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Online Stores on Magento

Online Stores on Magento

Any webmaster should examine the examples and opportunities of the chosen CMS before developing the site on it. Let us review how online stores are released on Magento platform and the rating of the most popular resources.

General Information

Magento is considered to be the most comfortable platform for the online stores development. Mainly, it is because of the big number of the integrated extensions which considerably facilitate web masters’ tasks connected with the organization of the system of the purchase accounting and the product payment. Also there is a Multilanguage extension in this CMS and it greatly facilitates the cooperation between foreign buyers and sellers.

The most famous and popular stores are located on the Magento platform and we are glad to introduce you the examples of these resources:

1. Gucci. The first place is given by the right to the meter of the high fashion and one of the most successful fashion houses in Europe. You can go to the official company site using the link

Pay attention to the speed. Transitions do not take a second and it is quite surprising based on the big sizes of the pictures. Also we should say separately about an interesting system of the product presentation. While hovering over a concrete model, you will see the price at once and it greatly facilitate the work with the site.

2. The second place is given to a very famous online store BonPrix which is well-known on the CIS countries area. Its official site is

Except pop-up, the simplicity of design and the ease of the interface understanding catch your eye. Everything is easy and clear. The shopping cart works perfectly and you can remove a product from it yourself. Also you have the opportunity to use a promo code while the checkout process.

3. The specialist in jewelry and interesting elements of interior is the online store Swarovski the official site of which is

An interesting pop-up window is shown here. If you want to see the enlarged picture of the product, you do not need to do any additional clicks or spend megabytes (it is very important if you work on the tablet). Everything is shown on the main page. Different payment methods are available and it is a usual thing on Magento.

4. The world famous company of the lingerie manufacture, Victoria Secret`s, does not fail to take advantage of this platform for the development of online stores. You can look at the example on the site

The main feature of this resource is the fact that the products are immediately presented on the main page. The scrolling and the perfect speed play one of the main roles on the site. Furthermore, the multilanguage interface and a big choice of the payment methods play an important role too.

5. Cosmetic company, Yves Roche, provides customers with almost all the Magento abilities in its online store such as slider, popup windows, animation effects, Multilanguage, the show of the most popular and promotional products on the main page. You can see it here:

Of course, this list is not full and we can pick up some other variants from the most famous Magento stores such as Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co., Estee Launder, and Accessorize.

Please pay attention to the fact that all these resources are fully individual and have their own features despite of the location on the single CMS. In the most cases, all the products from one category have their own differences, in other words, every group of the trade positions differs with its own features and it increases the customers’ interest. Some Magento stores have the ability to change the product parameters directly in the "Cart". It saves a customer’s time.

To give your site the uniqueness you can use the branded Magento themes created by GoMage. Also we provide you with a big choice of the Magento extension on our GoMage site.