Google Rich Snippets Tools: Rise Above Your Competition

Expanded description of a web page is a small text which is displayed under the link in the search results and helps a customer to understand how the content is relevant to the request.

Google Rich Snippets

If Google understands the content of the provided pages which it finds, Google can use Rich Snippets which are used for displaying the detailed information that helps customers with the concrete requests. For example, you can find the average rating and the price range in the expanded restaurant description. There can be the dish cooking time with its pictures and estimation on the recipe page. There can be the list of the songs and the link for reproducing each of them on the music album page. As a result, a potential visitor understands at once whether he has found what they are looking for or not and as a result the traffic of your site can rise up.


Types of Google Rich Snippets Tools

You can use the following rich snippets. Google supports the expanded description of the following content types:

  • Reviews
  • Review ratings
  • People
  • Events
  • Recipes
  • Shopping and products
  • Marking up products for rich snippets
  • Organizations
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Videos: Facebook Share and RDFa

Please pay attention to the markup and choose the markup format.

Google recommends using microdata. Also, you are allowed to use one of the formats below:

  • Microdata (recommended)
  • Microformats
  • RDFa

You do not need any prior knowledge of these formats, only the HTML base knowledge. The master of structured data markup will help you to add microdata to your site.

You should check the markup.

Please use the verification tool of structured data in order to test the markup on the page and check whether Google can retrieve the information.

Well done! As soon as you add and test the markup for rich snippets, Google will find it next time when it scans your site.

Please Note:

1. It will take some time before the expanded description starts being displayed in the search results or on the pages in Google addresses.

2. The markup will not influence the position of your page in search results. Moreover, it is not guaranteed that the system will take it into account.

Of course, you should configure the rich snippets manually before they start working. It will take your free time, but we have found how to avoid it. GoMage SEO Booster has the function of rich snippets built-in. It will help you to get what you want automatically. It will help users recognize when your site is relevant to their search and may result in more clicks to your pages:

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