to set up the attribute location

Ability to set up price ranges

Ability to show currency in Price slider

Use 2 or more sliders for Price type attributes

Use slider, input or slider&input filter types for Price attribute

Ability to change the text and color of the buttons

Ability to display applied filters

Ability to show attributes in columns

Ability to show/hide the help text for categories or attributes by clicking/hovering over

Change popup window size, background color and text color in the Admin Panel

Ability to hide attributes not assigned to any product

Ability to hide attribute filters for specific categories

In Stock / Out of Stock filter

Ability to show the quantity of “in stock” and “out of stock” products

Ability to hide products quantity

Ability to use Ajax for Sort By, View As, Show per page and pagination when “Is Anchor” is set to “No”

Different navigation types available (drop-down, plain, fly-out, image, block) for the top menu options and category navigation

Use Page Autoscrolling (Ajax Catalog) to show more products on the same page

Ability to add category navigation and products on Home and static pages

Navigation filters available on the search page

Ability to use Ajax filter for selected attributes and category page navigation

Multiple selection available for category and attribute filters

SEO-friendly category URLs (show or hide additional information in the URLs, such as ?manufacturer=2&color=1)

Replace the attribute numbers with names in the URLs (“?color=red” instead of “?color=1”)

Use images for categories and attributes

Align images vertically, horizontally or in 2 columns

Change Image size in the Admin Panel

Change filter view for background color, slider color, button name color in the Admin Panel

Change Ajax loader image in the Admin Panel

Multi-store and multi-language store supported

Easy installation: you simply upload the extension files to your server without changing any code or templates

Also Includes

14-day money-back guarantee

Free extension upgrade for 1 year

Free 1-year support

Not Supported

Internet Explorer 6 and 7

Magento ® 1.3 and lower versions