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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do merchants opt for GOPWA?

Our GOPWA Storefront product is a testament to our commitment to headless PWA development excellence. Designed specifically for eCommerce businesses, GOPWA Storefront is a customizable, feature-rich PWA solution that offers a seamless, native mobile app-like experience while providing PWA benefits such as fast loading times, offline mode, improved search engine visibility, and many other.

What results can eCommerce businesses achieve with GOPWA?

Accelerated speed by up to 4 times, higher shoppers' engagement rate by 30%, increased conversions and revenues — these are some out of many benefits experienced by eCommerce business owners upon GOPWA adoption. At GoMage, we've invested over 18,000 hours of development works to maximize the storefront's benefits for merchants. Thanks to these improvements, many of our eCommerce clients are able to take their business to the next level.

How does GOPWA boost website metrics?

PWA storefronts have faster performance by default compared to Magento/Adobe Commerce webstores — all thanks to service workers and unique caching principles. Besides, GOPWA team put a strong focus on continous storefront speed optimization by creating unique speed-boosting techniques like server-side caching for GraphQl queries, GraphQL cache warmer up, pre-rendering, Adaptive Fast Mode, to name a few.

What are key advantages of using headless PWA technology for eCommerce?

PWAs offer several advantages for eCommerce businesses, such as improved performance, greater scalability, improved omnichannel content management, better user experience, offline access, and cost-effectiveness. These factors can lead to increased customer engagement, higher conversion rates, and improved online visibility.

Is adopting PWA a good step towards headless commerce?

Yes, adopting a Progressive Web App (PWA) is a good step towards headless commerce. PWAs offer cross-platform compatibility, offline capabilities, improved performance, and a seamless app-like experience, making them an ideal frontend solution for a headless commerce architecture. They enable businesses to provide a consistent and engaging shopping experience across devices while benefiting from reduced development costs and faster time-to-market.

How much does a custom development project on the basis of GOPWA cost?

Generally speaking, agencies don’t tend to disclose their pricing tiers. The reason is simple: every business and every project is unique. At GoMage, we take a highly personalized approach to every project to ensure all of our clients' business needs are met. But be sure we handle your project in the most optimal, accelerated way possible: thanks to years of expertise and proven best practices, we are able to eliminate potential project bottlenecks and deliver solutions faster than even expected.