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Natura Market

Seller of healthy foods and natural products in Canada


Natura Market is a well-recognized name on the Canadian market of healthy products. The company specializes in the retail of food and products that are organic, healthy, and affordable. Natura Market offers them on its official website powered by Magento.
When Natura Market reached out to GoMage, its online store was running on Magento 1. This project is a great example of the development of a new store on Magento 2 and the successful migration of all databases and modules from Magento 1 to the new version of the platform.
Due to the extreme differences between the two versions, GoMage was tasked with the development of a new website for Magento 2. We needed to create an online store that would utilize all the benefits of the updated eCommerce platform and meet the requirements of the healthy products store.

Key Results
  • x2

    increase in
    online sales

  • x2

    increase in overall website performance

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    Case: Global Website Redesign


    As Natura Market used a website built with Magento 1, the first task was to redesign the website and make it compatible with Magento 2. During the stage, the GoMage team created a new design for the main and additional pages:

    • landing
    • category
    • product
    • cart page
    • checkout
    • my account
    • blog

    As almost 50% of all traffic was coming from mobile devices, there was a need for a mobile version of the website with exceptional user experience. All the pages should have been optimized for different screen sizes and resolutions.


    In accordance with technical specifications and customer’s requirements, we made a whole redesign of Natura Market. We have suggested multiple variations of page layouts, improved the overall user experience, and added a special touch with unique icons.
    The new design was optimized for different screen resolutions, including desktop, tablets, and smartphones.


    Implementation of the best UX practice allowed the redesigned Natura Market store to become more user-friendly and eye-catching. Customers now can shop by categories, brands, and even based on their diet preferences. Advanced filter settings allow them to easily find the product they want to buy.

    Regardless of the size of the screen on which users view the site, they can see all the necessary information regarding products and proceed to the checkout page with a fast process of purchase confirmation.



    After a new appearance for Natura Market was designed, we have moved to the development stage of the project. During the phase, we needed to transfer the design to code, add the main functionality, and ensure a smooth performance under high loads.
    Since the two versions of Magento are quite different, update to M2 was like new website development. That is why our expert needed to tackle a few problems:

    • update and optimization of all the used modules and extensions
    • transfer of the database from Magento 1 to Magento 2
    • transfer of all comments and review from the old website
    • bug fixes and code optimization
    • adding the new website to our client’s hosting
    • Canada Post API integration
    • PayPal API integration
    • other modules and extensions integration


    In accordance with technical and business requirements, we chose the best modules that were compatible with Magento 2. They helped to bring in the needed functionality and speed up the development process. All the developed features were tested by our QA specialists. Testing ensured that everything ran smoothly and did not interfere with the performance.


    After the development process was finished, the customer received a fully working online store based on Magento 2. The website has all the features that help customers quickly browse the store, choose products, and place orders.

    Magento support


    GoMage continues to cooperate with Natura Market. We provide ongoing development and support of the online store. We ensure that the site works correctly, has high performance, and keeps up with customer’s business needs. The list of tasks we are working on includes:

    • implementation of new functionality
    • continuous monitoring of site performance
    • customization and upgrade of existing features
    • timely updates of Magento


    We provide our client with ongoing development and upgrades. All newly developed features are checked by our QA specialist. We release them only after we make sure that everything works properly and new features won’t take a toll on the website’s performance.


    We have been continuously working on the customer’s website for over a year now. The number of clients has spiked X time after the upgrade to Magento 2. We consider the number as the best indicator that the work we have done brings the best results.

    We were looking for reliable Magento experts capable of solving our urgent problems quickly as well as systematically develop our store on a long-term basis. Thanks to GoMage, our website now works perfectly and provides stable profit from our eCommerce business.

    Tej Johal
    Founder, Fashion Eyewear