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Customer Group in Magento ®

In order to make processing orders and regular mailings more convenient it is recommended to create certain client lists. Let us review how to create a customer group in Magento ® for wholesale purchase.

The instruction for creation a separate customer group:

  1. 1. Login to the admin panel of Magento ® and access the interface;
  2. 2. Locate the menu item ‘Customers’ and choose ‘Customer groups’;
  3. 3. Now everything in simple. Click the button ‘Add new group’ and you will see the page where the new customer group can be edited. There you need to specify the group name, description and properties according to which a client will automatically be added to this customer group;
  4. 4. The Name is a required field. You also need to include ‘wholesale’ in the description field;
  5. 5. We now have only two fields to fill. One of them is a ‘Tax class’ with a drop-down list to choose from. We need to choose ‘Business partner’;
  6. 6. Save the changes.

It is very important to remember that creation of a customer group suggests that you know the interface of Magento ® well and also have some basic programming skills. Otherwise, we highly recommend you to use the help of GoMage specialists who will help you to select the appropriate extension.