Display Products: Magento ® Not Accepting New Items

Sometimes there can be failures in the work of any online store. The main thing is to know how to fix them and prevent them from appearing in the future.

Let us review what to do if new products are not displayed in Magento ® on the home page.

Why display products have stopped showing

Most often the issue is in the incorrect installation of a theme for Magento ®. The fact is that if you install the template in the already existing online store, it can give you a failure. Especially, if the file called dump.sql is used.

Resuscitation is necessary to carry out as soon as possible, otherwise, you will lose a certain amount of orders or even potential customers.

Step by step instructions on how to fix the problem

Please check whether XML code for the Home page is identical with the same code in the initial file. It is very important, otherwise, errors will arise. In order to do it, you should go to the Magento ® admin panel and click on the tab in the CMS menu. After this, look for the Pages link in the window that appears. Then click on the Home page. It will be on the list of pages.

The necessary code is located in the Design tab (this section I is responsible for products displaying in the frontend), but it can depend on the template. If you have written it by yourself, it may locate in another folder. You should follow the next path in the popup window: sources/demo/pages/, we need the startup which is called home_page.html

You should download it on your computer and open with the notepad or DreamWeaver.

You should find the line about this type there:

<block type="catalog/product_new" name="home.catalog.product.new" alias="product_new" 
after="cms.wrapper" template="catalog/product/new.phtml">


All the content of this file should be copied (if you work with notepad, it can be done with the buttons ctrl + A => ctrl + F), then it should be inserted in the line Layout Update XML which is located on the path Design – Home.

You should save the changes and go to the admin panel again. Then you should go: System – Configuration - Content Management – Enable WYSIWYG Editor – Disabled by Default. You should do it in order to avoid the automatic template editing.

Magento ® platform has the built-in editor which can change the initial file codes because of the automatic settings. You should save the changes by clicking on the Save page button in the top right corner.

Sometimes the popup window with the warning can appear: «One or more of the Indexes are not up to date: Catalog Search Index». In this case, you need to go to the Index Management tab. You can do it the following way: System – Index Management. You need to find the index in this window. You will find the record «Reindex Required» opposite to it. You should highlight and update it with Reindex Data. Please click on the Submit button. Also, you can click on the Select All button in order to update all the indexes.

It is necessary to check whether there are several products in the catalog or they will not be accepted as new ones by the system, but as marked forcibly. You should go to Catalog – Manage products. You should look for a product which should be visible on the home page (showcase). You need to highlight the current date in the General paragraph which is set up in the line Set Product as New from Date. You should choose the date in the same line called Set Product as New from Date when the product is gone out of the category of the new ones. You should save the changes with the Save and Continue to Edit button and clear the cache of the Magento ® store.

Also, check the Modules for Magento ® which were created to improve the usability of your Magento ® store.

If you do everything correctly, your products will be displayed on the frontend, If a new product is not displayed in Magento ® even after these actions, you should contact our GoMage specialists in order to solve this issue.

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