GoMage LightCheckout for Magento 2 ®

GoMage LightCheckout Provides Painless Customer Checkout Solution

LightCheckout extension is designed by GoMage to enhance and refine the closing process of shopping in online stores by putting together the final steps of the checkout procedure. In place of many pages in an online store checkout, there is only one closing page – Magento 2 one-step checkout. GoMage LightCheckout for Magento 2 ® takes into account all peculiarities of completing purchases online. With more than 9+ years of experience, we bring the best eCommerce practice to GoMage LightCheckout, which you can implement in your online Magento 2 ® store.
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Securely Purchasing Online
LightCheckout is developed using the best industry-standard security practices of strict quality testing and security review.
Automatic Carrier Shipping Rates
The extension allows you to offer shipping methods in your Magento 2 ® store, which are calculated considering the weight of a product, speed of delivery, zip code, and box dimensions.
Delivery Date and Time
This outstanding feature of one page checkout Magento 2 enables your customers to choose and reserve a delivery date and time when they place an order.
Disable Shopping Cart Page
Let your customers go through the checkout without any distractions, so that they can place an order as fast as possible.
Simple Gift Wrapping
Establish your own gift-wrapping service. You can offer your customers the opportunity of having their purchases gift wrapped.
Advanced VAT Calculation for the EU
This feature uses the VIES VAT API that calculates the appropriate EU VAT rates based on your customer’s location and the rules configured on your backend.
…and many others!
30+ Payment Gateways
We have integrated with many major card payments and eCommerce payment gateways from all over the world.
Request Your Payment Gateway Now!


Customize Your Checkout
Easily change your checkout page view with the built-in theme editor!
Edit HTML and CSS
Create your own unique style of checkout page with the simple editing of CSS and HTML code.
GoMage LightCheckout is adapted for mobile eCommerce with responsive themes. Your customers can place orders from any mobile phone or tablet.


Registered and Guest Customers
Let your customers choose to create an account on the checkout page or place orders as a guest to decrease shopping cart abandonment.
New Customers
Manage billing and shipping address fields to make the form-filling process simpler and quicker for your customers.
GeoIP Technology
Be bright! Autofill country, city and zip/postal code for your customers based on their location.
Multiple Languages
LightCheckout speaks various languages. Currently it's localized into 15 languages and you can add your own one. Also, LightCheckout is adapted for right-to-left direction languages (without translation).


Discount Codes and Coupons
LightCheckout gives your customers the ability to use discount codes and coupons on the checkout page.
Social Media Login
Your customers can easily login with Facebook, Google, Twitter using extension's built-in feature.
Newsletter Subscription
Let your customers subscribe to newsletters and send them information about updates or new products.


Product Types & Inventory Management

LightCheckout is fully integrated with all Magento 2 ® product types including simple, configurable, grouped, bundle, virtual, and downloadable.
You can easily manage your inventory across multiple stores, process and ship orders, and perform many other backend tasks.

Mobile Checkout

LightCheckout is a suitable, pixel-perfect mobile one step checkout page for tablet and mobile devices. Mobile checkout can improve your conversion rates by 25-30%.
16 reviews
Great experience with the latest upgrade
by Lucy Dolan - 7/5/2020
I’ve been using this extension for a few years now. The latest upgrade and addition on 3-column layout made it better. It’s a great solution if you need to decrease the number of abandoned carts.
Smooth run so far
by Braydon Berry - 6/13/2020
Installed this module after they released the latest update. Everything works great. This module helped me to save hours as I managed to add one step checkout process almost with no additional work.
Great solution
by Warren Hooper - 6/9/2020
The addition of social login with the latest upgrade changed customer experience even more. This extension is great for our business and we see the results of its use in the number of placed orders.

The team behind it goes out and beyond to help if you encounter any problems.
Excellent solution
by Farah Woodley - 6/1/2020
We use the module for some time now. The latest upgrade made it more useful. It is compatible with the latest Magento versions, which is great. One-step checkout is a great solutio to have on your e-commerce website.
Couldn’t wish for a better experience
by Michalina Rahman - 5/15/2020
If you have problems with checkout drop off rate, this extension will address the issue. After we started using it, we saw a 20 percent decrease in the drop off rate. That’s just fanatic what results you can get with a single solution.
Excellent and flawless experience
by Nathan Smidt - 1/9/2020
Really happy with this plugin! I've been using GoMage checking with my previous Magento store, and now have purchased their M2 version. Works smooth and since day 2 I was getting the improvement in conversion. I'm using it for more than 2 months now, and the customers are submitting a positive reviews of their user experience.
In overall, I can recommend this module if you want to improve your checkout experience, give your customers a smooth transition towards completing the purchase.
Smooth experience so far
by Aras Hurst - 11/14/2019
GoMage Lightcheckout is a lifesafer for my business. A great extension that packs all features that I need and solve the problem of card abandonment. Complex checkout process don’t influence my sales
Great solution for user-friendly checkout
by Rajan Dunne - 8/8/2019
If you have problems with cart abandonment, look at checkout process. That’s what was happen with our store. After we installed Magento 2 one step checkout module our sales flared. It provides all features, help customers go through the checkout process fast. they doesn’t leave carts at this stage
Meets all our needs
by Frida Atkins - 4/5/2019
Building one-step checkout is essential for businesses no matter the size. We buy GoMage LightCheckout when our store is still in development and come to the scene fully equipped. The ability to customize the page help us unite it with design. Customers quickly place orders which directly influence our sales.

The experience with the extension is great this far!
Saves a lot of time for our customers
by Spencer Wynn - 2/3/2019
GoMage LightCheckout is a real lifesaver for my store. Cart abandonment rate was huge and I struggled to keep it low. It turned out customers abandoned carts because of the very complicated checkout process. The extension helped to solve the problem. Now all the information that customers need to fill in is placed on a single page. Cart abandonment rate was reduced by 5 times. And that is with a single extension.
Great product for online store
by Bobbi Lowe - 8/15/2018
We’ve been using this extension for a while now. I can honestly say that the decision to implement one step check out was the best for busines. Instead of multiple pages our customers now instantly see which information they need to provide.

GoMage LightCheckout is a useful resource in making more product placement.
Ideal solution for our store
by Eathan Mcghee - 4/6/2018
There is nothing more frustrating for customers than a complicated checkout process. When we spott a high cart abandonment rate, we start looking for a solution for the problem. And GoMage LightCheckout solves it for us. With a lot of processes running behind the scenes, like automatics shipping rates and VAT calculation, customers can place products really quick.
Great extension
by Dustin Coffey - 2/26/2018
We started using GoMage LightCheckout when our sales were declining. After its implementation users bought more products. With all information on a single page they are less likely to abandon their cart.

Very useful extension
It makes one page checkout possible
by Colby Swift - 11/11/2017
After look for similar extensions we choose GoMage LightCheckout. We are using it for a while now and are fully satisfied with the results. One-page checkout is a must have today
Solved the problem of long checkout process
by Thomas Michael - 10/18/2017
Extension solves one of our problems. We can now be sure our complex checkout process does not scare our customers. It provides us with everything we need and even a little more. Automatic shipping rates, VAT calculation, GeoIP. Technologies come in handy if you sell across different countries which we do
One-step checkout is a must for stores
by Marguerite Odling - 7/10/2017
I always knew that a complex checkout process scares customers off. That’s why when we develop stores for our clients, we recommend use GoMage LightCheckout. It is a great extension that packs in all the necessary features You can customize it according to your needs, change the design of the check out page, and much more.
  • 1.4.1 January 11, 2022
    • Added JS validation for ZIP form.
    • Corrected validation error message.
    • Removed horizontal scroll in the 'Checkout Fields Manager' in the Admin Panel.
  • 1.4.0 November 19, 2021
    • Added compatibility with Magento v2.4.3.
    • Created new design for 'Checkout Fields Manager'.
    • Miscellaneous minor improvements.
    • Fixed bug with incorrect mumber of products visible in Order Summary block.
    • Fixed bug with Default payment method not showing in front-end.
    • Fixed bug with 'Create account' missing if entering and removing a registered user's email.
  • 1.3.2 November 03, 2020
    • Added compatibility with Magento v2.4.x.
    • Improved ZIP code validation on Magento v2.4.x.
    • Improved 'Company' field behavior on Magento v2.4.x.
    • Miscellaneous minor improvements.
    • Fixed bug with default Magento checkout not working when disabling Lightcheckout with a customized URL.
    • Fixed bug with placing an order for a virtual product when using LightCheckout with a customized URL.
  • 1.3.1 Aug 06, 2020
    • Fixed bug with LightCheckout getting disabled in the Admin Panel's settings.
  • 1.3.0 July 13, 2020
    • Added ability to customize the URL of the checkout.
    • Improved checkout user experience when purchasing 'Virtual' products.
    • Improved checkout functionality of adding and removing products in 'Order Summary' block.
    • Improved checkout user experience for registered customers with multiple Billing and Shipping addresses.
    • Improved the 'Billing address' saving configuration.
    • Added helpful information about LightCheckout in the the Admin Panel's extension configuration menu.
    • Added optimizations that allow easier and more advanced customization.
    • Miscellaneous minor improvements.
  • 1.2.1 June 01, 2020
    • Added compatibility with Magento v2.3.5.
    • Improved Shipping address information saving during checkout (if Shipping address is same as Billing address).
    • Improved functionality of 'Company' field during checkout if it's configured as 'Hidden' in Magento 2 settings.
    • Improved Visible/Not Visible fields behaviour on Checkout page.
    • Miscellaneous minor improvements.
    • Fixed bug with activation getting randomly invalidated.
    • Fixed bug with Address information not saved when re-opening the Checkout page.
    • Fixed bug with Company name not shown on Checkout page if a country's State is not chosen.
  • 1.2.0 April 29, 2020
    • Added 3-column layout to streamline the checkout experience.
    • Implemented social login with Google, Facebook and Twitter.
    • Added compatibility with Magento v2.3.4.
    • Improvements were made to Optional and Required fields.
    • Improved compatibility with IE/Edge browsers.
    • Fixed Address fields visibility.
    • Fixed minor stability issues.
  • 1.0.1 November 5, 2019
    • Configuration settings now available on Store level.
    • Order Comment block now available on checkout page (supported on Magento v.2.2.6 and higher).
    • Activation issues fixed.
    • "Subscribe for Newsletter" checkbox issue fixed.
    • Google Autocomplete for City issue fixed.
    • Address fields sorting JavaScript error fixed.

LightCheckout extension is designed by GoMage to enhance and refine the closing process of shopping in online stores by putting together the final steps of the checkout process. In place of many pages in an online store checkout, there is only one closing page – One-step checkout. GoMage Magento 2 One Page Checkout takes into account all peculiarities of completing purchases online. With more than seven years of experience, we bring the best eCommerce practice to GoMage LightCheckout, which you can implement in your online Magento 2 ® store.

One Page Checkout Magento 2 by GoMage. Short Overview

General Settings In this section you can set up all main parameters for your checkout page, such as default shipping and payment methods, page title, discount codes, order summary table settings. One Page Checkout by GoMage is fully compatible with all payment methods supported by Magento 2 ® system.

Registration It depends on the audience but registration can be set as mandatory, and you are able to disallow guest users to make orders in your online store.

Devices We recommend showing the One Step Checkout extension on PCs, laptops, and all mobile devices but settings are flexible and can be specified.

Delivery Date It is a strong advantage if you can implement a ‘Time of delivery’ service that allows customers to choose a convenient day and time for delivery. One Step Magento 2 Checkout enables this.

New Geo Location abilities Choose between GeoIP feature and new Google Autofill by Zip Code or Google Autofill by Street features that uses Google Maps API to determine user's country, state, and city based on zip code specified by a customer. Zip codes and all information about their location can be stored in system cache to reduce the number of queries to Google Maps API and, correspondingly, the response time of checkout page.

Ajax Settings One Page Checkout for Magento 2 ® extension automatically updates information in the Shipping and Payment Methods blocks when the country, region or postal code is selected.

EU VAT/Tax Settings The module is integrated with the VIES system so you can activate VAT number validation that checks EU VAT numbers and allows VAT exclusion from total cost.

Disable Shopping cart option allows you to disable the shopping cart page on your site. In this case, your clients will be able to go to checkout directly from the page they are currently viewing by clicking the “Proceed to Checkout” button in the pop-up window that appears upon clicking on the shopping cart icon in the top right corner of the page. If this option is set to “No” and the shopping cart page is enabled, your clients will be redirected to the shopping cart page before going to checkout..

Fields Sorting You can make the necessary fields mandatory or optional on checkout page. New principle of fields sorting divides all fields into visible and not visible and allows you to drag and drop the fields between these sections to make them visible or not visible on the checkout page. Note that mandatory fields are always visible on the checkout page!

Social Media Login Use these settings to allow your customers login and create their accounts on your checkout page using authentication through Facebook, Google or Twitter.


Responsive and adaptive design

Enable/disable Shopping Cart page and allow customer go straight to the checkout page

Ability to modify products quantity or remove products from the order on the checkout page;

Automatic detection of user's Country, City or Zip/Postal Code with the help of GeoIP technology and Google Maps API

Full design adjustment via Magento 2 ® admin panel + easy CSS and layout customization

Advanced device support: desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, Android, iOS

Ability to show product images in Order Review

Enable/disable checkbox for newsletter subscription or auto-subscribe your customers

Ability to allow or forbid guest users to place orders, or enable automatic registration for all users

VAT verification for EU countries using VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) with a possibility to set 2 or more VAT/Tax Rules

Advanced Delivery Date and Time

Customizable Help Messages for all fields and blocks

Advanced Delivery Date and Time

Supported PayPal 3D Secure functionality

Ability to modify the product quantity or remove products from the order on the checkout page

Ability to apply discount coupons on the checkout page

Registered customers can select addresses from the address book

Automatic detection of the user's Country, City or Zip/Postal Code with the help of GeoIP technology

Automatic update of prices, taxes and totals when Shipping or Payment methods are selected

Automatic update of shipping rates when City, State/Province, Country, Zip/Postal Code are specified

Automatic update of Payment and Shipping methods when the country is specified in ‘Billing address’ and ‘Shipping address’ blocks

Ability to enable/disable the address fields for Company, Country, City, Telephone, Fax, Region, Street or Postal code and sort their order on the checkout page

Enable/disable the checkbox for Terms & Conditions

Ability to add gift messages and gift wrapping per item for the order

Ability to change the title and description of the checkout page

Popup tips when the values for required fields are verified

Adapted for right-to-left direction languages (without translation)

Also Includes

14 day money back guarantee

Free extension upgrade for 1 year

Free 1-year support

Supported Languages

Czech (Czech Republic)

Danish (Denmark)

Dutch (Netherlands)

English (United Kingdom)

English (United States)

Finnish (Finland)

French (France)

German (Germany)

Italian (Italy)

Norwegian Bokmal (Norway)

Polish (Poland)

Portuguese (Portugal)

Russian (Russia)

Spanish (Spain)

Swedish (Sweden)

Hebrew (Israil)

Not Supported

Internet Explorer lower than 10

Magento ® 2.0