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GoMage SEO Booster extension is a module for Magento ® that allows merchants to manage SEO characteristics of their stores and improve their search engine rankings without any specific technical knowledge. The SEO Analyzer feature in this extension will automatically check all pages and detect the elements which may negatively affect the site’s SEO rankings. These can be missing keywords, invalid URLs, bad product descriptions and so on.
One of the most frequent problems affecting a website’s Google ranking is duplicate content. There are many reasons that may lead to the content being duplicated and our extension helps resolve this issue. GoMage SEO Booster allows implementing canonical URLs (an HTML tag with attribute rel="canonical") which “inform” search engines that a page should be considered as the main one, or canonical, and that other pages with similar content are its derivatives. In that case, all copies of pages with different URLs can be available without harming online store rankings.
Another important feature of this extension is the possibility to enable Rich Snippets and display more relevant information about your site in search engine results.
Open Graph protocol is a new technique widely used to improve promotion in social media and expand the audience of a website. If your site has a complicated structure, it is recommended to implement a Sitemap for users to find what they need easily. We have extended Sitemap functionality in SEO Booster and now you can make your Sitemap more understandable and convenient for users by including images, tags, and additional links.
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Canonical URL Meta Header
If enabled, GoMage SEO Booster adds the rel="canonical" link element to META-tags of your Magento ® store. It is possible to apply this to the product pages only, to the category pages only or to the product and category pages simultaneously.
Cross-Domain Canonical URL
Rel=”canonical” link element can be applied to recommend to the search engine a canonical URL that belongs to a different domain name.
Canonical Pagination
You can implement rel="prev" and rel="next" attributes on paginated category pages and combine all such pages together. Thus, search engines will be informed that it is one page with extended content.
SEO and User-Friendly URLs
You can choose whether short or long product URLs should be used in the store. Long URLs may contain category or subcategory name (yourstore.com/category_name/product.html). You can apply the trailing slash at the end of all URLs.

Social Engine Optimization

The Open Graph Protocol
The Open Graph protocol allows any online store page to become a rich object in a social graph. For example, by using open graph protocol, you can explain to Facebook (or any other social media network) how the shared content of an online store should be displayed on its page.
Google Rich Snippets
Properly structured data can enhance your online store’s appearance in search results by presenting rich snippets with detailed information about your product's rating, price, descriptions.

Extended Sitemaps

Split Sitemaps
All search engines support the standards of the Sitemap protocol. GoMage SEO Booster allows using more flexible settings to organize a sitemap correctly and meets all Sitemap protocol requirements.
Add Images to Sitemaps
By default, Magento ® doesn’t have an option to add image links to sitemaps. As a part of the content, images can generate traffic of potential customers. GoMage SEO Booster fixes this problem.
Use Additional Links
It is easy to create additional links to a sitemap and make the online store structure more comprehensible for search engines.

SEO Analyzer

Duplicate Content
To avoid being punished for duplicate content, you can check your product or category pages for duplicates and edit the descriptions in case any issues are detected.
Long Meta Title and Description
GoMage SEO Booster helps you to check the length of the meta titles and meta descriptions, and identify the items that are too long. You can correct the text and optimize it to make sure that search engines won't cut it off.
Missing Content
Missing meta content negatively impacts search engine ranking as well. With GoMage SEO Booster, you can find it very easily and fill in all necessary data.

Installation & Integration

Easy installation
GoMage SEO Booster can be installed very quickly, and you can use it immediately after purchase. The detailed instruction found here will help you to do this properly.
Fully Compatible
with GoMage Advanced Navigation
You can get synergy effects by combining the advantages of GoMage SEO Booster and Advanced Navigation extensions. Your SEO-friendly URLs will work more effectively.
Easy Customization
If you have a Magento ® developer working for you, GoMage SEO Booster can be fully customized to your specific needs. The open-source code is at your service. If necessary, the customization can be done by GoMage’s development team.
11 reviews
Useful addition to our website
by Rio Lott - 3/13/2020
This is second extension by GoMage that I use. Fully satisfiied with how it works and results. Takes minutes to install and doesn’t influence performance of website.
Great solution for our store
by Quentin Thornton - 7/18/2019
We had a lot of problems inside our store that we weren’t even aware of. SEO Booster helped to tackle all problems and to avoid them in the future. Great solution that helps us greatly
Just what I needed
by Carmen Whitehouse - 11/26/2018
Great module that does what’s promised. We use it together with GoMage Advanced Navigation. The company did full customization for our store which made the module even more powerful.
Improves SEO greatly
by Kaci Foley - 8/19/2018
Very useful solution for websites. Helps to improve positions and how our store is ranked. Doesn’t take much time to install and configure. Great customer support, they go out of their way to help.
Great solution
by Edie Petersen - 4/17/2018
Thanks to the developers for this great solution. It helped me to improve SEO of my store and positions in search results. I get insight into all problems on my website and can quickly address them.
Great solution and support
by Iona Broadhurst - 7/5/2017
Have been using it for a while and I’m happy with it.. Customer support works great and helps to solve any problems that arise. Would recommend it for all online stores as poor search engine optimization can undermine the ranking of website. You don’t need to have technical knowledge for its use, which is just great.
Love the module
by Lea Mcneill - 6/24/2017
Superb solution if you want to improve search ranking positions of your website. Customer support helped to solve a problem with its installation.
Great run so far
by Issac Vaughn - 7/13/2016
It’s not the first extension by GoMage that i’ve been using and I’m happy with the results. It provides all features needed for search engine optimization.
gladly recommend this extension
by Richard Hood - 11/28/2015
SEO Booster by GoMage is a great solution that helps my store to show great results in search. As it turned out, my store had a lot of problem that I didn’t even know existed. Extension helped to solve them all and now help to avoid them.
Glad I found it
by Laiba Frank - 12/25/2014
I didn’t know much about SEO as I started my store and wasn’t able to identify why it ranked to bad in search results. This extension helped me improve my positions and bring in new customers from organic search.
Excelent Module
by rodolfovs - 9/19/2014
Very good module, works as announced and the support is excellent. Recommend!
  • 1.3 July 16, 2015
    • Added a major fix related to Magento ® SUPEE-6285 security patch.
  • 1.2 June 24, 2015
    • Fully compatibility with GoMage Advanced Navigation 4.7;
    • Fixed a minor bug with calling the payment methods on the backend of Magento ®;
    • Fixed a bug with Product Analyzer option;
    • Fixed a bug with canonical links functionality;
    • Fixed a bug with duplicate meta title descriptions;
    • Fixed a bug with sitemap on CMS pages.
  • 1.1 September 23, 2014
    • Added breadcrumb navigation;
    • Fully compatibility with GoMage Advanced Navigation 4.6;
    • Fully compatibility with GoMage LightCheckout 5.7;
    • Fixed Minor Bug with Layered Navigation Friendly URLs;
    • Fixed Minor Bug with Filtering on Search Page.
  • 1.0 July 11, 2014
    • GoMage SEO Booster is released.

If such words as rel="canonical", meta tags, HTML attributes rel="next" and rel="prev", and others are unclear to you or you have no time to monitor the changes in the policy of search engines, we recommend that you use a SEO extension in your online store. Nowadays, “googling” is a part of ordinary life, and therefore SEO is a must-have. There are many peculiarities in Magento ® stores and all of them are taken into consideration by this SEO Extension for Magento ® developed by GoMage. It will do all of the work and make your online shop comfortable and friendly for search engines.

GoMage SEO Booster is fully compatible with GoMage Advanced Navigation!

Canonical URL Optimization

Canonical URL Meta Header
The extension adds the rel="canonical" element to the section of the pages, helping search engines better understand your store and you to gain more control over how your URLs appear in search results.

Cross-Domain Canonical URL
The Cross-Domain Canonical URL option is used for content that can be reached via several URLs, not all of which are on the same domain name.

Canonical Pagination
Use the HTML attributes rel="next" and rel="prev" to indicate the relationship between individual URLs in your store.

Product Canonical URL
Use the Shortest or Longest Canonical URLs for products.

Social Engine Optimization

The Open Graph Protocol
The Open Graph protocol allows you to use information from your store in customer stories (Using Object Meta Tags)
A lot of our lovely websites support the Open Graph protocol such as FaceBook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.

Google Rich Snippets
Rich Snippets show detailed information about your product's rating, price, and availability under every Google search result. The rich snippets help users recognize when your site is relevant to their search, which may result in more clicks to your pages.

URL Rewrite Settings

SEO and User-Friendly Layered Navigation URLs
Replace attribute numbers with attribute names.
For example, domain.com/furniture.html?color=26 to domain.com/furniture.html?color=red or domain.com/furniture/shop/color-red.html

SEO and User-Friendly Product Review URLs
Replace review IDs with readable names.
For example, domain.com/review/product/list/Split Sitemapsid/51/category/10/ to domain.com/furniture/ottoman/reviews.html

SEO and User-Friendly Product Tag URLs
Replace review IDs with readable names.
For example, domain.com/tag/product/list/tagId/8/ to domain.com/tags/modern.html

SEO and User Friendly RSS URLs

Trailing Slash
Use trailing slash at the end of all URLs without the file names like .html, .pdf, .jpeg, etc.

Extended Sitemaps

Split Sitemaps
Google, Bing and Yahoo! recommend creating Sitemaps based on the Sitemap protocol. According to this, sitemaps can contain no more than 50,000 URLs and must be no larger than 50MB when uncompressed.

Add Images to Sitemaps
By default, Magento ® doesn’t have the option to add image links to the sitemap. GoMage SEO Booster fixes this issue.

Use Additional Links
It easy to add additional links to the sitemap using GoMage SEO Booster.

SEO Analyzer

Duplicate Content
Search Engines do not like duplicate content and delete part of it from search listings. Using the GoMage SEO Booster, you can find the "duplicate content" in your store.

Long Meta Title, Description and Keywords
If a product meta title or description is too long, search engines cut it off, and your customers may not find your products in a search listing. GoMage SEO Booster helps you to analyze the length of the meta titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords (as well as names, short descriptions and description) of your products, categories and pages.

Missed Content
The most obvious mistake is to forget to fill up the meta content. GoMage SEO Booster will easily find all missed meta content on your website.

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14-day money-back guarantee

Free extension upgrade for 1 year

Free 1-year support