One Page Checkout: Tips to Improve Efficiency

It might take a long way for your customers to achieve the final destination – the checkout page. It is like a decision point where they should make an order. For the comfort of customers, it is recommended to implement one-page checkout which contains all the fields to be filled in. Our company has many clients – Magento online store owners – who already have GoMage LightCheckout: Magento one page checkout installed in their stores. This extension allows optimizing the checkout procedure and building this process more efficiently. Despite this, some common mistakes may take place. Based on our experience, we have prepared some recommendations that can be useful for all merchants. Even if you have organized the process as one page for checkout, there are some significant features that are worth paying attention to. Further, we will review some of them.

Ask only what you really need to accept an order and make a delivery.

A long list of fields can scare customers off, making them leave an online store without completing the purchase. If you know the email and phone number when dealing with a registered user, you don’t need to ask them to fill in these fields again. You can simply inform that this data will be used to contact them, if necessary. Allow checkout for unregistered users. The process for unregistered or new users should be simple. Of course, you would prefer to get as much information as possible about your customers, but when the customer is ready to make a purchase, it is not the right time to ask many questions. You can find out the date of customer's birthday, their hobbies, business status, and so on later. A fully completed profile is not so important in this case.

Properly inform about all possible ways of payment.

Very often one-page checkout contains the information only about the most popular payment methods, and the methods that are used infrequently may be hidden. Users need to open an additional list or additional window to view all available payment methods. We recommend running a usability test of the checkout page to be sure that users understand how to find all the information about the payment methods.

Information about the refund conditions should be duplicated on the one-page checkout.

This approach usually works effectively. You remind the user that if they make a mistake, it will be possible to return the product to the store.

Regularly analyze a conversion rate of your checkout page.

Each business has its own conversion rate level that can be considered as normal. Also, each business has its own level of abandoned carts and it is not possible to organize everything to have a 100% conversion. If you know the sales volume of your competitors, it is very useful information that can help you to analyze the situation in your business. It is important to check the conversion rate compared to the previous periods. This data can give a clear picture and reveal any possible drawbacks.

Check the page loading speed.

One-page checkout may be uncomfortable for users due to the page loading time. The design of the checkout page should be carefully reviewed and optimized. All animation elements or images that can increase loading speed should be removed or replaced.

The best way to find all defects is the usability test of the page. Users know better what is comfortable and what is not.

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