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Professional Magento Extensions by GoMage

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Where can a merchant find a necessary Magento module?

Looking through the Internet resources you can easily notice a lot number of companies which develop Magento extensions. If you are a merchant and you want to improve your online site, it is not difficult to find what you want, but the widespread problem which you may face is what Magento module is worthy to be chosen.

How to be sure that you want to buy the appropriate Magento extension?

You should check what Magento version you have and whether the version of the chosen Magento extensions is compatible with it. It is very important because it can be the reason of the future errors on your site.

Also you need to investigate all the features of Magento modules, read carefully the description and configuration in order to decide whether the functional is really appropriate for you.

Do not forget that CMS is written with a certain code structure, so Magento modules should be developed according to the best Magento practices. Otherwise, some functional will not be working and you will need to hire the specialists to re-develop the code and adjust the extension to Magento Themes.

Yes, be ready that you will face different compatibility conflicts that may appear between Magento modules because a few of them can be fully compatible. Most often, they are the most popular ones, for example, developed by GoMage company.

If you have enough code experience, you can customize to your needs. You can re-develop the functional, add you own features and use it as you want. But you should remember that it is not a good idea if your experience is poor. You can improve your site with your actions or break the extension functional. In this case, you will need to contact the experts to correct your mistakes.

What you should know before doing any customization

Please make the backup of your Magento before modifying any templates. Please do not touch and change Magento core because any experienced developer will not do it.

Check your choice carefully and purchase only which have good reviews and their companies are well – known.

We advise you to contact some specialists before doing something new in your code. Do not forget about the necessary classes and blocks which are important in the development. If you have the compatibility conflict between the third party modules, be careful and check the code structure. If you can’t do the customization by yourself, it would be preferable to contact good qualified developers or the technical support of these modules.

And, of course, you should know that some extensions have the encrypted code and there is no way to edit it if you want to do any customization. In this case, we advise you to use GoMage extensions because this extensions code is not encrypted and it has a high quality. Also you can always contact GoMage experts and they will provide you with the necessary support or tips for your modifications.

Moreover, you can buy any customization service you want and save your time. It is one of the most important criteria when you need to buy the module.