How To Use Twitter for Business Marketing: Small Business Edition

Most of us think that the microblogging services are just fun to communicate or the direct division of impressions, but a small business can start being promoted successfully due to this good of humanity as Twitter.

Let us review how a store on Magento ® should use Twitter.

General Information about How to Use Twitter for Business Marketing

In most cases, Twitter account management is almost a useless deal for small companies and they do not waste time and money on it. They do not manage it systematically (when someone remembers about it, then he shares it with his friends in the network). You should understand that such a Twitter is simply useless for your customers and they will not subscribe to it and follow news increasing the target audience and the quantity of the regular customers with it.

But you should remember that every rule has its own exception. In some cases, Twitter can become an additional tool for communication with the existing customers of the company. Due to it, you will be able to increase the sales success and raise the traffic of your online store on Magento ®.

Every person, manager, consultant, the owner of a company can manage a Twitter account.

There are 4 strategies in an online store which are the most successful and productive. Let us review them:

1) Emphasis on Announcements

You can create an additional news ribbon periodically publishing the product announcements, which are planned to appear on your shelves, new menu items, the products which should appear by a certain date. It is a very successful strategy for Magento ® stores with souvenirs, gifts, books.

This strategy is considered for the business in which the repeated sales do not often appear and the seasonal variations do not touch it. Remember, more interesting the announcement is, more customers and reposts appear.

2) Emphasis on Internal store life

You should write not only the announcements but also the news about the company, for example, persons who have birthday parties today or tomorrow, where your company is going during your winter vacation and so on. It is the wider version of the announcements emphasis. If you use a non-standard approach to communication with customers, you can also fill in Twitter with jokes or tricks on your colleagues and friends.

3) Useful content relating to the company's services

If your company provides any individual B2B services (a site creation or consultation in the sales sphere, the extension sales such as GoMage company does), then you need to promote the specialists of the company maximally. A personal Twitter is appropriate for this purpose. You can write about your work, examples of your projects, customers, and portfolio there. Manage your personal blog and tell your friends about the updates on Twitter.

4) Useful content relating to a topic

You can find thousands of useful articles which will help you to learn precisely a certain topic on Twitter. What does prevent you from writing articles for the microblogging service? It is a brilliant idea for companies, services of which demand detailed description (the installation of a climate technology, the sale of phones and other electronics, etc.)

We advise you to choose the strategy which is most appropriate in your case and use it for attracting potential customers in your Magento ® online store. If you can’t cope with it yourself, you can address a special agency which promotes online stores.

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