GoMage Product Designer for Magento ®

Make Your Products Unique with GoMage Product Designer

GoMage T-Shirt and Product Designer extension was created to allow end-users to personalize the products being offered in their Magento ® online store. If you offer print on demand services, GoMage Product Designer is your best choice. After its implementation, your clients will be able to put their logos or images on t-shirts, cups, souvenirs, caps, and much more. It is convenient for your online store managers because they don’t need to discuss branding details with buyers, who can visualize what image they want to place and where it should be. They can create multiple design variations, select the best one and send the final version to the managers. This saves a lot of time for both customers and suppliers. In addition, working with GoMage Product Designer is a fascinating process during which every customer can feel like a professional designer or an artist as they create their own unique products.
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Cliparts, Images, and Shapes
Users can modify the base image of the product by adding various cliparts, shapes, images and text.
The necessary size of each product can be selected on the designer page in case the product is available in different sizes.
Wide Range of Colors
The colors are taken from the product configuration, and the necessary color can be selected on the designer page.
Text Effects
Users can select the preferred font, size, color of the text and apply effects such as outline or shadow.
Upload your Own Images
Users can upload their own images and place them on the default product image.
Change the Order of Objects Easily
All design objects can be moved to the place where they best fit within the product image’s pre-defined design area.
Custom Design Pricing Configuration
Separate prices can be set for each of the design elements that customers are allowed to add.
Retrieve Saved Designs for Reordering
Users can save created designs in their personal accounts on your site and reorder products with the same design later.
No Flash
Only the newest cutting-edge technologies are used, such as HTML5 and CSS3.
Mobile-Friendly Functionality & Responsive Design
Responsive design and support for mobile devices are available in Product Designer v.2.3 and later. Feel free to check the responsive features on our demo site.
We do not provide any cliparts!

Product Types

Not Just T-Shirts

Product Designer is not only a t-shirt designing tool; it can be used for any type of product. You can select the design area on the image of almost any product and allow your customers to modify it according to their wishes. Cups, hats, phone covers, CDs, bags – anything can become unique with this extension!

Output File Types

The format of the design image created by customers can be selected in the backend settings. Not only standard formats like JPG, PNG, and PDF are supported. Check and compare the examples of images in different formats below.

Installation & Integration

Easy Installation
All you need to do is upload the extension files to the server by FTP. Activate the extension, configure all options, and it is ready to use.
Fully Integrated with Magento ®
All configurations are performed on the backend of Magento ® system. The desired functions and design can be selected, enabled or disabled in the extension settings on the admin panel of Magento ®. You can choose which products will be available for design by enabling the option ‘Product Designer’ for each product individually.
Easy Customization
The extension is very flexible and can be easily modified due to its open-source code. A skilled developer can extend the functionality, change the layout, add new features or adjust the extension in case of any software compatibility issues. Our development team offers additional customization services for our Magento Product Designer extension.
12 reviews
Does not impact website performance
by Jiya Chamberlain - 7/2/2019
Unlike some other solution this extension don’t have impact on website performance. It is a great solution with all features we need. It installs easily also.
Fast installation, stable work
by Ronaldo Mackie - 11/14/2018
We use extension a while now and don’t have any problems. It runs seamless and gives all necessary features that we need.
The best extension ever!
by Kyran Bolton - 5/30/2018
I’ve been using the extensions for a while now with my store. We provide users with iPhone cases customization and extension added the needed functionality to our website. It is fast, stable and provides all feature that we need.
Great solution that performs well
by Kaydan Mahoney - 1/21/2018
After looking for a few alternatives, we decided to take our chance with this extensions. We haven’t regretted our decision yet. Solution provides a lot of usefull features and allows adding prices based on the type of design element. Our customers love new functionality.
Great run so far
by Krzysztof Dodd - 10/23/2017
After overcoming minor problems with installation, extion now works great. It provides enough out of the box features for my store. Customers can personalize their t-shirts and caps however they like. It does not have any negative effect on the performance of my store.
Just what we needed
by Andre Erickson - 7/9/2017
We have only positive experience with this extension. From the moment we installed it and a few years later, it operates smoothly and provides our store with useful features. Over the years, a few updates were released, so it meets all our needs.
In love with the extension
by Connor Watson - 5/7/2015
Unlike some other extensions I considered, GoMage’s solution allows customize various products. It is just what I needed for my little store. When I have questions, I just reach out support team and they always go out of their way to provide solution.
Have no problems with it
by Fahad Kirkland - 2/8/2015
Extension have everything provider describes. Great solution for my store and clients. It installs quickly and don’t require much manual configuration.
Great solution, superb customer support
by Ace Mclellan - 12/2/2014
GoMage provides great customer support that always answers all our questions. Extension simply does what it should do and offers an easy way ot add required functionality to our store.
Great and Quickly
by durzel - 8/16/2014
Very simple to implemente and customize. Good work.
The best t-shirt tool we have used!
by chris - 5/11/2014
Thanks for the tool. Very useful extension. Variables are as on screenshots.
No problems with the extension
by Florrie Hansen - 7/13/2013
Haven’t been using it for long, but I can tell it is a great solution. We don’t have any problems with it. Installation ran without a hitch.
  • 2.6.0 August 3, 2018
    • ImageMagick ver. 3.4.3 supported!
    • New Feature! Ability to transfer custom design to another color of a product.
    • New Feature! Ability to apply “Curved Text” effect.
    • New Feature! Ability to use all available fonts supported by ImageMagick.
    • “Enable Effects” option related bug fixed.
    • “Info” pop-up window output corrected.
    • Calculation bug with “Enable Navigation Tab = No” fixed.
    • Empty design file with “Design Format = PDF” bug fixed.
    • Data loading from the database twice on category page bug fixed.
    • Design area borders related bug fixed.
    • Text affects incorrectly displaying in the shopping cart bug fixed.
    • Incorrect scaling of preview image on mobile devices bug fixed.
  • 2.5.0 October 19, 2017
    • Fixed a bug with text duplication on design image;
    • Fixed a fonts integration related bug.
  • 2.4.0 November 25, 2016
    • Full compatibility with Security Patch SUPEE-8788 and Magento ® CE;
    • Full compatibility with PHP 7;
    • Fixed a bug with new product creation;
    • Fixed a price output related bug;
    • Fixed a bug with customer registration during saving of the design;
    • Fixed minor CSS issues on the product design page.
  • 2.3 March 3, 2016
    • Added responsive design and full support of mobile devices.
  • 2.2 July 16, 2015
    • Added a major fix related to the Magento ® SUPEE-6285 security patch.
  • 2.1 May 8, 2015
    • Improved functionality of color selection;
    • Improved text editor functionality;
    • Fixed a bug with switching tabs in Google Chrome and Safari.
  • 2.0 Apr 21, 2015
    • New Product Designer theme added;
    • A new feature added: upload indicator is displayed when an image is being uploaded;
    • A new feature added: design elements can now be moved on the design area using “Bring to front” and “Send to back” buttons;
    • Added an option to edit existing text after it has been added on the product image;
    • Added ability to undo/redo changes on each side of a product separately;
    • Added option to include the order number and the number of custom design images into custom design names;
    • Full compatibility with GoMage ProCart extension;
    • Fix a bug with ‘undo’ option functionality;
    • Fixed a bug with uploading custom images and displaying thumbnails;
    • Fixed a bug with Custom Options functionality on product pages;
    • Fixed a bug with an image size change during upload;
    • Fixed a minor bug with text fonts;
    • Fixed a bug with ‘Design It’ button displaying on category pages;
    • Fixed a bug with transparent background of product design for images in .png format;
    • Fixed a bug with "Preview" option.
  • 1.0 Dec 02, 2013
    • GoMage Product Designer is released.

You can use T-Shirt and Product Designer by GoMage to allow your clients personalize products that are offered in your Magento ® online store.

General functional settings we recommend you pay attention to:

If personal design creation is possible for the products, the "Add to Cart" button will be hidden, and only the “Design It” button will be available.

You can provide different design elements for customers such as text, images or cliparts. In the price settings, you can set prices depending on the number of elements used in the custom product design.

Your clients can use different fonts and text effects such as curved, outline and shadow. The functionality of Product Designer allows you to add new items and expand the collections of these elements.

Using the Product Designer tool, your customers can refer to the navigation tab for filtering categories and attributes of products.

Upload Image Tab: In the settings, you need to choose the supported file formats (PNG, JPEG, JPG or GIF) that customers can use to upload their images, and set the maximum file size. Sometimes, clarifying instructions are needed in order for customers to use the Upload Image Tab successfully. To avoid confusion, you can implement short instructions using Help Icons. The visitors will see the text with tips or hints when the mouse is placed over the Help Icon. You can also activate the copyright confirmation checkbox if necessary.

Enable Product Designer: This product settings option allows you to enable or disable each product for design, thus allowing the customer to put images or texts in the design area. The product images can be uploaded and the design area can be selected in the extension settings on the backend of Magento ®. It is really useful with t-shirt design because the customer can clearly identify the place and size of the image. Let your clients create t-shirts online and they will enjoy this fascinating process. You will receive accurate visualizations of the desired product design.

You can find more information about this extension’s functionality in the Wiki System.

GoMage offers the customization services of Product and T-Shirt Designer for Magento ® to make this extension unique and maximize customer orientation.

Features of GoMage Product Designer

No Flash! Only newest cutting edge technologies are used, such as HTML5 and CSS3

Create unique designs using cliparts, images and shapes

Add your text with multiple effects such as outline and shadow

Upload your own images and cliparts

Choose a product for customization directly in the design lab

Choose the color and size of the product directly in the design lab

A wide range of colors

Zoom for a design area

Save the design you created in your account

Retrieve saved designs for reordering

Custom design pricing configuration through the admin panel

Fully integrated with the frontend and backend of Magento ®

The extension is easy to customize with separated layout form and CSS

Easy installation of the extension allows you to upload files without changing any code or templates

Also Includes

14-day money-back guarantee

Free extension upgrade for 1 year

Free 1-year support