Product Designer: GoMage Extension for Magento ®

If you have an apparel, mobile devices, mugs, caps store or so on, you will be impressed with a new GoMage extension for Magento ® platform:

Attract New Customers with GoMage Product Designer


Impress your customers with the new ability at your store. Let them customize apparel, mobile devices, mugs, caps, cups and more.  Not only will your customers appreciate the added value of your offerings but they will also come back to your store more frequently as they are reminded of the experience within the personalized creations they purchased.

What's more, if they are giving these items away as gifts the receiver will be able to find out about your store's offerings and as a result, increase the possibility and probability of becoming new shoppers for you.  Don't forget the positive power of spoken words that they may share with others as a result.  With all this synergy in your favor, you may find yourself entertaining both new and returning customers.

GoMage Product Designer is a dream that has come true!

GoMage Product Designer

Extend the abilities of your Magento ® store!

Allow your customers to customize the desired products and create their own design.

Provide your customers with the opportunity to express their ideas on the products they want to buy and your purchases will drastically rise.

You need to get much more benefit from your online store and you can do it with Product Designer:

  • Create a design using cliparts, images, and shapes - These can be great ways of enhancing your creator's ability to communicate their message in an informatively fun way that is full of value to their own viewers.
  • Add a text with visual effects such as outline and shadow - This can help your message to be able to pop off the product and into the hearts and minds of the people taking in their message.
  • Upload your own images and cliparts - Why not add a customized style of your own that people will enjoy gravitating to and using.  A step above personalized is the uniqueness of the event.
  • Choose a product which you want to customize directly in the design lab - Increasing the functionality of your services in the eyes of your client can bring great value as long as there is no confusion resulting in the process.
  • Choose a color and size of the product directly in the design lab - This is yet one more feature that can be made available to your buyer which increase the value of what you are providing them in way of their personalized product value.
  • And many other features that will keep a customer in your Magento ® store.  The more you do to earn the loyalty of your target buyer the greater the ability for them to follow your lead when it comes to purchasing decisions made by them.

Ways To Promote Business With Personalized Products

While Tee-Shirts, hats and other printable clothing options are always a fantastic way of getting the word out about your eCommerce store (especially if it sells clothing), this is only the beginning of creativity when it comes to letting the world know about your eCommerce store. What follows are 5 lesser known ideas to help ignite your thought process.

Which of these make the most sense to you? What have found to work - what hasn't? Share your thoughts including other personalized product suggestions in the comments below. We look forward to reviewing what is, will or has worked for you when it comes to personalized product promotions for your eCommerce business success.

1. Drink Holders

Who doesn't enjoy a nice cool drink? Unfortunately, on hot and humid days it can quickly become less enjoyable as the liquid inside the container heats up.

That's where drink holders (especially ones that keep your beverage nice and cool) come into the scene. That's also where your marketing message can be shared in a most memorable way.

Such options could include but not be limited to:

  • Brand Names
  • Logo Descriptions
  • Mission Statements
  • Targeted Slogans
  • Unusual Tag Lines

Whatever gets people to think of you and your brand's target message can be creatively crafted in order to effectively communicate to both a new and returning audience.

2. Personalized Pens

Even in the age of digital marketing people find themselves looking for a pen on a frequent basis. What that pen says can communicate volumes to new contacts that have not previously heard about your eCommerce store. It can also remind happy clients that you still exist and are ready to serve their needs.

HOT TIP: When you send your package to your buyer be sure to include a personalized gift such as a pen. When done right your customer will appreciate the gesture and be more than likely to become a returning customer as a result.

The nice thing about pens, even in the digital age is that they are used so frequently.  Compared to other items like notepads that are getting replaced by digital notes pens remain an invaluable resource even unto this day.  That's why you find them in your customer's offices, cars, boats, homes and more.  When these pens remain at the forefront of your clients attention you dramatically increase the possibilities of being found by them at the perfect right time when they need you next.

3. Magnetic Business Cards

Business cards, it seems like everyone has them which is actually part of the problem. While creating a business card for your eCommerce venture may seem like a good strategy, they can get lost in the shuffle or discarded altogether at a moments notice.

That's why magnets can truly make all the difference. Yes, you've taken the time to personalize your business card so everyone receives the clearest message about your eCommerce store solution.

That's good.

But the power of the magnet takes everything that is good and makes it great. Your receiver has the ability to put your card on most anything metal including refrigerators and filing cabinets. As a result, you are taken out of the normal stack of cards and into an exclusively targeted spot where your impact will remain intact until who knows when.

4. Customized Calendars

There's a unique event that comes to an end once a year. It is a year. The cool part is that it is always followed by another new one to come. Sending your frequent flying store buyers a personalized calendar for them to enjoy can cause them to be reminded all year long about what you offer.

Along with amazing calendars you could consider such ideas as birthday cards, holiday greetings and other special moments that everyone will appreciate.

HOT TIP: Why not send a 6 month and 1 year anniversary reminder of original or last purchase. Within this customized greeting simply say thank you without causing the event to look more like a marketing trigger and less like a genuine heartfelt appreciation. You could include your website URL and company name but beyond that let this truly be seen as a special outpouring of appreciation in the eyes of your buyer.

5.  Trending Products

Who hasn't heard about PopSockets or Fidget Spinners?

These types of products can serve as fun stress relievers. Adhering your marketing message to them can, as a result, cause additional eyes that may have otherwise not remembered your online store to come back again and again as they are reminded every time they pick up one of these little gadgets.

As you can see, there are a ton of ways to personalize your message for your audience. What would you add to the above list? Share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas in the comments below so we all can read new and inventive ways of getting messages out to the masses.

If you want to add custom functionality or create any other features, you can modify our Product Designer extension and customize it according to your needs. Our design software for Magento ® has the open source code. Moreover, it is developed based on the newest cutting-edge technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.

HOT TIP:  With personalized products, your customer and client remain in control of the outcome that they experience.  When your buyers believe that they have more control of the outcomes that they are experiencing there is a much greater likelihood that they will value your site, its offerings, and your abilities to meet their needs.  The greater the possibility of this being the case the more chances that they will seek to know what you are offering at a deeper and deeper level.

In conclusion, we highly recommend implementing product designer technology within your Magento eCommerce store.  In the majority of cases, it will be an excellent way of increasing your associated features in a very positive way from your site.  You are welcome to test GoMage Product Designer on our demo site frontend and the backend of Magento ®.

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