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Extensions for Magento ® - Bestsellers

  • GoMage LightCheckout: Magento One Page Checkout
    GoMage LightCheckout extension streamlines the checkout process by reducing it to one simple step, allowing for faster one step checkout and increased sales.
  • GoMage Feed Pro for Magento ®
    GoMage Feed Pro extension optimizes search engines such as Google Shopping (in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, China, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Brazil and Switzerland), Amazon and eBay by allowing you to uplink product information directly.
  • GoMage Advanced Navigation for Magento ®
    Advanced Navigation extension optimizes your site by improving navigation and product filtering, allowing customers to quickly find what they are looking for.
  • GoMage Product Designer for Magento ®
    Create your own design for a t-shirt, mug, mobile devices skin, cap or something else in order to underline your personality.
  • GoMage ProCart: Magento Ajax Cart
    GoMage ProCart extension allows customers to add products to the shopping cart without the necessity of reloading or redirecting the customer.

Solutions for Businesses Built on Magento ®

Development for Magento ®
Thorough pre-development analysis and development of websites based on Magento ® with custom or updated design and functionality, website testing and launch, development and implementation of user-specific extensions and themes for Magento ®. Post-project support, consultation and maintenance services. Flexible conditions and sensitive prices with a personal approach to every client.
Upgrade of Magento ®
Upgrade of Magento ® system to the latest version of Magento 1.x.x. ® or Magento 2.x.x. ® with full data transfer and custom design, available settings and functionality. Check your operating website for security vulnerabilities. Security patch installation, search for technical issues and removal of any malicious scripts.
Integration of Magento ®
Themes integration for Magento ®, customization and implementation of GoMage extensions or desired third party extensions. Integration of Magento ® with other required systems or software such as ERP or CRM. Implementation of user-defined functionality into Magento ®. Integration of themes and extensions for Magento 2 ®.
Optimization of Magento ®
Optimization of website code, database and speed of Magento ® system. Server performance optimization, analysis of server load and processes, remote server administration.