GoMage Feed Pro for Magento ®

GoMage Feed Pro extension allows you to expand your marketing channels by uploading your product data directly to all popular shopping engines, online marketplaces, and comparison shopping websites, such as Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, and many others. This is a special plugin that takes all necessary data about the products in your online store and generates a specially formatted file with that information. This file can be viewed in a browser, downloaded to your computer, uploaded to your Merchant Center with the corresponding shopping system. GoMage Feed Pro extension automates the feeding process and saves your time for new achievements.
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Promote and Sell Your Products
on Google Shopping

Promote and Sell Your Products
on Amazon

Promote and Sell Your Products
on eBay

Promote and Sell Your Products
on Facebook

Shopping Engines

With the GoMage Feed Pro extension, you can send the information about your products to the shopping engines from all over the world.

CSV and TXT Templates

Creating a CSV data feed file is like editing a table in Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets. Easily modify any fields in your feeds with a visual user interface. No coding knowledge is required.

XML Templates

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a flexible universal markup language that uses tags to define content blocks. It is recommended for stores with a large inventory, but it requires the XML coding knowledge.


10-times Faster than Before New
The feed generation technology has been improved, and now the generation process takes no more than a few minutes regardless of the number of products you need to export. Create your feeds 10-times faster with the new optimized Feed Pro extension.
Smart Filtering Conditions New
Smart filtering options allow you to exclude non-profitable or out-of-season products from the feed file, or create the feed files with specific products only. The filtering can be done by numerous conditions based on available Magento ® attributes. Significant improvements in the filtering functionality have made this feature even more flexible and efficient.
Product Review Feed New
This function allows sending product reviews to required shopping engines. The feed file can be generated in XML format, and all necessary variables should be indicated: review ID, user's nickname, user ID, date, title, and so on. Strong coding skills are not required. Detailed instruction makes this process very simple.
Attribute Types
Various product attributes are used to export the products and their parameters to the feed file. The field values in the feed file can be taken from the standard Magento ® attributes, output statically or pulled from the Dynamic attributes. Parent Attribute type allows you to export the values of “Parent” products for the simple items that belong to Configurable products.
Output Type Filters
Optimize your product listings to match the search engines requirements. Remove the HTML tags from descriptions, decode or encode special characters, delete spaces in product names, and many more.
Characters Limit
Search engines have character limits for names, attributes, descriptions, etc. Configure the necessary limits in the feed settings to meet the requirements of each shopping system.
Categories and Subcategories
Choose categories and subcategories to which your products should belong or map your Magento ® categories to the corresponding ones from the shopping systems’ lists. Assigning your products to the proper category and subcategory improves your conversion rate.
Multiple Attribute Values Per Cell
Not only for XML! Include multiple values for a single attribute for CSV and TXT files using Prefix and Suffix functionality in the feed Content Settings.
Upload Images
Upload the product images that will match the shopping engines’ requirements.
We do not provide any CSV, TXT or XML templates.

Dynamic Attributes

The Dynamic Attributes combine powerful features of GoMage Feed Pro with the ability to set your own conditions for the output of the necessary product parameters. You can generate the data feed file according to the search engines’ requirements without changing the attributes in your store.

Pay attention! The Dynamic Attribute was invented by GoMage team in 2011. You may see bad copies of our extension with this functionality that doesn’t work correctly.

Share Your Great Products with the World

Powerful Insights to Help Grow Your Business

Configuration of the product feed campaigns may take a lot of time and effort. The time and effort that could instead be spent on business development, traveling, or having rest with your family. This problem has now been solved. GoMage Feed Pro extension can be configured to automatically upload the feed file to the server of the shopping system, online marketplaces, or comparison shopping websites, such as Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Buy.com, Sears.com, Nextag, PriceGrabber, and many others. These and similar shopping systems have become very popular with the online users as they allow them to search for the necessary products within one website, compare the offers from various stores and choose the best propositions. With GoMage Feed Pro, you can easily export your product feeds to the shopping systems of your selection and present your products to a much wider audience all over the world.

Adapted for Slow Servers
Special options of the Feed Pro extension can be used to optimize the generation process on slow servers. You do not need to worry about the downtime of your server.
Upload Schedule
Schedule automatic generation and upload of your feeds to the shopping engines, and the data will be regularly refreshed on the days and time of your selection.
Barcodes Generator (Beta)
Amazon requires barcodes for the products you are planning to sell on their site. Generate UPC, EAN or MPN numbers with GoMage Feed Pro.
Unlimited Feeds
There are no limits for the number of feeds you generate and upload to shopping engines.
System Notifications
Get notified by email when the data feed file is generated and uploaded, or when it fails due to some errors on the server.
74 reviews
Good extension
by Marion - 7/6/2017
Firstly, I waved between your and the same-featured extension by Amasty, but having compared the pricing, I switched to the Feed Pro, as your support is much cheaper, as well as the module itself, though it’s no way worse.
by zulfequar - 5/18/2015
Amazing fast support stable extension.Must have if you want to use google shopping feed
Excellent Extension
by walkerlrae - 5/4/2015
Feeds work great, support is outstanding. I recommend this extension.
5 star customer support
by tomharding - 4/16/2015
Great extension coupled with excellent customer support.
Thank you for your help.
Very good product, easy installation program, INCREDIBLE support
by andystorey - 2/24/2015
I first purchased version 3.3 of this extension prior to going live with a Magento site. With plenty of other balls in the air, I just decided to opt-for the additional paid-for install and config of 1 feed for Google.
After months of hassle-free running, a change of server, a FREE upgrade from 3.3 to 3.4 and I still had a small issue with the generation of the feed.
I emailed the support, thinking that I had no chance of getting this resolved quickly and what do you know! Nadezhda gave me prompt, exact suggestions and we eventually got it sorted - FREE OF CHARGE!
Incredible service....
Migration successfu
by Phongna - 1/19/2015
Very professional technical support, great team work. Thanks Alex for helping me
Amazing time saver!
by tysonatsfjo - 11/18/2014
This extension is amazing. I really do not know what I would do without it. My product feed is very complex and requires many features and specifications I went through two other product feed extensions until I found this one. GoMage Feed Pro is by far the best feed manager out on the market.
Great extension
by Aguero3011 - 11/3/2014
Great extension, save a lot of time so the money is well spent.
Contact with support also good.
Super quick support
by bournemouthboy - 10/9/2014
Really happy about a recent support query on Magepro feed. Issue was resolved within 24 hours under free support!
Great support
by Dave Martens - 9/23/2014
We have used this extension in alot of webshops and it alays works perfectly. Sometimes we require some additional functionlity and it can always be expanded to our wishes. They are also very helpful with bugs. Overall recommended!
Great extension!
by lantosviktor - 8/7/2014
We're using this a while ago. Very useful tool which will be smarter with each edition. Support is really good so you can be sure you always have someone behind your back when it's critical.
Keep up the good work!
Very useful extension
by smiffter - 6/24/2014
Very useful extension. One useful (but apparently undocumented?) feature is that within custom attributes you can use the value "today" to check date fields against the current date. I only discovered this when looking at the code in an attempt to add this feature myself, so thought it may be worth mentioning here in case it's useful to others.
Excellent Extension
by blap - 6/4/2014
Very flexible extension, great for google product feeds.
Excellent Plugin
by tomharding - 5/19/2014
I downloaded this plugin to install on a clients website so they could list products on Google Base, Play.com, Amazon.co.uk, Affiliate Window etc.
The plugin is easy to install and you can use it straight out of the box. XML feeds can be a bit difficult to get to grips with but with a bit of trail and error you will get it all set up in the end.
I recommend this plugin if you need to list your product feeds on mutiple websites such as Google Base, Play.com, Amazon, etc. It will make life a lot easier!!
by TNSro - 4/25/2014
Excuse my English (googlish as someone said), I will repeat what I have already voted, but I this extension is very useful for online stores to load and update products.
I recommend extension.
Powerful and Flexible Feed Generation Extension
by totallighting - 4/17/2014
GoMage Feed Pro is the most powerful and flexible feed generation extension we have seen. We spent many hours researching Feed generation extensions for Magento and quickly found GoMage's extension to be the best fit for our business. We have been using it since version 2 and just upgraded to the latest version 3. With version 3 GoMage added a few more features and increased the efficiency of the extension making it generate feeds much faster.
Support was very helpful in troubleshooting an issue we were experiencing. They went out of their way to resolved the issue having a solution in less then 24 hours!
Good tool & support
by boozd - 4/11/2014
We've been using the GoMage feed Pro for several months. It really helps us to build good feeds and the GoMage team is very supportive.
Excellent!! Excellent!! Excellent!
by Rustic Lime - 3/25/2014
I have been building websites on the magento platform for over 5 years and GoMage Feed Pro is an absolute necessity when trying to successfully list products to Google and any other shopping feeds.
Their support is quick and professional as well which is very rare amongst most developers on the marketplace.
If i build a website on magento, this is a core plugin that will always come with me.
Great extension with great support
by Shepstar - 2/26/2014
The extension does what it should without any problems. Installation was easy and worked out of the box.
All problems i had afterwards where solved fast. Questions to the support got answered the same day. This is how extensions should work!
One of the Most Useful Extensions I use!
by pagelogic - 2/22/2014
This is one of the most useful extensions I use for myself and all my clients. GoMage Support is always so willing to go the extra mile to help me get my clients up and going. Thanks GoMage!
Wonderful extension!
by ATPS - 2/19/2014
Works perfectly, simple to use, simple to customise - does exactly what is says on the tin.
Work perfect!
by TNSro - 1/29/2014
It's useful, practical and get rid of many problems.
Flawless support.
Highly recommended
by krish321 - 12/27/2013
Great extension to create product shopping feeds. Easy to configure. Awesome support. Highly recommended. Overall I would rate them 5/5.
Good product. Must have.
by baadd1 - 12/19/2013
Does everything you would need an extension like this to do.
Great shopping feed tool
by stevepfiwe - 12/19/2013
this is a great product to create product shopping feeds. It is easy to configure and has good configuration documentation. the dynamic attributes also allow for creating custom field values base on your Magento catalog database attributes
they also have great support and very responsive.
Highly recommended
Product support is excellent
by gstamant - 11/14/2013
We are using the GoMage product.
Recently after installing we noticed an error with permissions. After weeks of attempting to fix it ourselves we turned it over to gomage product support. They fixed it perfectly without any effort from us. This company deserves a 5 on 5 for support and services, I would recommend it to all..
Guy St-Amant IT tech
Great support, nice extension
by flitsinternet - 11/11/2013
We changed the base url from our new site, because we switched from host. I contacted support at live chat and in less than 2 minutes they changed the license for me, even the support period was expired!
Friendly, and fast service! Thanks in advance!
nice extension, great support
by ElectricAvenue - 10/21/2013
I was using the Gomage Feed for a year and once we change the site it wasn't working. I contacted support and in less than 1 hour the replied me with the solution even if my free support was expired. I highly recommend this guys.
Superb Customer Service
by dinahkas - 10/15/2013
They are very helpful when you need. Feed works great! Thanks GoMage.
Excellent product
by henkerdehenkhenk - 8/22/2013
Using the Gomage feed extension for a while now. Rock steady feed creation. Got about 28 feeds running, works like a charm.
Especially the dynamic feed attribute function comes in very handy when creating a Google Shopping feed.
Thanks for this extension. Money well spent!
Optimise shopping engine feeds! 5* Support!
by magentogeek786 - 7/30/2013
The GoMage Feed Pro V3.2 not only provides essential tools for any digital marketing professional to promote products via a range of Shopping Engines, but the GoMage team itself are helpful, polite and have technical experience that will assist you in getting your desired solution deployed without any issues.
Highly recommend GoMage for all your magento integration solutions.
Works like a charm
by fijnbeddengoed - 7/19/2013
I have been using this extension for more then 2 years now and we are very pleased with it.
The installation was simple and without errors. The extension is very flexible and will generate every kind of feed you need.
GoMage is one of our preferred suppliers. We use a lot of their extensions. The support is fast and professional.
works like a charm!
by John_B - 6/12/2013
I'm using this extension with magento and it works like a charm. The support is fast and accurate. No issues during install.
Furthermore I had them develop a little customization which was developed and installed in my system within a single day.
Highly recommended!
Solid Extension
by ladle - 5/23/2013
It's a really good and dynamic extension.
My only issue is with the implementation of the parent url function. Which is by design to pull the parent of simple products, so you can submit your different variants for configurable products, and they are all directed to the configurable parent.
The issue is if your simple products are associated to bundle products and configurable products. The extension will in some cases use the bundle parent. Then your simple products will direct to the bundle. Which in most cases will get your items banned since the price of your simple product, is going to be greatly different than the bundle product it is included in in most cases.
Hands Down The Best!
by TECHeGO - 4/3/2013
I have purchased this extension for every single Magento Website we build! There is no better extension available for product feed generation! Absolutley Love It!
Very Good Support
by mgus - 3/11/2013
The support for this extension is excellent I highly recommend based on the support team! They went above and beyond to help us. Thanks so much!
The extension is great!
by Wendeline - 2/12/2013
The extension is great! I purchased the product for my new Google Base XML feed today. I had some issues with my site and these guys went above and beyond with great support (that they didn't have to help me with but chose to) until everything worked. Thank you!!
Great extension for feeds
by wsnl - 1/15/2013
Great extension for feeds and excellent support from the GoMage team! Thank you!
Works on my multi-store setup without issue
by FloraJPoole - 11/24/2012
Works on my multi-store setup without issue. Thanks for the fine extension!
Great module
by Robert_XC - 11/13/2012
Great module and great support from the GoMage team.
Very easy to set up and creat your custom feeds.
I have used this for 6 months now
by lovefragrance - 10/9/2012
I have used this for 6 months now. I had some issues getting it to work but the Gomage team were extremely helpful and very responsive. It's a brilliant module to have, one of the most useful!
Very Pleased!
by TryTryTry - 9/18/2012
I have been using the product for over a year and just updated to a new Version. For the second time, I had Gomage do my installation and the service was terrific. The stuck with me through all issues and got me running quickly. Very Pleased!
The installation was fairly easy
by Norma632 - 8/31/2012
I recently installed this extension in magento The installation was fairly easy. Customer service was very helpful and even assisted me in getting setup. This is a very deep extension and can be confusing at first, but you must understand Google Shopping. So it can make it confusing, but once you setup and going it works great. Even got great support!
Works perfectly
by marktwinner - 8/29/2012
Works perfectly. Had a glitch installing it in my own Magento (1.5) due to a fault of my own. Contacted gomage support and got it fixed within 2 hours.
Amazing Extension!
by robpart81 - 8/27/2012
Amazing Extension! Needs some tweaking, but follow the instruction and probably this shall become the best extension you ever had. Customer service replied in few minutes!
We purchased this for 1.7 and installed it
by clarkbetty - 8/9/2012
We purchased this for 1.7 and installed it. It needed some tweaking to get it working but the company we're very communicative and got things working. Huge time saver - currently using it with Nextag and Shopping.com and will now start setting up other engines.
You guys did a great job
by Georgia0404 - 6/7/2012
Installing this extension and getting it to work is actually really simple.
This is awesome!! You guys did a great job.
Just purchased this today, great work!
by Myers34347 - 5/7/2012
Just purchased this today, great work! Dead easy integration out of the box (CE Well documented. Thanks!
Easy to use extension. Great support.
by dgitman - 3/13/2012
Easy to use extension. Great support.
thanks for your quickly support
by mopheus72 - 2/16/2012
Hello Gomage Team, thanks for your quickly support. A really good extension.....Special thanks to Yuriy.
by alonpiriser9 - 2/4/2012
Works great on 1.5
Thanks for developing this for the rest of us. Great Job!!!
by ronanstafford - 2/2/2012
Thanks for developing this for the rest of us. Great Job!!!
This is a great extension and they have provided excellent support
by denniswilliam - 1/10/2012
This is a great extension and they have provided excellent support, even when dealing with some issues that were caused by customizations I have made to my Magento setup.
Works very good
by davidhopervan - 12/7/2011
Works very good. Easy to install. Got promp reply when I asked one question. Thanks!
Very Impressed
by Mike - 9/13/2011
I'm very impressed with this module. It gives us the flexibility to generate one custom feed that we can send to our Channel Advisor account for distribution to a dozen comparison shopping engines.
Very good extension for Magento product feeds
by sensible - 8/25/2011
Very good extension for product feeds. Flexible and versatile. Beats the build in thefind and Google hands over fist. Some work on the customer handling soft skills are needed though.
GoMage Feed Pro is an excellent extension
by gabrielsomoza - 7/16/2011
GoMage Feed Pro is an excellent extension - its careful design makes it both easy to use and very flexible. GoMage's support configuring the Google Merchant feed was good and fast, and I highly value their efforts on meeting our very specific needs.

I recommend the extension to anybody who wants to export their products as feeds - whether it is for Google Base/Merchant, Bing Shopping, Yahoo, etc.
First class- excellent communication
by dodyryda - 6/24/2011
I used the GoMage feed on my site as I needed a custom solution.. Yuriy at GoMage was first class- excellent communication and knock out my custom requirements in a couple of days.. first class solution for what I needed..
Good Program.
by dove - 6/3/2011
This is a relay good and stable program that has help me a lot with my feeds.....A must have for every magento store.
Works perfect for us
by A. Services - 6/1/2011
Works perfect for us to display products on external website. Using Magento Easy installation and configuration.
Excellent And Very Very Helpful!
by chris - 5/23/2011
Really impressed! The customer service is excellent! Even being the in the UK the fast response to emails and support is amazing!
Excellent extension
by sherrie - 5/13/2011
This extension not only has a flawless install but it is simple and intuitive to configure and use. The support team is also phenomenal -- knowledgeable and quick to respond. My client doesn't even have to think about product feeds now. Everything is generated/uploaded automatically on predetermined intervals. Thanks for providing an extension that fully meets our needs!
by Colorlens - 5/12/2011
This module is just excellent. Works perfect and is easily in use.
Within 1 hour i had different feeds for different websites.

My website www.colorlens.nl needed it!
This extension is SOLID
by techatcost - 5/6/2011
This extension is SOLID. It's well built and easy to use - much much much better than what I've tried before. In addition to the extension being very good, the company's customer service is A+. I couldn't ask for more. They respond quickly and are highly valuable. Well worth the one-time price in my book.
This extension has been exactly what I needed for one of my clients
by sherrie - 4/15/2011
This extension has been exactly what I needed for one of my clients. Robert from the GoMage was also quick and helpful with some configuration questions in the beginning.
Excellent Extension
by scjunkies - 1/14/2011
Excellent Extension. It works perfectly. I asked for some customization and they did it at an affordable price. Thank you
Great extension
by klagreca - 12/21/2010
Great extension. Completely replaced my custom google feed as well as exporting duties. Support was helpful and fast. 100% recomm. the GoMage team.
Fantastic Product and Customer Support
by egs - 12/18/2010
I purchased the product yesterday and had my new Google Base XML feed going today. I had some issues with my site and Magento (not this package) and these guys went above and beyond with great support (that they didn't have to help me with but chose to) until everything worked. Excellent support and product once again.
Highly recommend!
by jonw_storables - 11/4/2010
These guys are great. From purchase to install in a few hours. Highly recommended!
These guys have been great
by dnawebagency - 10/27/2010
These guys have been great. The plugin is very nicely built and the user manual was very helpful. The support they offer as well has been very responsive and thorough. For once a plugin developer you can rely on. Keep up the good work!
Excellent service!!!
by speery - 10/15/2010
Excellent service from these folks! Highly recommend!
Excellent Extension
by Guest - 9/10/2010
We just added this extension--it installs flawlessly into magento and feeds are super easy to set up and admin. Can set up as many feeds as you want with all kinds of shopping aggregators, mapping product data to feed file templates is simple. Excellent, easy to use product, highly recommend!
Nice feed extension
by viktorlantos - 9/7/2010
The extension is great! Installation takes only a few minutes. No special hacks needed. Just simply upload and use. The pre-built templates are not there, but you can use the developer demo admin page to see some great examples. I had a quick issue with the compiled mode, but the support helped me in a few hours. I only can recommend this extension, since you can build any feed form for external sites. Hopefully these guys will do other extensions too in the future. Highly recommended! Great work!
We just installed it a couple of days ago and it works great
by MonoMachines - 9/2/2010
We just installed it a couple of days ago and it works great. There are no "pre-built" templates in there so you have to take an amazon feed and then build it yourself. We haven't test the FTP part yet but the rest of it seems to work.

See below the most popular Shopping Engines for which we offer Feed Configuration Service.

Shopping Engine Shopping Engine Cost Documentation Countries Price *
Amazon Product AdsCost-Per-Click Bids.All Countries€179.00
Rakuten.com (Buy.com)Pay a commission $0.99 per item plus a percentage of the price.All Countries€139.00

Pay commission to a publisher for leads and sales.

Learn MoreAll Countries€139.00

Insertion fee(pay for a catalog item even if it is not sold, but located).

Final value fee (pay when the item is sold).
All Countries€179.00
FacebookSmall percentage of your FansNewsFeed.All Countries€139.00
Google ShoppingPay-for-click on your ad.All Countries€89.00
Gimme.com.auPay Per Sale – Advertising model which only charges when a sale occurs.Australia€139.00
Junglee.comThere is no listing fees, monthly subscription or any hidden charges – listing on Junglee.comis free!India and others€139.00
Myshopping.com.auPay only on results. You only pay a referral fee when a shopper clicks on your website.Australia€89.00
Newegg.comNewegg Marketplace offers the lowest commission rates of any major online marketplace.

All countries

Nextag.comYou only pay when the system refers you a qualified lead, there are no listing fees or set up costs.

All Countries

Membership limited for 50 states of US and Canada

PriceCanada.comThe system is for Customers in Canada€139.00

Pay cost-per-click.

All countries



Compare UK Prices and Find Deals Online

Priceme.co.nzPay-For-Performance.New Zealand€139.00


New Zealand€139.00
Sears.comAll Countries€139.00
Shopbot BusinessYou get to choose how much you want to invest in Shopbot. Australia, New Zealand, Canada€89.00
Shopmania.comPay-For-Performance.All Countries€139.00

The engine is becoming a part of eBay Inc.


CPC rates start from 0,05 to 0,50 pounds.
All Countries€139.00
Shopzilla.comCost-Per-Click.All Countries€139.00

*Fixed price for a one-time feed configuration service.

  • 4.3.2 June 05, 2020
    • Added ability to choose a folder to store generated feeds.
    • Miscellaneous minor improvements.
    • Dynamic attribute output when using dropdown product attributes.
  • 4.3.1 March 18, 2019
    • Prefix/Suffix addition in CSV/TXT formats bug fixed.
    • Multi-select attribute related bug fixed.
    • Incorrect data export with automatic feed generation bug fixed.
  • 4.3.0 August 21, 2018
    • Products from different Store Views added to one feed bug fixed.
    • Using Dynamic Attributes with more than one variable bug fixed.
    • “File not generated” error fixed.
  • 4.2.0 July 30, 2018
    • "Use Flat Catalog Product” option related bugs fixed.
    • Content Settings - "Remove line break symbols" related bug fixed.
    • Content Settings - “Enclosure = space - without double space” option related bug fixed.
    • Conditions - Filter by “Image” attribute bug fixed.
  • 4.1.1 December 14, 2017
    • Parent Attribute related issue fixed.
  • 4.1.0 November 24, 2017
    • Dynamic Attribute values bug fixed;
    • Manufacturer and color attributes related bug fixed;
    • Import settings bug fixed;
    • Export fields to server bug fixed;
    • “Does not contain” condition bug fixed;
    • Filter by “Base image” bug fixed;
    • Filter by “Qty” bug fixed.
  • 4.0.0 November 13, 2017
    • 10 times quicker feed generation;
    • Adapted for Slow Servers;
    • New user-friendly interface;
    • More flexible feed configuration;
    • New Feature – Ability to generate the feed with the recently updated products only;
    • New Feature – Ability to exclude Configurable Product from the feed if all Child Products are out of stock;
    • New Feature – Ability to create XML Product Review Feeds for Google Shopping;
    • New Feature – Feed URLs formation based on the selected Store View;
    • New Feature – Ability to adjust the output format for Date and Time;
    • Dynamic Attribute functionality extended and improved;
    • Enhanced filter functionality and modified approach to product filtering;
    • Filter by Category bug fixed;
    • Filter by multi-select attributes bug fixed;
    • Parent URL related bug fixed;
    • Export Child Product values bug fixed;
    • URL Key attribute bug fixed;
    • Feed generation for different Store Views bug fixed;
    • Product Visibility bug on Magento ® Enterprise fixed.
  • 3.7.0 November 28, 2016
    • Full compatibility with Security Patch SUPEE-8788 and Magento ® CE;
    • Full compatibility with PHP 7;
    • Fixed a bug with "not equal" filter condition;
    • Implemented an ability to filter the categories by ID in the Filter Configuration.
  • 3.6 November 2, 2015
    • Added a major fix related to Magento ® SUPEE-6788 security patch.
  • 3.5 July 15, 2015
    • Added a major fix related to the Magento ® SUPEE-6285 security patch;
    • Fixed an issue with Parent attributes usage and Suffix delimiters;
    • Fixed an issue with Amazon SKU attribute;
    • Fixed a minor bug on the extension configuration page after the upgrade to newer versions.
  • 3.4 Jan 14, 2015
    • Added ‘Do not use default image’ option
    • Added ‘Preview’ option for XML feeds
    • Fixed a bug with simple and configurable products configuration
    • Fixed a bug with the feed URL forming based on the Store View
    • Fixed a bug with the attribute ‘In stock’ configuration
    • Fixed a bug with attributes’ display in ‘Prefix Value’ and ‘Suffix Value’ fields
    • Improved the possibility of the extension customization on customer’s side
  • 3.3 Sep 23, 2013
    • Added Prefix and Suffix delimiter
    • Added files uploading via SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
    • Added Parent or Child attributes validation for empty values
    • Added ability to get Product URL only from Configurable products
    • Re-developed UPC, EAN, MPN codes generation
    • Fixed bug with an attribute ID
  • 3.2 Apr 2, 2013
    • Added ability to generate UPC, EAN, MPN codes
    • Improved ability to configure fields "parent-sku"
  • 3.1 Feb 18, 2013
    • Added ability to configure fields "parent-sku" and "parent-child" for Amazon
    • Added output value "Parent Url" in Dynamic Attributes
    • Added ability to generate feed with products which have special price for current day
    • Added ability to output "Description" and "Short Description" with HTML tags
    • Fixed a Bug in Magento® 1.4
    • Fixed Bug with https in image URL
  • 3.0 Oct 01, 2012
    • Fully Redeveloped and Improved
    • Redeveloped Output Type
    • Redeveloped Attribute Value in Dynamic Attribute
    • Added CURL option
    • Added Stop Button for Canceling Feed Generation
    • Added Auto-generate Settings (insted of Generate and Upload Settings)
    • Added Auto-upload Settings (insted of Generate and Upload Settings)
    • Added Filter All (Together/Split) option
    • Added Configurable Values in Dynamic Attribute
    • Added Real Time Information about Current Feed
    • Added Last Generated, Generation Time, Last Uploaded options
    • Added Email Notifications
    • Added Information about SFTP (SSH)
    • Fixed uploading full URL for Thumbnail and Small Image
    • Fixed ability to work with the empty attributes
    • Fixed ability to use htmlspecialchars_decode with spaces in XML
  • 2.2 Feb 02, 2012
    • Fixed Brand Attribute
    • Fixed an XML Bug in Magento ®1.4
    • Fixed Categories Filter
    • Fixed Product Type Attribute
  • 2.1 Nov 01, 2011
    • Added Symbols Limit
    • Added Category > SubCategory option
    • Added Parent SKU option
    • Added Delete Space option for Output Type
    • Added Product Type for Filter Configuration
    • Added Header for Amazon
    • Added Products Visibility
    • Added Resize Images Settings for Feed file
    • Added Attribute Value for Dynamic Attributes
    • Fixed Zero Price for Bundle Products
  • 2.0 Apr 11, 2011
    • Added Import and Export Fields into the server
    • Added Import and Export Fields of the Dynamic Attributes
    • Added Upload Categories and Sub-Categories Settings
    • Added Upload Images Settings
    • Added Upload Qty Settings
    • Added new filter type XOR
    • Added Export Out of Stock Products Option
    • Added Export Disabled Products Option
  • 1.1 Sep 19, 2010
    • Added Dynamic Attribute
    • Added Final Price
    • Added File Creation Settings
    • Added Upload Settings (Beta)
Data Feeds for Shopping engines

The Data Feed process for comparison shopping engines can be time-consuming and exhausting. The Feed Manager by GoMage is a special plugin that allows fixing this problem. This extension for Magento ® takes all the data about products in the online store and aggregates it in a specially formatted file. Then it performs all operations connected to transferring the information from this formatted file to the desired shopping engines: Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and others. FeedPro by GoMage automates the feed files creation and export process and saves extra time for managers of online stores.


Ability to send your product data to multiple Shopping Engine services

Ability to create unlimited number of feeds for any shopping engine

Supported formats: CSV, TXT, XML

Ability to send product data from any of your stores in Magento ® directly

Generation of a permanent product feed URL for Search Engine services

Supported feed file upload through FTP or SFTP (SSH)

Ability to Enable or Disable “Passive mode” for FTP/SFTP

Options to schedule automatic feed file generation and upload through Cron

Email notifications about generated & uploaded feeds or errors returned by Shopping Engine services

Easy Fields Mapping with ability to use Output Type filter for every column

Import and Export Fields Mapping using FeedPro settings

Ability to add any number of attribute options into one cell

Ability to use Characters Limit for names and descriptions

Ability to remove line break symbols from a data feed

Upload Categories and Sub-Categories

Ability to export different data and prices to each of Shopping Engine services

Upload & Resize Images

Ability to use a header for Amazon (or any other Shopping Engine service)

Advanced Product Attributes Filter Configuration

Ability to filter products by Product Type

Options to include or exclude “Out of Stock” & “Disabled” Products in the Feed file

Ability to optimize File Creation Settings for low-memory servers

Real-time Information about existing feeds

Ability to configure data export conditions with the help of Dynamic Attributes configuration

Easy installation – you simply upload the extension files to your server, no coding modifications are needed

Using GoMage Feed Pro

Google Shopping (in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, China, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Brazil and Switzerland), Amazon, ChannelAdvisor, eBay, Facebook, PriceGrabber, Shopzilla, Froogle, Nextag, Shopping.com, ShopBot.ca, PriceCanada.com, TheFind.com, Commission Junction and many more...

We do not provide any CSV, TXT or XML templates.

Also Includes

14-days money back on a case-by-case basis

Free extension upgrade for 1 year

Free 1-year support