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A worldwide platform selling football coaching information and products


SoccerTutor is a famous website founded in 2001. The company offers high-quality coaching information and products to football coaches from all over the world.

The original website of the company was built with the Volusion eCommerce platform. With business growth, the company understood that the platform couldn’t meet all their requirements. Therefore, they made the decision to switch to a new platform that would provide a high level of customization, smooth performance, and the ability to quickly develop unique features.

Magento met all these requirements.

GoMage was tasked with the creation of a new website on Magento 2 based on a design created by a third-party design agency, and to transfer all data from the Volusion website to the new Magento 2 store.

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    SoccerTutor Website Development

    Case 1: Magento 2 Website Development


    Our client needed to develop a new Magento 2 store from scratch. The decision was made to use Magento 2 since the time for the first version of Magento was running out. This way, we ensured that our client won’t have any problems with Magento 2 migration after its EOL.


    Our team provided front-end and back-end Magento development services and created a new website from scratch. Since the client already had a new design created by another vendor, it sped up the development process significantly.
    We carefully transferred every interface detail into code to create a highly user-friendly website with the highest performance.


    GoMage team successfully developed a new Magento 2 store. Our QA engineers tested every created component to hunt down even the smallest issues. We delivered a highly customized website that fully corresponds with SoccerTutor’s business requirements and needs.

    Case 2: Modules Installation & Customization


    Since our client sells products of different types (books, software, ebooks, equipment, etc.) and provides a robust reward system, we needed to add some unique functionality.

    We were tasked with the development of the following features:

    • Quick preview of the product
    • The ability to add a banner slide to the home page
    • Advanced Magento 2 Navigation
    • One-step checkout page
    • Magento 2 loyalty program with a robust reward system
    • The ability to show and hide products based on GeoIP
    • Enhance the built-in EU VAT system
    • Autodetect visitors’ location by IP and redirect them to relevant content
    • The ability to create wish lists for guest and registered visitors
    • Auto switch to relevant store based on user location


    To speed up the development process and reduce the time needed for customizations, our team made the decisions to use ready-to-use Magento 2 modules. This decision allowed us to reduce development time by up to 4 times.
    Since some modules lacked some functionality needed for our client’s business, we made a lot of custom coding to provide all the required features. During this phase, over 15 Magento 2 extensions were installed, including GoMage’s bestsellers, GoMage LightCheckout and GoMage Advanced Navigation.


    Magento 2 offers a lot of space for customizations and new functionality. Successful Magento modules installation and customization allows to quickly add the needed functionality. The choice of this option instead of features creation from scratch resulted in the development time reduction. We reduced hundreds of development hours to a few days and saved our client thousands in dollars.

    Case 3: Integration with Payment Systems


    SoccerTutor sells products to customers from across the globe. Thus, the company needs to provide a wide choice of payment solutions so that customers could pay for purchases with the solution they prefer.


    To speed up the development process and reduce the time needed for customizations, our team made the decisions to use ready-to-use Magento 2 modules. This decision allowed us to reduce development time by up to 4 times.
    Over the course of work, GoMage team integrated the SoccerTutor website with a number of payment solutions:

    • Braintree
    • ApplePay
    • GooglePay
    • UnionPay
    • Opayo
    • Payment cards

    The availability of multiple payment options ensures that customers of SoccerTutor don’t have any problems while paying for purchases, whether they prefer to use PayPal, credit card, or another payment method. Thanks to this work, our client can enjoy a higher level of conversion across countries.

    Magento 2 Migration


    Before the new store launch, our team needed to transfer the database from the old website on the Volusion platform to the new Magento 2 store. The main goal was to transfer, ensure its integrity and compatibility with the data format used by Magento.


    During the data transfer, the GoMage team faced a challenging situation with the difference in database IDs. During the thorough investigation, we found out that the difference was caused by a few extensions.
    Our team successfully addressed the task by changing one of the default database values in Magento to ensure data integrity.


    We successfully transferred data to the new website without losing a bit of it. The result of our work is a fully functioning database and access to all old orders, customers, and data about them that were stored in the old database on the Volution website.

    SoccerTutor Support


    After the successful launch of the project, our client made the decision to continue cooperation to work on ongoing development and support. We track the performance of the website and help to add new features.


    The GoMage team tracks key metrics of the SoccerTutor’s website to ensure that it provides the best user experience and has the highest performance. We regularly update Magento to the latest stages and provide QA services. Before the implementation of new features on the live site, our QA engineers conduct thorough testing to ensure that it won’t interfere with existing functionality.


    We have been working on the client’s website for over a year now. The GoMage team regularly integrates new functionality and provides innovative solutions based that help our client to achieve business objectives.