Category Creation: In's And Out's Of Configuring Categories

Once an online store is created it is necessary to configure it properly to ensure correct functionality of all elements. The main task of any Magento ® store owner is the configuration of a catalog.

Let us review how creation and configuration of categories are done.

How Category Creation Works

To begin the administrative work, go to the admin panel, then to System – Configuration – Catalog. This section determines which products will be displayed on the pages of your future catalog.

You should set the values for the following fields:

1. Products per Page. This field determines how many products will be displayed on a certain page by default. You can set this parameter to the value you wish. The option ‘Show all’ remains active. When it is selected the page is refreshed and a user can see all products on the page.

2. List Mode. The products will be displayed as a list of a certain type but the customer will be able to change the default parameter.

3. Grid only. This parameter is responsible for displaying products as a simple grid. This parameter cannot be changed by a user. This option is good for saving time while turning pages but it is not always convenient, e.g. on a mobile site version.

4. List Only. This is also a product list but customers cannot change the way products are displayed.

5. Grid (Default)/List. This is a combination of several display types. A customer can choose how they wish to view the products – using a grid or a list. By default, the products are displayed in a grid.

6. List (Default)/Grid. The same type of combination as the previous one, with the only difference being that the products are displayed in a list by default.

The next option that can be set in this part of the admin panel is product parameters.

The configuration of products in categories

Default Tax Class. In this option, you should determine whether or not taxes will be applied to the products which you add after the catalog is configured. If this functionality is not configured in your admin panel you can use corresponding GoMage extensions.

It is very important to properly configure notifications regarding payment or updating product statuses. This option not only increases user’s interest to a specific product but also helps you to expand a database of your online store subscribers. You can create an option like “Follow the product price”. Then, once the price for a specific product is changed customers will receive a notification in their email. You can also use an option “Inform once available in stock”. This way your customers will be notified when the products they are interested in become available in stock.

The option “Follow the product price” can be configured according to your wish. For this, change the parameters listed below:

Frequency – every day, once a week or once a month the system will notify customers about price changes of the products they choose;

Start time – the time when the system begins to check for updates;

Error Email Recipient – here you need to set your work address to which a notification will be sent if there are any errors when the product price and status are updated;

Error Email Sender – an email address from which the emails will be sent to you;

Error Email Templatethemes for Magento ® which will be used in the error notification email.

Save all category creation changes and check the functionality of the work. Please read other articles on our blog for Magento ® and share them with your friends.

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