How To Increase Sales Via GoMage LightCheckout

GoMage LightCheckout became one of the most popular among our products. However, some of our customers ask, how can it help in increasing sales? Our team of professionals developed this extension based on the latest research and modern online marketing needs.

We found the Magento ® e-commerce platform very useful and promising yet it required improvement.

Latest marketing research shows that online shopping is rather a kind of entertainment for customers than a necessity. Therefore, people who shop online are looking for an easy pleasant experience. They prefer to spend time choosing and comparing goods, but not filling out their details afterward. If they find the checkout process quite complicated, as it is in the original Magento ® e-commerce platform, they start to think whether the product they intend to buy deserves the hassle. Finally, as experience proves, many of them quit e-commerce websites without completing their purchases as a result of the trouble experienced.

In order to facilitate the checkout process, we created the GoMage LightCheckout extension, which makes it as easy as never before. All the fields that clients have to fill in such as billing address, shipment and payment methods are collected on one page as well as order review. Easy to use administration panel allows choosing default payment and shipment methods for certain countries, thus the check out process is simplified more. It is also possible to change required and optional fields according to business needs.

Thanks to GoMage LightCheckout, online shoppers save time and enjoy advanced and user-friendly online store interfaces. Successful and pleasant experiences make buyers come back again and again to the same websites. That is why our clients report significant sales increase after installation of our extension for Magento ®.

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