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Magento sitemap

Sitemap is often used in order to index any site, increase its rate and the volume of visits. Let us review how to create a sitemap in Magento.

What this is?

Sitemap is a page that contains links to all website sections, e.g. links to product catalog, articles or forum. The main page, in its turn, should have a link to sitemap page. This allows the search robot to check and index URLs faster.

We recommend placing a sitemap link either in the main site menu or in a sidebar widget that will be accessible from any page on the site or if you do not have enough experience, we advise you to contact Magento experts to do it. Why do we need a map?

  1. 1. To make site indexing more convenient for search engines;
  2. 2. To allow customers access any page they need from one single page which is very convenient.


Preparatory steps

It is necessary to have access to the hosting server files as some job needs to be done there, as well.

  1. 1. Go to the admin panel;
  2. 2. Go to Catalog → Google Sitemap. Regardless of its name, this map is used by absolutely all search engines, so do not worry, all robots will definitely visit your site if you use only one sitemap;
  3. 3. Click ‘Add Sitemap’, then you will see ‘New Sitemap’;
  4. 4. Enter the name of your ‘guide’ in the field ‘Filename’;
  5. 5. Enter the path to the Magento sitemap directory into the field ‘Path’. If it is located in the root directory put a slash “/” before your sitemap name;
  6. 6. Save the changes – ‘Save & Generate’;
  7. 7. You can see a URL in the field ‘Link for Google’. Save it in a local file, you will need it in the future if you wish to optimize your site for some search engine;
  8. 8. Launch an FTP client and access the root Magento directory;
  9. 9. Open file robots.txt;
  10. 10. This file contains several lines, you need to add another one:
    Site map:

    Sitemap.xml is the name and location of the site map. We recommend to always place it in the root directory. But if you wish to place it into a subdirectory, then the path will change to e.g. /magento/sitemap.xml

  11. 11. Save the file.


Also you can look for some Magento modules which can improve your sitemap.

A web site optimization is a complicated and time-consuming process. But do not wait too long to start it. If you need a consultation, please contact GoMage specialists using our forum or by leaving a comment to this article.