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Removing a warning message about {{base url}}

Removing a warning message about {{base url}}

As a rule, after Magento is installed the admin panel displays a warning message about {{base url}} which must be removed, otherwise the store website will be inaccessible. This usually happens after the primary system installation.

In order to remove the warning, go to System – Configuration – Web - General. There will be two tabs – unsecure and secure. In these fields, the value for the “base_url” should be set. Usually, the web store URL is set as a base URL, although sometimes an IP address or a development site URL is used at the stage of web store development. It is important that the URL ends with a slash ‘/’, and the URL in secure base_url value must begin with https://. Note that using secure URL is only possible if you have an SSL certificate for your site. In order to verify how you can order an SSL certificate please contact your hosting provider.

After all changes are done click ‘Save Config’ and check the system functionality. You can find the information about other basic settings, GoMage modules installation or selection Magento themes in the articles of our blog.