GoMage One Step Checkout short overview

One step checkout is the page which is presented to the user when they are going to finish their purchase and pay money for the products they want to buy. In Magento community, we discussed this flow very carefully because it is not organized quite correctly in the default version. The checkout flow includes several steps that are placed on different pages and this makes the process quite complicated. And what is significant, this applies to both Magento 1 and Magento 2. So, this flow requires supplemental attention when the online store is being developed.

GoMage Company has its own solution – one step checkout extension that allows unite all checkout steps on one page. So, instead of multiple pages, there is one convenient one step checkout page.

We are doing our best to provide a reliable and quality solution to the market, but our extension is only an instrument which can operate effectively and ineffectively, depending on the design, configuration, and many other factors.

GoMage one step checkout extension allows you:

  • To configure registration settings according to your customer policy. You should decide whether you allow guest users to place orders, or this option is enabled only for registered users;
  • To implement pre-installed themes or create your own page design. You can customize the skin color, the block header, the design of the buttons, fonts, border radius, mouse over background color – in other words you can customize all elements you need;
  • To configure the checkout page for different devices;
  • To implement the delivery date option. If this functionality is enabled, your clients will be able to choose the preferred time of the product delivery;
  • To configure GeoIP functionality that allows identifying the client's country, city, or postcode automatically through their IP addresses.
  • To use Ajax functionality. What does it mean? When your client selects a country, a region, or a city, GoMage one step checkout extension updates the data in the Shipping Method and Payment Method blocks. So, you simplify the process of filling the fields in.
  • To configure all fields that you want to include into one step checkout page. This option is very important, because it allows to hide unnecessary fields which are not acceptable for your ecommerce business. Consider this option carefully and cut the number of fields on the checkout page to maximum.
  • To configure EU VAT/Tax Settings. This option is developed for merchants from the European Union to allow calculating taxes correctly for their EU clients. When a user enters a VAT number to buy the products without tax applied, GoMage LightCheckout sends a request to VIES, where the user’s country and VAT number are verified. If the verification is successful, the VAT will be not applied to this purchase.
  • To configure Terms & Conditions. This option allows adding special terms and conditions at the end of the checkout flow. This option is realized as a checkbox that the user should click, otherwise they can’t proceed to checkout.
  • To configure poll settings and gift wrapping settings if necessary.

GoMage LightCheckout: Magento One Step Checkout is an effective and professional extension that allows you to streamline your checkout flow and increase your sales. But it is only an instrument and the efficiency of its usage mostly depends on your merchant skills.