GoMage Sales & Deals for Magento ®

Perfect Management of Your Special Offers with GoMage Sales & Deals

Special propositions are widely used in online stores to either run a promotional campaign or sell products at discounted prices. Customers always appreciate an opportunity to buy products at sale prices and wish to know how long the offer stands and when it will end. GoMage Sales & Deals extension provides a wide range of features to help you present your special offers to customers and show them how much time is left until the expiration of your store’s best deals. With this extension, your customers will never miss an opportunity to use your special offers.
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Start the Sales Campaign Automatically for Customer Groups
You can choose the customer groups for which Magento sales and Magento deals will be active in the extension settings on the backend of Magento ®. The deal will be shown automatically to the customers of the selected groups during the specified period of time. The categories and pages on which the deal should be displayed can also be selected in the extension settings.
Promotional Period Start and End Dates
Start and end date and time can be selected for each deal. When the expiry time comes, the deal will disappear from the site automatically or customers will see the message indicating that the deal has expired. All options can be configured in the admin panel.
Countdown Ticker to a Specific Date
Enable the countdown timer and specify where exactly on the site it should be displayed, so your customers will always see how much time they have left until the special offer expires. The output of the Magento countdown timer is fully customizable through the extension settings in the backend.
Set and Calculate Sold Quantity
The quantity of products available for the special offer can be specified in the extension settings. The quantity is displayed on the frontend and is updated each time the product items are bought. With this feature, your customers will not only see the time left till the sale expiration but the quantity of products available, too.
Hide Expired Deal without Page Reloading
You can configure the deal block and the deal timer countdown ticker to disappear at the moment when the deal ends, with page reloading not needed. The message informing customers that the deal has expired can be shown on the site, and the text of this message can be specified in the backend.
Unlimited Number of Deals
You can create as many deals on the site as you wish and display deal blocks for the categories and pages you specify. The position and display settings of each deal can be selected in the backend settings of the Sales and Deals extension. The extension has open-source code and can be easily customized according to your requirements.
11 reviews
Helps to get rid of dead stock
by Tommy-Lee Stanley - 12/20/2019
After looking for a way to sell out our dead stock, we decided to provide special offers for these products. This extension helps us with the task, offering an easy way to set up and configure promotions. When we have problems, we just write to the support team and they quickly provide us with solutions.
Happy I found this extension
by Ebony Almond - 5/16/2019
Solution provides the whole range of features to set up, configure and launch special offers. With just a few clicks I’m can to specify the time the offer will expire, show how much products we have in stock and the time till the end of promotion.

I’d recommend the extension for store owners who don’t want to spend much time on routine tasks.
Smooth experience this far
by Gracie-Leigh Warner - 12/2/2018
Have been using the extension for a few years now. Don’t have any problems so far. Great solution doing it supposed to do. Offers an easy way to create and display special offers on your site.
Great solution
by Shayne Mckinney - 4/18/2018
GoMage Sales & Deals is a great solution for my store. I can set up special offers just in a few clicks. Extension offer a wide range of adjustable features that allow to configure each promotion, including its duration, expiration date, etc.

I would recommend solution!
Thanks for great solution
by Cydney Hale - 7/6/2017
GoMage Sales & Deals is a very useful extension for our store. After looking for such a solution, we chose this because of very attractive price and all the features that we need. The extesion helps us sell more and sell dead stoke, which takes up place in our warehouses.
Meets all our business needs
by Khalil Powers - 11/10/2015
After looking for a solution that would allow us to display blocks with special offers, we chose GoMage extension as it provides the best way to quickly set up such elements. The extension allows to configure start and end time, place countdown, and show how much items with special prices we have in stock.
Great customer support, good solution
by Drew Mann - 11/4/2014
My experience with extension started with installation problems. Luckily, customer support team were able to help tackle it. Since than I haven’t had problem with the extension. I qucikly set up special offers and display them on my website.
Recommend this extension
by Raul Mckay - 11/17/2013
extension allows to quickly set up and launch promotion campaigns in our store. its features meet all our needs. we can change the start and end dates for special offers. countdown ticker incites customers to place orders quicker.
Nice extension, excellent service
by pimdonkerlo - 8/19/2013
Extesnion does exactly what is promised and works ok. Also Gomage is answerring quick to support tickets.
Fully satisfied with solution and support
by Frances Burns - 1/21/2013
Been using GoMage extensions for a while now and can tell they provide a superb customer support. I encountered a problem with this extension and they were able to quickly help with it.
Overall, the extension does what it is supposed to do. Just what I need for my store.
Just what we need!
by Umair Gallegos - 12/26/2011
It’s simply the best solution ever. Have using it for a while now and could not wish for a better extension.
  • 1.2 November 2, 2015
    • Added a major fix related to Magento ® SUPEE-6788 security patch.
  • 1.1 July 16, 2015
    • Added a major fix related to the Magento ® SUPEE-6285 security patch.