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Top Places to Hunt for the Best Magento Developers

Nov 21, 2022
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Best Places to Hunt for the Best Magento Developers

If you’re thinking about creating an online store with a pleasant UI, a comprehensible UX, and a high level of security standards, then you’re probably already familiar with Magento. This open-source platform allows you to create qualitative eCommerce websites from scratch.

With its help, you can build a solution that will bridge your customers with your brand, personalize interaction with different audience segments, and drive more sales efficiently.

But the thing is, you need to hire best Magento developers to cope with the development job up to par. So, how to do it smartly? This article will instruct you on:

  • what a Magento developer does
  • how to find the best Magento developers for your eCommerce project
  • what factors to mind when looking for Magento developers

Go ahead to find the clues!

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Hire Best Magento Developers: Must-Have Questions to Answer Before Hunting

Proper planning is the prerequisite for successful task realization. So, before a deep dive, check yourself!

Willing to know which questions to ask your potential Magento partner? Read on to choose the right development agency!

Step 1: What Types of Work Do You Need Developers For?

As a rule, Magento certified developers are engaged with building, supporting, and enhancing the performance of Magento websites. But if we break it down into small pieces, you’ll see that these engineers can be hired to execute the following tasks:

  • Code review. Before your website goes live, make sure there are no minor or major issues with its performance. The professional code review is a proven way to identify all these nuances and improve the solution if needed.
  • Magento performance tuning. As the website’s smooth operation affects customer satisfaction, this service also belongs to the list of Magento developers’ duties. Checking how it works on the user’s side from different devices and improving the performance are the key aspects here.
  • Installing 3rd party modules. You may ask the hired development team to choose among the third-party modules – on Magento or Adobe Commerce – as the tools to strengthen the functionality of your eCommerce website. This will cut your production costs and save much time for more strategic tasks.
  • Custom Magento development. Magento isn’t only about using the in-built web development instruments to create a scalable eCommerce storefront. It’s also about adding custom features to it to help is stand out in the overcrowded market.
  • Integration with 3rd party solutions. The specifics of the eCommerce industry call for easy integration of your service with payment gateways and search recommendations. That’s why the job of bringing a connection with Klarna, Algolia, and other solutions can be another part of Magento development.
  • UX/UI design improvements. There are low chances of increasing sales without investing in an excellent customer experience. The Magento designers can handle this task as well.
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Step 2: What Expertise Do You Need?

Types of Magento Specialists

If you’re on the way to hire Magento web developer, you should realize that you need two types of engineers to get your website ready:

  • Front-End Magento Developers. These specialists will mainly deal with the visual part of your website, including the process of creating Magento themes and shaping the specific design for your project. They’ll also hold responsibility for its responsiveness and smooth work across all devices and screen resolutions.
  • Back-End Magento Developers. Though you won’t see their programming efforts directly on the site, you’ll feel it through the smooth operation of the site. It means the specialists have worked well on the website’s inner logic and implementation of the required features.

Do you still need some instruction? Watch our video explaining how to hire the best Magento developers US-based or from anywhere else!

However, you shouldn’t stop hiring these two types of developers. To organize the whole development process correctly, depending on your goals, consider hiring:

  • UX/UI designers. These specialists are responsible for creating the customer experience of your online store. If you already have an eCommerce website, they’ll make a UX/UX audit to identify weak points and offer improvements to CX and visual design.
  • Quality Assurance Engineers. Development is the heart of website creation, while testing ensures that everything works properly. Hire QAs to fix bugs and improve the solution before releasing your store or new functionality into live.
  • Project Manager. It’s a person who will call the shots. Being good at coordination, the PM specialist will ensure your project development process goes smooth and up to the deadlines.
  • Magento Architect. This person will contribute to the project accomplishment from a technical point of view. Choosing the best way to bring your idea to life is on his shoulders.
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Step 3: What is the Scope of Work?

Now when you know exactly whom to hire, think over the preferable scope of work you need the best Magento web develop​​ers to cover for your:

  • One-time small task. Sometimes it’s a good option. For instance, you’ve got the website, and you just need to breathe new life into it, such as improving a specific feature or conducting a series of tests. Find the relevant freelancers and get it done in a short while!
  • Huge task. That’s the case when you need someone to perform a long-term project, such as speed optimization of your website. For such tasks, it’s better to work with an agency as you’ll have access to more talents and guarantees of effective problem-solving.

Step 4: What is the Preferred Outsourcing Location?

Types of Outsourcing for Magento Development

At this stage, it’s necessary to choose a suitable way of cooperation with the best Magento developers:

  • Onshore outsourcing. It’s about delegating software development jobs to specialists outside the company but within the same country’s borders.
  • Offshore outsourcing. As opposed to onshore, you hire best Magento developers from another country.
  • Nearshore outsourcing. It can be viewed as the subtype of offshore, in which you give preference to the workers from the neighboring country.

Step 5: What is Your Budget?

Finally, before hiring, define the budget frames you’re comfortable investing in your project. But don’t try to cut back much as you’re paying for better outcomes. So, saving money from the start, you risk spending even more in the end, coping with the problems of low-quality realization.

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Best Sites to Hire Magento Developers

Best Sites to Hire Magento Developers

There are numerous places you can hunt for Magento engineers, and we’re going to get familiar with the best ones. Hurry up!

Adobe Solution Partner Directory

If you’re eager to reduce risks to the maximum, this place is what you need. Here, you’ll find specialists who can prove their qualifications with Magento certifications. In other words, within this network, you’ll meet only the official partners of Adobe.


This is the platform where you can find reputable organizations, and necessary experts correspondingly, by reading the quick company intro and clients’ reviews. Sounds convenient? Also, consider that all the members have passed the verification process before publishing some data on this resource, which should evoke even more trust on your side.


Remember our discussion about the scope of work? So, if you need to find a freelancer for a small project, try your luck at Upwork. That’s one of the famous international freelance communities where you can cherry-pick a specialist you require per your project’s needs. You can start with the basic plan to test it well.

Need some help to choose a reliable Magento development agency? Check our guide to get things clear!


You can also search for the best Magento 2 developers on the professional social network — LinkedIn. Try both methods: reaching the relevant developer directly or finding the agency specialized in the area of your interest. Whatever you choose, you’ll finally get a connection with an expert having a suitable education, work experience, and skills.

Word of Mouth

Though it may sound simple and sometimes doubtful, think about it thoroughly. What can be a better candidate’s presentation than a satisfied client? Magento developers can also be found this way. Ask other people whom they have worked with. Then go to this Magento agency and book a call with them.

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Red Flags When Hiring Magento Developers

To secure your search for the best candidates, we’ve decided to leave you some recommendations or even signs to consider while accessing the reliability of the development provider. Look through this list!

  • Experts in everything. Don’t be easily deceived by such a statement. Though it’s convenient for you to order the full package of services from one company, think rationally and delegate only those tasks they’re mostly specialized in. Ask for clear cases to confirm their loud words.
  • Low price offer. If the agency attracts you with reasonably lower costs, don’t run to a hasty decision. Find answers to the why-question first.
  • No questions asked. Usually, it’s another marker that something is wrong. If the provider is really interested in providing you with the best possible service, you’ll hear a lot of high-level questions. Plus, you’ll be discussing some challenges to come up with the best solution together.
  • ‘Yes’ to all your suggestions. Adjustment to the client’s needs is a pleasure, but total agreement on everything also rings a ‘suspicion’ bell
  • Outsourcing to unknown 3d parties. That’s definitely the proof that they aren’t all mighty as they position themselves. On the contrary, they can’t deal with the scope of work and need some cheap external help. It’s better not to trust such agencies.

Hire Best Magento Developers: Sum Up

As you can see, the process of hunting for the best Magento web developers should be well-planned and thoughtful. Only in this case, you’ll find those who will close your project per your expectations in time, quality, and business results. We hope this guide has given you the basics of approaching the question smartly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Where can I find Magento Developers?

    ➡️ Among the numerous places you can go for the search, we’d recommend setting the priority to professional search channels, such as Adobe Solution Partner Directory and Clutch. For small tasks, you can also hire Magento engineers from freelance agencies. In this regard, Upwork will be the best choice.

    What is the best place to look for Adobe Commerce Developers?

    ➡️ If this question came to your mind, you’d probably need to trust your project to proven specialists. In this case, Adobe Solution Partner Directory will be a finding for you. You can be sure that the developers are certified with the Magento certifications, which means qualitative assistance with your eCommerce project.

    How can I identify a good Magento development agency?

    ➡️ First, check their reputation. Are they available on Clutch? What do their clients say about them? Do they have a portfolio for you to showcase? Second, book a call and ask questions to test them. Does the picture finally coincide? If yes, carry on.

    What should I pay attention to when hiring Magento developers?

    ➡️ Start with checking the relevance of their experience for your project needs — Clutch or LinkedIn can be helpful there. Then discuss the details of your cooperation and their offer to solve your problem. Watch out for the red flags while they answer. Finally, you can check them with a smaller task before going further.

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