Social Connector for Magento ®: Increase Buyer Convenience

Some actions in the web store require customers to be registered, e.g. making an order, requesting refund etc. This provides a guarantee for the store owner and reduces the percent of abandoned carts. Let us review the functionality of the GoMage Social Connector extension.

Customer registration for Social Connector

An action that requires entering some contact data is called registration. If a registration form is simple and has only a few fields then it is possible that a client will want to register. But, for some reason, many store owners ignore this fact and create a lot of mandatory fields (first name, last name, phone number, email address, etc.) in order to simplify the process of making a purchase (the customer will still need to enter all those details when their shopping cart is full and they are ready to checkout).  Customers do not like this. They do not wish to waste much time, e.g. just to learn the shipping price for their product.

You may give your customers a possibility to register on your site through popular social networks using the extension for Magento ® created by GoMage - Social Connector. This extension allows customers to register using their accounts on social networks. The connector uses the most popular microblogging services ((Twitter, Tumblr), and web communication services (FaceBook, Google +, LinkedIn).

Please note, that this extension is offered by GoMage free of charge.

Social Connector features

  1. Fast integration of your web store with social networks, no need to reload the page, a pop-up window opens in the existing browser tab and, after the customer confirms their consent that their account information from a blog or a social network will be used, the pop-up window is closed automatically;
  2. Easy installation process. You only need to upload the extension for Magento ® to your server and install it;
  3. After the extension is installed, the amount of the web store customers grows due to the easiness of the registration procedure and the social network signs familiar to most of the people;
  4. A quite broad list of social networks each displayed by its own icon which makes this type of registration form intuitively clear.
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