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Magento News: Highlights of Key Events in February 2021

Mar 4, 2021
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Magento and eCommerce news in February 2021

Adobe predicted main consumer habits for 2021. Walmart is entering a war against Amazon. And new Magento version is now available!

Watch the video for the latest eCommerce and Magento news, and we’ll tell you what 2021 will look like for you and your business.

Changes in Consumer Behavior

Adobe analyzed how the previous year changed consumer behavior and what habits are to stay in 2021.

Seven in ten consumers will turn to another shop if they can’t find products on the retailer’s side quickly. If want to lose less customers, you should offer your site visitors a convenient search navigation. While Magento stores have multiple solutions at their fingertips, Algolia search is considered to be one of the best today thanks to its full integration with Magento and robust capabilities.

Almost 40% of consumers expect a website to provide a simple checkout process with a small number of steps. If the process takes too long, 45% of users abandon their carts without any second thoughts.

What do these numbers mean for you?

One-step checkout is your everything. Fast and simple checkout improves user experience and conversion rates for online stores. If you don’t know how to code, you can get the GoMage LightCheckout extension that has already been installed on 4,000 Magento stores worldwide.

Another takeaway is that consumers started to make more spur-of-the-moment-decisions. Up to 45% of them tend to make at least one unplanned purchase with every additional transaction. And if you suggest products based on their viewing history, 50% of consumers will be more likely to purchase an additional product. Personalization is here to stay. That’s the key to increased average order value. We usually recommend our clients to use Nosto. Using this tool, you will quickly create personalized online experiences with product recommendations, popups, category pages, and other site content.

Feel free to check other consumer insights in the full Adobe Report.

Magento Update 2.4.2

Adobe released a new Magento update with a focus on security vulnerabilities.

The good thing is you don’t need to update the whole system. It’s possible to install security patches separately – without applying hundreds of functional enhancements that a full quarterly release requires.

At the same time, it’s better to update to reap the benefits of new features that Adobe regularly adds to Magento.

The new Media Gallery provides a new Image Optimization feature. The storefront will use a web-optimized version of an image without changing the original. As a result, images are rendered faster for end-users providing a better UX.

Find more information on the Magento update in Adobe Release Notes.

Walmart vs Amazon

Amazon’s main competitor, Walmart, is stepping up its game with a new membership program designed for fast shipping. It’s been reported that 5 months after its launch, around 8 million of members have already signed up for the Walmart membership program. Now, Amazon has something to worry about, as Walmart Plus is a direct response to Amazon Prime.

In fact, 20% of Amazon Prime members turned to Walmart Plus subscribers, indicating that Walmart might not only be catching up with Amazon but also “bypassing” their loyalty program.

Merchants selling products on Amazon Prime should take notice of the newly established Walmart+ membership program, as it well may become a new up-and-coming selling channel.

GoMage PWA 2.0

And some exciting news from us! Our team released a new update of GoMage PWA Storefront with new SEO features.

Now, the storefront is fully compatible with Google Core Web Vitals requirements which will influence search rankings, starting in May 2021. Google will now evalute your site UX based on web performance. The new GoMage PWA version satisfies new SEO metrics, hitting that “sweet green” color on PageSpeed Insights. Regardless of your Magento store requirements, PWA is guaranteed to place you in the green zone due to its high performance.

92 Pagespeed Insights score for a Magento store

Another cool feature is that you can install GoMage PWA Storefront in one hour. You can set up your Magento store quickly without any complex development. And should you face any difficulties, we provide a free installation service for any PWA customer.

If you’re interested in PWA technology, don’t miss the new video that we’re going to publish soon on our YouTube channel. Yuriy Protsiuk, GoMage PWA Product Owner, will talk about new PWA release and the headless technology itself.

Stay tuned and see you in one month when we publish March News Digest!

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