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Magento Certified Developers: Main Reasons For Your Project

Sep 24, 2019 5 min read 566 views
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Magento Certified Developers- How to Choose the Team for Your Project

Each year Magento becomes a more and more popular system for creating complex online stores and highly loaded web projects. Then Number of business owners, along with their projects, is increasingly rising and it affects the quality.

So now, reliable partners are the key to the success of any project.

As a business owner, you need a unique website to complement your project and increase profit. To reach this point, you need to hire a professional team of website developers. Imagine you have already chosen two candidates who seem to be real pros. But there is only one difference – one of them is a certified developer, but the other is not. Should certification be the deciding factor between these two developers?

This fact certainly shouldn’t be ignored even if the non-certified developer comes at what seems to be a much more reasonable cost. This article will explain the in’s and out’s of why we at GoMage believe that Magento certification does matter to the success of the goals of your project.

As we move forward in today’s article, we are going to uncover important factors leading to why you need to hire a certified team. In short, points covered will include:

  • best practices adherence
  • saving of financial resources
  • SEO friendly development

Looking at the above factors in general, let’s find out the real importance of the Magento certification.

Certified Magento Developers Can Be More Aligned with the Best Practices

magento 2 certified professional developer

The web is the ever-changing area of digital possibilities, especially when it comes to launching successful eCommerce solutions. As things change, it is best to work with those people who are up to speed with these changes and the impact they will have on the digital marketplace.

You may opt for a developer who explains everything in the clearest way but doesn’t understand the finer details of the final project as they should. An excellent decision to this question can be found in one word. Certification.

Choosing certified developers, you have the advantage of knowing that within the scope of the project they will be able to show the fundamental knowledge of the most important practices. Does it mean that certification of your web developer must be compulsory? No, but it certainly will help to ensure that you are heading in the right way as it relates to all aspects of your project’s success.

If the company has a Magento partner status, it means that it has a high reputation and competency level. In order to obtain the status of “Partner”, it is necessary to go through several stages of checks by the Magento Inc. head office. Among them: checking the quality of the code on active projects, the presence in the portfolio a certain level of complexity and budget, the presence of a certified developer team, the analysis of feedback from real customers.

Only a small percentage of Magento specialists have a certificate confirming their qualifications and professionalism. This is because of the complexity of training and passing the final certification testing in a specialized center. When choosing companies, we advise you to pay attention to those teams whose specialists have confirmed their knowledge at the international level, have passed official certification and received a license for development in the field of Magento.

Hiring certified developers from our professional GoMage team, you could save yourself the trouble. Consider what would happen if you invested in the launch of your new eCommerce store and on the finish you would find that the developer wasn’t able to deliver the anticipated results.  And the reason for it was the poor knowledge or Magento and available solutions.

That is why it is highly recommended to pay attention to the qualification and certification of the development team. While projects may have a variety of ways wherein to cut corners and decrease expenses, none should include opting into the cheapest solution in-order to save financial resources.

Having Search Engines on Your Side from the Beginning Matters

certified magento developer gomage

Getting certification in Magento means having a broad knowledge not only about the platform but also to being a highly competitive specialist in the adjacent areas of web development. Some web development companies not only provide development services but can also help you launch the project and promote it.

There are many factors that can combine to strengthen the position of a new Magento project launch.

PPC (Pay Per Click): this is an advertising network where people pay for ads to be listed on various websites and across social media. Popular options include but are not limited to Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

SMM (Social Media Marketing): here people of likeminded interest can network together within the digital media landscape. Such platforms can include but not be limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and so on.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): It is possible to be listed for free on search engines. These listings are based on content (articles, images, videos, etc…) you create with a strategic eye for gaining placement positions on search engines.

It’s this 3rd strategy that needs to be at the core of your entire Magento design effort. Magento certified developers who understand the finer principles of SEO can make all the difference for the entire success of your project. They know that if they don’t set up everything correctly from the start (including meta details, tags, and permalinks), you will lose.

That’s why making sure your Magento Developer is well versed in SEO strategies is an important point of your overall eCommerce launch success. Build your foundation with SEO in mind from the start and watch your project begins to come to life without investing in  PPC, SMM, or any other type of marketing strategy to be implemented.

HOT TIP: When implementing SEO strategies, it is important to note that unlike PPC, your efforts may take a bit of time to come into full force. We at GoMage typically suggest allowing 3 to 6 months to transpire before really getting concerned about the results of your efforts.

These are the issues you should be focusing on while choosing a company:

magento certified developer

  1. Experience with Magento. 

The longer the team works with Magento, the wider range of problems they can solve in a short time and at a minimal cost. It is experience and many years of practice that allows you to avoid a lot of problems in the future and find all the necessary solutions.

  1. Warranty & Support.

Magento sites are known for their rich functionality, so when planning a project, you must rely on additional estimates for support after the release. If companies do not provide project support, you should consider it. In addition, you need to pay attention to whether the warranty period for the work done is provided. Usually, it is six months from the date of the project release.

  1. Portfolio.

Before making a choice in favor of a particular agency, you need to familiarize yourself with the portfolio. If it contains projects similar to the one you want to develop, it is a good sign that the web development process will go smoothly and the project will be up to your expectations.

  1. Feedback.

Feel free to ask questions. Experienced Magento developers should have an answer to any question regarding design work and technical nuances of development. If the agency employs professionals, none of the possible questions can puzzle them.

Experienced teams always effectively cope with projects of any complexity due to all the above advantages, namely:

  • Further training and testing by leading experts of Magento Inc.
  • An established process of internal training and certification
  • Access to unique partner materials and training courses
  • Continuous practice in Magento development

If you are guided by these points when choosing website developers and companies to create your project, you can definitely find talented people and reliable partners for long-term cooperation.

Concluding Thoughts About Certified Magento Developers

By now, you should have a clear understanding as to exactly why your Magento Developer needs to be certified. Not only will you run less risk with rogue experts, but they can also save your money in the long run. This becomes even more valuable if they have taken the time to learn the finer principles of SEO as part of their own advancement in the craft.

We thank you for investing your time and energy into finding out exactly why Magento certification is so important to the success of your project. It is our privilege to introduce you to our GoMage certified developers that are ready and willing to spearhead your eCommerce store launch.

Have questions, comments or concerns related to Magento development? 

Leave your comments below or get in touch with our team. We will do our best to provide you with detailed insights into Magento web development.

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